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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Copyright (C) 2008 Evan Martin <>
"""A git-command for integrating reviews on Rietveld."""
from distutils.version import LooseVersion
from multiprocessing.pool import ThreadPool
import base64
import collections
import glob
import httplib
import json
import logging
import optparse
import os
import Queue
import re
import stat
import sys
import tempfile
import textwrap
import time
import traceback
import urllib2
import urlparse
import webbrowser
import zlib
import readline # pylint: disable=F0401,W0611
except ImportError:
from third_party import colorama
from third_party import httplib2
from third_party import upload
import auth
import breakpad # pylint: disable=W0611
import clang_format
import dart_format
import fix_encoding
import gclient_utils
import git_common
from git_footers import get_footer_svn_id
import owners
import owners_finder
import presubmit_support
import rietveld
import scm
import subcommand
import subprocess2
import watchlists
__version__ = '1.0'
POSTUPSTREAM_HOOK_PATTERN = '.git/hooks/post-cl-%s'
DESCRIPTION_BACKUP_FILE = '~/.git_cl_description_backup'
CHANGE_ID = 'Change-Id:'
'refs/remotes/origin/lkgr': 'refs/remotes/origin/master',
'refs/remotes/origin/lkcr': 'refs/remotes/origin/master',
# Buildbucket-related constants
# Valid extensions for files we want to lint.
DEFAULT_LINT_REGEX = r"(.*\.cpp|.*\.cc|.*\.h)"
# Shortcut since it quickly becomes redundant.
Fore = colorama.Fore
# Initialized in main()
settings = None
def DieWithError(message):
print >> sys.stderr, message
def GetNoGitPagerEnv():
env = os.environ.copy()
# 'cat' is a magical git string that disables pagers on all platforms.
env['GIT_PAGER'] = 'cat'
return env
def RunCommand(args, error_ok=False, error_message=None, **kwargs):
return subprocess2.check_output(args, shell=False, **kwargs)
except subprocess2.CalledProcessError as e:
logging.debug('Failed running %s', args)
if not error_ok:
'Command "%s" failed.\n%s' % (
' '.join(args), error_message or e.stdout or ''))
return e.stdout
def RunGit(args, **kwargs):
"""Returns stdout."""
return RunCommand(['git'] + args, **kwargs)
def RunGitWithCode(args, suppress_stderr=False):
"""Returns return code and stdout."""
if suppress_stderr:
stderr = subprocess2.VOID
stderr = sys.stderr
out, code = subprocess2.communicate(['git'] + args,
return code, out[0]
except ValueError:
# When the subprocess fails, it returns None. That triggers a ValueError
# when trying to unpack the return value into (out, code).
return 1, ''
def RunGitSilent(args):
"""Returns stdout, suppresses stderr and ingores the return code."""
return RunGitWithCode(args, suppress_stderr=True)[1]
def IsGitVersionAtLeast(min_version):
prefix = 'git version '
version = RunGit(['--version']).strip()
return (version.startswith(prefix) and
LooseVersion(version[len(prefix):]) >= LooseVersion(min_version))
def BranchExists(branch):
"""Return True if specified branch exists."""
code, _ = RunGitWithCode(['rev-parse', '--verify', branch],
return not code
def ask_for_data(prompt):
return raw_input(prompt)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
# Hide the exception.
def git_set_branch_value(key, value):
branch = Changelist().GetBranch()
if not branch:
cmd = ['config']
if isinstance(value, int):
git_key = 'branch.%s.%s' % (branch, key)
RunGit(cmd + [git_key, str(value)])
def git_get_branch_default(key, default):
branch = Changelist().GetBranch()
if branch:
git_key = 'branch.%s.%s' % (branch, key)
(_, stdout) = RunGitWithCode(['config', '--int', '--get', git_key])
return int(stdout.strip())
except ValueError:
return default
def add_git_similarity(parser):
'--similarity', metavar='SIM', type='int', action='store',
help='Sets the percentage that a pair of files need to match in order to'
' be considered copies (default 50)')
'--find-copies', action='store_true',
help='Allows git to look for copies.')
