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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
Utilities for requesting information for a gerrit server via https.
import base64
import httplib
import json
import logging
import netrc
import os
import re
import stat
import sys
import time
import urllib
from cStringIO import StringIO
_netrc_file = '_netrc' if sys.platform.startswith('win') else '.netrc'
_netrc_file = os.path.join(os.environ['HOME'], _netrc_file)
NETRC = netrc.netrc(_netrc_file)
except IOError:
print >> sys.stderr, 'WARNING: Could not read netrc file %s' % _netrc_file
NETRC = netrc.netrc(os.devnull)
except netrc.NetrcParseError as e:
_netrc_stat = os.stat(e.filename)
if _netrc_stat.st_mode & (stat.S_IRWXG | stat.S_IRWXO):
print >> sys.stderr, (
'WARNING: netrc file %s cannot be used because its file permissions '
'are insecure. netrc file permissions should be 600.' % _netrc_file)
print >> sys.stderr, ('ERROR: Cannot use netrc file %s due to a parsing '
'error.' % _netrc_file)
del _netrc_stat
NETRC = netrc.netrc(os.devnull)
del _netrc_file
LOGGER = logging.getLogger()
# Controls the transport protocol used to communicate with gerrit.
# This is parameterized primarily to enable GerritTestCase.
class GerritError(Exception):
"""Exception class for errors commuicating with the gerrit-on-borg service."""
def __init__(self, http_status, *args, **kwargs):
super(GerritError, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.http_status = http_status
self.message = '(%d) %s' % (self.http_status, self.message)
class GerritAuthenticationError(GerritError):
"""Exception class for authentication errors during Gerrit communication."""
def _QueryString(param_dict, first_param=None):
"""Encodes query parameters in the key:val[+key:val...] format specified here:
q = [urllib.quote(first_param)] if first_param else []
q.extend(['%s:%s' % (key, val) for key, val in param_dict.iteritems()])
return '+'.join(q)
def GetConnectionClass(protocol=None):
if protocol is None:
if protocol == 'https':
return httplib.HTTPSConnection
elif protocol == 'http':
return httplib.HTTPConnection
raise RuntimeError(
"Don't know how to work with protocol '%s'" % protocol)
def CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='GET', headers=None, body=None):
"""Opens an https connection to a gerrit service, and sends a request."""
headers = headers or {}
bare_host = host.partition(':')[0]
auth = NETRC.authenticators(bare_host)
if auth:
headers.setdefault('Authorization', 'Basic %s' % (
base64.b64encode('%s:%s' % (auth[0], auth[2]))))
LOGGER.debug('No authorization found in netrc for %s.' % bare_host)
if 'Authorization' in headers and not path.startswith('a/'):
url = '/a/%s' % path
url = '/%s' % path
if body:
body = json.JSONEncoder().encode(body)
headers.setdefault('Content-Type', 'application/json')
if LOGGER.isEnabledFor(logging.DEBUG):
LOGGER.debug('%s %s://%s%s' % (reqtype, GERRIT_PROTOCOL, host, url))
for key, val in headers.iteritems():
if key == 'Authorization':
val = 'HIDDEN'
LOGGER.debug('%s: %s' % (key, val))
if body:
conn = GetConnectionClass()(host)
conn.req_host = host
conn.req_params = {
'url': url,
'method': reqtype,
'headers': headers,
'body': body,
return conn
def ReadHttpResponse(conn, expect_status=200, ignore_404=True):
"""Reads an http response from a connection into a string buffer.
conn: An HTTPSConnection or HTTPConnection created by CreateHttpConn, above.
expect_status: Success is indicated by this status in the response.
ignore_404: For many requests, gerrit-on-borg will return 404 if the request
doesn't match the database contents. In most such cases, we
want the API to return None rather than raise an Exception.
Returns: A string buffer containing the connection's reply.
sleep_time = 0.5
for idx in range(TRY_LIMIT):
response = conn.getresponse()
# Check if this is an authentication issue.
www_authenticate = response.getheader('www-authenticate')
if (response.status in (httplib.UNAUTHORIZED, httplib.FOUND) and
auth_match ='realm="([^"]+)"', www_authenticate, re.I)
host = if auth_match else conn.req_host
reason = ('Authentication failed. Please make sure your .netrc file '
'has credentials for %s' % host)
raise GerritAuthenticationError(response.status, reason)
# If response.status < 500 then the result is final; break retry loop.
if response.status < 500:
# A status >=500 is assumed to be a possible transient error; retry.
http_version = 'HTTP/%s' % ('1.1' if response.version == 11 else '1.0')
msg = (
'A transient error occured while querying %s:\n'
'%s %s %s\n'
'%s %d %s' % (, conn.req_params['method'], conn.req_params['url'],
http_version, http_version, response.status, response.reason))
if TRY_LIMIT - idx > 1:
msg += '\n... will retry %d more times.' % (TRY_LIMIT - idx - 1)
sleep_time = sleep_time * 2
req_host = conn.req_host
req_params = conn.req_params
conn = GetConnectionClass()(req_host)
conn.req_host = req_host
conn.req_params = req_params
if ignore_404 and response.status == 404:
return StringIO()
if response.status != expect_status:
reason = '%s: %s' % (response.reason,
raise GerritError(response.status, reason)
return StringIO(
def ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn, expect_status=200, ignore_404=True):
"""Parses an https response as json."""