'--no-find-copies', action='store_false', dest='find_copies',
help='Disallows git from looking for copies.')
old_parser_args = parser.parse_args
def Parse(args):
options, args = old_parser_args(args)
if options.similarity is None:
options.similarity = git_get_branch_default('git-cl-similarity', 50)
print('Note: Saving similarity of %d%% in git config.'
% options.similarity)
git_set_branch_value('git-cl-similarity', options.similarity)
options.similarity = max(0, min(options.similarity, 100))
if options.find_copies is None:
options.find_copies = bool(
git_get_branch_default('git-find-copies', True))
git_set_branch_value('git-find-copies', int(options.find_copies))
print('Using %d%% similarity for rename/copy detection. '
'Override with --similarity.' % options.similarity)
return options, args
parser.parse_args = Parse
def _prefix_master(master):
"""Convert user-specified master name to full master name.
Buildbucket uses full master name(master.tryserver.chromium.linux) as bucket
name, while the developers always use shortened master name
(tryserver.chromium.linux) by stripping off the prefix 'master.'. This
function does the conversion for buildbucket migration.
prefix = 'master.'
if master.startswith(prefix):
return master
return '%s%s' % (prefix, master)
def trigger_try_jobs(auth_config, changelist, options, masters, category,
rietveld_url = settings.GetDefaultServerUrl()
rietveld_host = urlparse.urlparse(rietveld_url).hostname
authenticator = auth.get_authenticator_for_host(rietveld_host, auth_config)
http = authenticator.authorize(httplib2.Http())
http.force_exception_to_status_code = True
issue_props = changelist.GetIssueProperties()
issue = changelist.GetIssue()
patchset = changelist.GetMostRecentPatchset()
buildbucket_put_url = (
buildset = 'patch/rietveld/{hostname}/{issue}/{patch}'.format(
batch_req_body = {'builds': []}
print_text = []
print_text.append('Tried jobs on:')
for master, builders_and_tests in sorted(masters.iteritems()):
print_text.append('Master: %s' % master)
bucket = _prefix_master(master)
for builder, tests in sorted(builders_and_tests.iteritems()):
print_text.append(' %s: %s' % (builder, tests))
parameters = {
'builder_name': builder,
'changes': [
{'author': {'email': issue_props['owner_email']}},
'properties': {
'category': category,
'issue': issue,
'master': master,
'patch_project': issue_props['project'],
'patch_storage': 'rietveld',
'patchset': patchset,
'revision': options.revision,
'rietveld': rietveld_url,
'testfilter': tests,
if override_properties:
if options.clobber:
parameters['properties']['clobber'] = True
'bucket': bucket,
'parameters_json': json.dumps(parameters),
'tags': ['builder:%s' % builder,
'buildset:%s' % buildset,
'master:%s' % master,
for try_count in xrange(3):
response, content = http.request(
headers={'Content-Type': 'application/json'},
content_json = None
content_json = json.loads(content)
except ValueError:
# Buildbucket could return an error even if status==200.
if content_json and content_json.get('error'):
msg = 'Error in response. Code: %d. Reason: %s. Message: %s.' % (
content_json['error'].get('code', ''),
content_json['error'].get('reason', ''),
content_json['error'].get('message', ''))
raise BuildbucketResponseException(msg)
if response.status == 200:
if not content_json:
raise BuildbucketResponseException(
'Buildbucket returns invalid json content: %s.\n'
'Please file bugs at, label "Infra-BuildBucket".' %
if response.status < 500 or try_count >= 2:
raise httplib2.HttpLib2Error(content)
# status >= 500 means transient failures.
logging.debug('Transient errors when triggering tryjobs. Will retry.')
time.sleep(0.5 + 1.5*try_count)
print '\n'.join(print_text)
def MatchSvnGlob(url, base_url, glob_spec, allow_wildcards):
"""Return the corresponding git ref if |base_url| together with |glob_spec|
matches the full |url|.
If |allow_wildcards| is true, |glob_spec| can contain wildcards (see below).
fetch_suburl, as_ref = glob_spec.split(':')
if allow_wildcards:
glob_match = re.match('(.+/)?(\*|{[^/]*})(/.+)?', fetch_suburl)
if glob_match:
# Parse specs like "branches/*/src:refs/remotes/svn/*" or
# "branches/{472,597,648}/src:refs/remotes/svn/*".
branch_re = re.escape(base_url)
branch_re += '/' + re.escape(
wildcard =
if wildcard == '*':
branch_re += '([^/]*)'
# Escape and replace surrounding braces with parentheses and commas
# with pipe symbols.
wildcard = re.escape(wildcard)
wildcard = re.sub('^\\\\{', '(', wildcard)
wildcard = re.sub('\\\\,', '|', wildcard)
wildcard = re.sub('\\\\}$', ')', wildcard)
branch_re += wildcard
branch_re += re.escape(
match = re.match(branch_re, url)
if match:
return re.sub('\*$',, as_ref)
# Parse specs like "trunk/src:refs/remotes/origin/trunk".
if fetch_suburl:
full_url = base_url + '/' + fetch_suburl
full_url = base_url
if full_url == url:
return as_ref
return None
def print_stats(similarity, find_copies, args):
"""Prints statistics about the change to the user."""
# --no-ext-diff is broken in some versions of Git, so try to work around
# this by overriding the environment (but there is still a problem if the
# git config key "diff.external" is used).
env = GetNoGitPagerEnv()
if 'GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF' in env:
if find_copies:
similarity_options = ['--find-copies-harder', '-l100000',
'-C%s' % similarity]
similarity_options = ['-M%s' % similarity]
stdout = sys.stdout.fileno()
except AttributeError:
stdout = None
'diff', '--no-ext-diff', '--stat'] + similarity_options + args,
stdout=stdout, env=env)
class BuildbucketResponseException(Exception):
class Settings(object):
def __init__(self):
self.default_server = None = None
self.root = None
self.is_git_svn = None
self.svn_branch = None
self.tree_status_url = None
self.viewvc_url = None
self.updated = False
self.is_gerrit = None
self.git_editor = None
self.project = None
self.force_https_commit_url = None
self.pending_ref_prefix = None
def LazyUpdateIfNeeded(self):
"""Updates the settings from a codereview.settings file, if available."""
if not self.updated:
# The only value that actually changes the behavior is
# autoupdate = "false". Everything else means "true".
autoupdate = RunGit(['config', 'rietveld.autoupdate'],
cr_settings_file = FindCodereviewSettingsFile()
if autoupdate != 'false' and cr_settings_file:
# set updated to True to avoid infinite calling loop
# through DownloadHooks
self.updated = True
self.updated = True
def GetDefaultServerUrl(self, error_ok=False):
if not self.default_server:
self.default_server = gclient_utils.UpgradeToHttps(
self._GetRietveldConfig('server', error_ok=True))
if error_ok:
return self.default_server
if not self.default_server:
error_message = ('Could not find settings file. You must configure '
'your review setup by running "git cl config".')
self.default_server = gclient_utils.UpgradeToHttps(
self._GetRietveldConfig('server', error_message=error_message))
return self.default_server
def GetRelativeRoot():
return RunGit(['rev-parse', '--show-cdup']).strip()
def GetRoot(self):
if self.root is None:
self.root = os.path.abspath(self.GetRelativeRoot())
return self.root
def GetIsGitSvn(self):
"""Return true if this repo looks like it's using git-svn."""
if self.is_git_svn is None:
if self.GetPendingRefPrefix():
# If PENDING_REF_PREFIX is set then it's a pure git repo no matter what.
self.is_git_svn = False
# If you have any "svn-remote.*" config keys, we think you're using svn.
self.is_git_svn = RunGitWithCode(
['config', '--local', '--get-regexp', r'^svn-remote\.'])[0] == 0
return self.is_git_svn
def GetSVNBranch(self):
if self.svn_branch is None:
if not self.GetIsGitSvn():
DieWithError('Repo doesn\'t appear to be a git-svn repo.')