fh = ReadHttpResponse(
conn, expect_status=expect_status, ignore_404=ignore_404)
# The first line of the response should always be: )]}'
s = fh.readline()
if s and s.rstrip() != ")]}'":
raise GerritError(200, 'Unexpected json output: %s' % s)
s =
if not s:
return None
return json.loads(s)
def QueryChanges(host, param_dict, first_param=None, limit=None, o_params=None,
Queries a gerrit-on-borg server for changes matching query terms.
param_dict: A dictionary of search parameters, as documented here:
first_param: A change identifier
limit: Maximum number of results to return.
o_params: A list of additional output specifiers, as documented here:
A list of json-decoded query results.
# Note that no attempt is made to escape special characters; YMMV.
if not param_dict and not first_param:
raise RuntimeError('QueryChanges requires search parameters')
path = 'changes/?q=%s' % _QueryString(param_dict, first_param)
if sortkey:
path = '%s&N=%s' % (path, sortkey)
if limit:
path = '%s&n=%d' % (path, limit)
if o_params:
path = '%s&%s' % (path, '&'.join(['o=%s' % p for p in o_params]))
# Don't ignore 404; a query should always return a list, even if it's empty.
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path), ignore_404=False)
def GenerateAllChanges(host, param_dict, first_param=None, limit=500,
o_params=None, sortkey=None):
Queries a gerrit-on-borg server for all the changes matching the query terms.
A single query to gerrit-on-borg is limited on the number of results by the
limit parameter on the request (see QueryChanges) and the server maximum
limit. This function uses the "_more_changes" and "_sortkey" attributes on
the returned changes to iterate all of them making multiple queries to the
server, regardless the query limit.
param_dict, first_param: Refer to QueryChanges().
limit: Maximum number of requested changes per query.
o_params: Refer to QueryChanges().
sortkey: The value of the "_sortkey" attribute where starts from. None to
start from the first change.
A generator object to the list of returned changes, possibly unbound.
more_changes = True
while more_changes:
page = QueryChanges(host, param_dict, first_param, limit, o_params, sortkey)
for cl in page:
yield cl
more_changes = [cl for cl in page if '_more_changes' in cl]
if len(more_changes) > 1:
raise GerritError(
'Received %d changes with a _more_changes attribute set but should '
'receive at most one.' % len(more_changes))
if more_changes:
sortkey = more_changes[0]['_sortkey']
def MultiQueryChanges(host, param_dict, change_list, limit=None, o_params=None,
"""Initiate a query composed of multiple sets of query parameters."""
if not change_list:
raise RuntimeError(
"MultiQueryChanges requires a list of change numbers/id's")
q = ['q=%s' % '+OR+'.join([urllib.quote(str(x)) for x in change_list])]
if param_dict:
if limit:
q.append('n=%d' % limit)
if sortkey:
q.append('N=%s' % sortkey)
if o_params:
q.extend(['o=%s' % p for p in o_params])
path = 'changes/?%s' % '&'.join(q)
result = ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path), ignore_404=False)
except GerritError as e:
msg = '%s:\n%s' % (e.message, path)
raise GerritError(e.http_status, msg)
return result
def GetGerritFetchUrl(host):
"""Given a gerrit host name returns URL of a gerrit instance to fetch from."""
return '%s://%s/' % (GERRIT_PROTOCOL, host)
def GetChangePageUrl(host, change_number):
"""Given a gerrit host name and change number, return change page url."""
return '%s://%s/#/c/%d/' % (GERRIT_PROTOCOL, host, change_number)
def GetChangeUrl(host, change):
"""Given a gerrit host name and change id, return an url for the change."""
return '%s://%s/a/changes/%s' % (GERRIT_PROTOCOL, host, change)
def GetChange(host, change):
"""Query a gerrit server for information about a single change."""
path = 'changes/%s' % change
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def GetChangeDetail(host, change, o_params=None):
"""Query a gerrit server for extended information about a single change."""