# Try to figure out which remote branch we're based on.
# Strategy:
# 1) iterate through our branch history and find the svn URL.
# 2) find the svn-remote that fetches from the URL.
# regexp matching the git-svn line that contains the URL.
git_svn_re = re.compile(r'^\s*git-svn-id: (\S+)@', re.MULTILINE)
# We don't want to go through all of history, so read a line from the
# pipe at a time.
# The -100 is an arbitrary limit so we don't search forever.
cmd = ['git', 'log', '-100', '--pretty=medium']
proc = subprocess2.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess2.PIPE,
url = None
for line in proc.stdout:
match = git_svn_re.match(line)
if match:
url =
proc.stdout.close() # Cut pipe.
if url:
svn_remote_re = re.compile(r'^svn-remote\.([^.]+)\.url (.*)$')
remotes = RunGit(['config', '--get-regexp',
for remote in remotes:
match = svn_remote_re.match(remote)
if match:
remote =
base_url =
rewrite_root = RunGit(
['config', 'svn-remote.%s.rewriteRoot' % remote],
if rewrite_root:
base_url = rewrite_root
fetch_spec = RunGit(
['config', 'svn-remote.%s.fetch' % remote],
if fetch_spec:
self.svn_branch = MatchSvnGlob(url, base_url, fetch_spec, False)
if self.svn_branch:
branch_spec = RunGit(
['config', 'svn-remote.%s.branches' % remote],
if branch_spec:
self.svn_branch = MatchSvnGlob(url, base_url, branch_spec, True)
if self.svn_branch:
tag_spec = RunGit(
['config', 'svn-remote.%s.tags' % remote],
if tag_spec:
self.svn_branch = MatchSvnGlob(url, base_url, tag_spec, True)
if self.svn_branch:
if not self.svn_branch:
DieWithError('Can\'t guess svn branch -- try specifying it on the '
'command line')
return self.svn_branch
def GetTreeStatusUrl(self, error_ok=False):
if not self.tree_status_url:
error_message = ('You must configure your tree status URL by running '
'"git cl config".')
self.tree_status_url = self._GetRietveldConfig(
'tree-status-url', error_ok=error_ok, error_message=error_message)
return self.tree_status_url
def GetViewVCUrl(self):
if not self.viewvc_url:
self.viewvc_url = self._GetRietveldConfig('viewvc-url', error_ok=True)
return self.viewvc_url
def GetBugPrefix(self):
return self._GetRietveldConfig('bug-prefix', error_ok=True)
def GetIsSkipDependencyUpload(self, branch_name):
"""Returns true if specified branch should skip dep uploads."""
return self._GetBranchConfig(branch_name, 'skip-deps-uploads',
def GetRunPostUploadHook(self):
run_post_upload_hook = self._GetRietveldConfig(
'run-post-upload-hook', error_ok=True)
return run_post_upload_hook == "True"
def GetDefaultCCList(self):
return self._GetRietveldConfig('cc', error_ok=True)
def GetDefaultPrivateFlag(self):
return self._GetRietveldConfig('private', error_ok=True)
def GetIsGerrit(self):
"""Return true if this repo is assosiated with gerrit code review system."""
if self.is_gerrit is None:
self.is_gerrit = self._GetConfig('', error_ok=True)
return self.is_gerrit
def GetGitEditor(self):
"""Return the editor specified in the git config, or None if none is."""
if self.git_editor is None:
self.git_editor = self._GetConfig('core.editor', error_ok=True)
return self.git_editor or None
def GetLintRegex(self):
return (self._GetRietveldConfig('cpplint-regex', error_ok=True) or
def GetLintIgnoreRegex(self):
return (self._GetRietveldConfig('cpplint-ignore-regex', error_ok=True) or
def GetProject(self):
if not self.project:
self.project = self._GetRietveldConfig('project', error_ok=True)
return self.project
def GetForceHttpsCommitUrl(self):
if not self.force_https_commit_url:
self.force_https_commit_url = self._GetRietveldConfig(
'force-https-commit-url', error_ok=True)
return self.force_https_commit_url
def GetPendingRefPrefix(self):
if not self.pending_ref_prefix:
self.pending_ref_prefix = self._GetRietveldConfig(
'pending-ref-prefix', error_ok=True)
return self.pending_ref_prefix
def _GetRietveldConfig(self, param, **kwargs):
return self._GetConfig('rietveld.' + param, **kwargs)
def _GetBranchConfig(self, branch_name, param, **kwargs):
return self._GetConfig('branch.' + branch_name + '.' + param, **kwargs)
def _GetConfig(self, param, **kwargs):
return RunGit(['config', param], **kwargs).strip()
def ShortBranchName(branch):
"""Convert a name like 'refs/heads/foo' to just 'foo'."""
return branch.replace('refs/heads/', '')
class Changelist(object):
def __init__(self, branchref=None, issue=None, auth_config=None):
# Poke settings so we get the "configure your server" message if necessary.
global settings
if not settings:
# Happens when is used as a utility library.
settings = Settings()
self.branchref = branchref
if self.branchref:
self.branch = ShortBranchName(self.branchref)
self.branch = None
self.rietveld_server = None
self.upstream_branch = None
self.lookedup_issue = False
self.issue = issue or None
self.has_description = False
self.description = None
self.lookedup_patchset = False
self.patchset = None = None
self.watchers = ()
self._auth_config = auth_config
self._props = None
self._remote = None
self._rpc_server = None
def auth_config(self):
return self._auth_config
def GetCCList(self):
"""Return the users cc'd on this CL.
Return is a string suitable for passing to gcl with the --cc flag.
if is None:
base_cc = settings.GetDefaultCCList()
more_cc = ','.join(self.watchers) = ','.join(filter(None, (base_cc, more_cc))) or ''
def GetCCListWithoutDefault(self):
"""Return the users cc'd on this CL excluding default ones."""
if is None: = ','.join(self.watchers)
def SetWatchers(self, watchers):
"""Set the list of email addresses that should be cc'd based on the changed
files in this CL.
self.watchers = watchers
def GetBranch(self):
"""Returns the short branch name, e.g. 'master'."""
if not self.branch:
branchref = RunGit(['symbolic-ref', 'HEAD'],
stderr=subprocess2.VOID, error_ok=True).strip()
if not branchref:
return None
self.branchref = branchref
self.branch = ShortBranchName(self.branchref)
return self.branch
def GetBranchRef(self):
"""Returns the full branch name, e.g. 'refs/heads/master'."""
self.GetBranch() # Poke the lazy loader.
return self.branchref
def FetchUpstreamTuple(branch):
"""Returns a tuple containing remote and remote ref,
e.g. 'origin', 'refs/heads/master'
remote = '.'
upstream_branch = RunGit(['config', 'branch.%s.merge' % branch],
if upstream_branch:
remote = RunGit(['config', 'branch.%s.remote' % branch]).strip()
upstream_branch = RunGit(['config', 'rietveld.upstream-branch'],
if upstream_branch:
remote = RunGit(['config', 'rietveld.upstream-remote']).strip()
# Fall back on trying a git-svn upstream branch.
if settings.GetIsGitSvn():
upstream_branch = settings.GetSVNBranch()
# Else, try to guess the origin remote.
remote_branches = RunGit(['branch', '-r']).split()
if 'origin/master' in remote_branches:
# Fall back on origin/master if it exits.
remote = 'origin'
upstream_branch = 'refs/heads/master'
elif 'origin/trunk' in remote_branches:
# Fall back on origin/trunk if it exists. Generally a shared
# git-svn clone
remote = 'origin'
upstream_branch = 'refs/heads/trunk'
DieWithError("""Unable to determine default branch to diff against.