path = 'changes/%s/detail' % change
if o_params:
path += '?%s' % '&'.join(['o=%s' % p for p in o_params])
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def GetChangeCurrentRevision(host, change):
"""Get information about the latest revision for a given change."""
return QueryChanges(host, {}, change, o_params=('CURRENT_REVISION',))
def GetChangeRevisions(host, change):
"""Get information about all revisions associated with a change."""
return QueryChanges(host, {}, change, o_params=('ALL_REVISIONS',))
def GetChangeReview(host, change, revision=None):
"""Get the current review information for a change."""
if not revision:
jmsg = GetChangeRevisions(host, change)
if not jmsg:
return None
elif len(jmsg) > 1:
raise GerritError(200, 'Multiple changes found for ChangeId %s.' % change)
revision = jmsg[0]['current_revision']
path = 'changes/%s/revisions/%s/review'
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def AbandonChange(host, change, msg=''):
"""Abandon a gerrit change."""
path = 'changes/%s/abandon' % change
body = {'message': msg} if msg else None
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn, ignore_404=False)
def RestoreChange(host, change, msg=''):
"""Restore a previously abandoned change."""
path = 'changes/%s/restore' % change
body = {'message': msg} if msg else None
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn, ignore_404=False)
def SubmitChange(host, change, wait_for_merge=True):
"""Submits a gerrit change via Gerrit."""
path = 'changes/%s/submit' % change
body = {'wait_for_merge': wait_for_merge}
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn, ignore_404=False)
def GetReviewers(host, change):
"""Get information about all reviewers attached to a change."""
path = 'changes/%s/reviewers' % change
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def GetReview(host, change, revision):
"""Get review information about a specific revision of a change."""
path = 'changes/%s/revisions/%s/review' % (change, revision)
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def AddReviewers(host, change, add=None):
"""Add reviewers to a change."""
if not add:
if isinstance(add, basestring):
add = (add,)
path = 'changes/%s/reviewers' % change
for r in add:
body = {'reviewer': r}
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
jmsg = ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn, ignore_404=False)
return jmsg
def RemoveReviewers(host, change, remove=None):
"""Remove reveiewers from a change."""
if not remove:
if isinstance(remove, basestring):
remove = (remove,)
for r in remove:
path = 'changes/%s/reviewers/%s' % (change, r)
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='DELETE')
ReadHttpResponse(conn, ignore_404=False)
except GerritError as e:
# On success, gerrit returns status 204; anything else is an error.
if e.http_status != 204:
raise GerritError(
'Unexpectedly received a 200 http status while deleting reviewer "%s"'
' from change %s' % (r, change))
def SetReview(host, change, msg=None, labels=None, notify=None):
"""Set labels and/or add a message to a code review."""
if not msg and not labels:
path = 'changes/%s/revisions/current/review' % change
body = {}
if msg:
body['message'] = msg
if labels:
body['labels'] = labels
if notify:
body['notify'] = notify
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
response = ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn)
if labels:
for key, val in labels.iteritems():
if ('labels' not in response or key not in response['labels'] or
int(response['labels'][key] != int(val))):
raise GerritError(200, 'Unable to set "%s" label on change %s.' % (
key, change))
def ResetReviewLabels(host, change, label, value='0', message=None,
"""Reset the value of a given label for all reviewers on a change."""
# This is tricky, because we want to work on the "current revision", but
# there's always the risk that "current revision" will change in between
# API calls. So, we check "current revision" at the beginning and end; if
# it has changed, raise an exception.
jmsg = GetChangeCurrentRevision(host, change)
if not jmsg:
raise GerritError(
200, 'Could not get review information for change "%s"' % change)
value = str(value)
revision = jmsg[0]['current_revision']
path = 'changes/%s/revisions/%s/review' % (change, revision)
message = message or (
'%s label set to %s programmatically.' % (label, value))
jmsg = GetReview(host, change, revision)
if not jmsg:
raise GerritError(200, 'Could not get review information for revison %s '
'of change %s' % (revision, change))
for review in jmsg.get('labels', {}).get(label, {}).get('all', []):
if str(review.get('value', value)) != value:
body = {
'message': message,
'labels': {label: value},
'on_behalf_of': review['_account_id'],
if notify:
body['notify'] = notify
conn = CreateHttpConn(
host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
response = ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn)
if str(response['labels'][label]) != value:
username = review.get('email', jmsg.get('name', ''))
raise GerritError(200, 'Unable to set %s label for user "%s"'
' on change %s.' % (label, username, change))
jmsg = GetChangeCurrentRevision(host, change)
if not jmsg:
raise GerritError(
200, 'Could not get review information for change "%s"' % change)
elif jmsg[0]['current_revision'] != revision:
raise GerritError(200, 'While resetting labels on change "%s", '
'a new patchset was uploaded.' % change)