Either pass complete "git diff"-style arguments, like
git cl upload origin/master
or verify this branch is set up to track another (via the --track argument to
"git checkout -b ...").""")
return remote, upstream_branch
def GetCommonAncestorWithUpstream(self):
upstream_branch = self.GetUpstreamBranch()
if not BranchExists(upstream_branch):
DieWithError('The upstream for the current branch (%s) does not exist '
'anymore.\nPlease fix it and try again.' % self.GetBranch())
return git_common.get_or_create_merge_base(self.GetBranch(),
def GetUpstreamBranch(self):
if self.upstream_branch is None:
remote, upstream_branch = self.FetchUpstreamTuple(self.GetBranch())
if remote is not '.':
upstream_branch = upstream_branch.replace('refs/heads/',
'refs/remotes/%s/' % remote)
upstream_branch = upstream_branch.replace('refs/branch-heads/',
self.upstream_branch = upstream_branch
return self.upstream_branch
def GetRemoteBranch(self):
if not self._remote:
remote, branch = None, self.GetBranch()
seen_branches = set()
while branch not in seen_branches:
remote, branch = self.FetchUpstreamTuple(branch)
branch = ShortBranchName(branch)
if remote != '.' or branch.startswith('refs/remotes'):
remotes = RunGit(['remote'], error_ok=True).split()
if len(remotes) == 1:
remote, = remotes
elif 'origin' in remotes:
remote = 'origin'
logging.warning('Could not determine which remote this change is '
'associated with, so defaulting to "%s". This may '
'not be what you want. You may prevent this message '
'by running "git svn info" as documented here: %s',
logging.warn('Could not determine which remote this change is '
'associated with. You may prevent this message by '
'running "git svn info" as documented here: %s',
branch = 'HEAD'
if branch.startswith('refs/remotes'):
self._remote = (remote, branch)
elif branch.startswith('refs/branch-heads/'):
self._remote = (remote, branch.replace('refs/', 'refs/remotes/'))
self._remote = (remote, 'refs/remotes/%s/%s' % (remote, branch))
return self._remote
def GitSanityChecks(self, upstream_git_obj):
"""Checks git repo status and ensures diff is from local commits."""
if upstream_git_obj is None:
if self.GetBranch() is None:
print >> sys.stderr, (
'ERROR: unable to determine current branch (detached HEAD?)')
print >> sys.stderr, (
'ERROR: no upstream branch')
return False
# Verify the commit we're diffing against is in our current branch.
upstream_sha = RunGit(['rev-parse', '--verify', upstream_git_obj]).strip()
common_ancestor = RunGit(['merge-base', upstream_sha, 'HEAD']).strip()
if upstream_sha != common_ancestor:
print >> sys.stderr, (
'ERROR: %s is not in the current branch. You may need to rebase '
'your tracking branch' % upstream_sha)
return False
# List the commits inside the diff, and verify they are all local.
commits_in_diff = RunGit(
['rev-list', '^%s' % upstream_sha, 'HEAD']).splitlines()
code, remote_branch = RunGitWithCode(['config', 'gitcl.remotebranch'])
remote_branch = remote_branch.strip()
if code != 0:
_, remote_branch = self.GetRemoteBranch()
commits_in_remote = RunGit(
['rev-list', '^%s' % upstream_sha, remote_branch]).splitlines()
common_commits = set(commits_in_diff) & set(commits_in_remote)
if common_commits:
print >> sys.stderr, (
'ERROR: Your diff contains %d commits already in %s.\n'
'Run "git log --oneline %s..HEAD" to get a list of commits in '
'the diff. If you are using a custom git flow, you can override'
' the reference used for this check with "git config '
'gitcl.remotebranch <git-ref>".' % (
len(common_commits), remote_branch, upstream_git_obj))
return False
return True
def GetGitBaseUrlFromConfig(self):
"""Return the configured base URL from branch.<branchname>.baseurl.
Returns None if it is not set.
return RunGit(['config', 'branch.%s.base-url' % self.GetBranch()],
def GetGitSvnRemoteUrl(self):
"""Return the configured git-svn remote URL parsed from git svn info.
Returns None if it is not set.
# URL is dependent on the current directory.
data = RunGit(['svn', 'info'], cwd=settings.GetRoot())
if data:
keys = dict(line.split(': ', 1) for line in data.splitlines()
if ': ' in line)
return keys.get('URL', None)
return None
def GetRemoteUrl(self):
"""Return the configured remote URL, e.g. 'git://'.
Returns None if there is no remote.
remote, _ = self.GetRemoteBranch()
url = RunGit(['config', 'remote.%s.url' % remote], error_ok=True).strip()
# If URL is pointing to a local directory, it is probably a git cache.
if os.path.isdir(url):
url = RunGit(['config', 'remote.%s.url' % remote],
return url
def GetIssue(self):
"""Returns the issue number as a int or None if not set."""
if self.issue is None and not self.lookedup_issue:
issue = RunGit(['config', self._IssueSetting()], error_ok=True).strip()
self.issue = int(issue) or None if issue else None
self.lookedup_issue = True
return self.issue
def GetRietveldServer(self):
if not self.rietveld_server:
# If we're on a branch then get the server potentially associated
# with that branch.
if self.GetIssue():
rietveld_server_config = self._RietveldServer()
if rietveld_server_config:
self.rietveld_server = gclient_utils.UpgradeToHttps(RunGit(
['config', rietveld_server_config], error_ok=True).strip())
if not self.rietveld_server:
self.rietveld_server = settings.GetDefaultServerUrl()
return self.rietveld_server
def GetIssueURL(self):
"""Get the URL for a particular issue."""
if not self.GetIssue():
return None
return '%s/%s' % (self.GetRietveldServer(), self.GetIssue())
def GetDescription(self, pretty=False):
if not self.has_description:
if self.GetIssue():
issue = self.GetIssue()
self.description = self.RpcServer().get_description(issue).strip()
except urllib2.HTTPError as e:
if e.code == 404:
('\nWhile fetching the description for issue %d, received a '
'404 (not found)\n'
'error. It is likely that you deleted this '
'issue on the server. If this is the\n'
'case, please run\n\n'
' git cl issue 0\n\n'
'to clear the association with the deleted issue. Then run '
'this command again.') % issue)
'\nFailed to fetch issue description. HTTP error %d' % e.code)
except urllib2.URLError as e:
print >> sys.stderr, (
'Warning: Failed to retrieve CL description due to network '
self.description = ''
self.has_description = True
if pretty:
wrapper = textwrap.TextWrapper()
wrapper.initial_indent = wrapper.subsequent_indent = ' '
return wrapper.fill(self.description)
return self.description
def GetPatchset(self):
"""Returns the patchset number as a int or None if not set."""
if self.patchset is None and not self.lookedup_patchset:
patchset = RunGit(['config', self._PatchsetSetting()],
self.patchset = int(patchset) or None if patchset else None
self.lookedup_patchset = True
return self.patchset
def SetPatchset(self, patchset):
"""Set this branch's patchset. If patchset=0, clears the patchset."""
if patchset:
RunGit(['config', self._PatchsetSetting(), str(patchset)])
self.patchset = patchset
RunGit(['config', '--unset', self._PatchsetSetting()],
stderr=subprocess2.PIPE, error_ok=True)
self.patchset = None
def GetMostRecentPatchset(self):
return self.GetIssueProperties()['patchsets'][-1]
def GetPatchSetDiff(self, issue, patchset):
return self.RpcServer().get(
'/download/issue%s_%s.diff' % (issue, patchset))
def GetIssueProperties(self):
if self._props is None:
issue = self.GetIssue()
if not issue:
self._props = {}
self._props = self.RpcServer().get_issue_properties(issue, True)
return self._props
def GetApprovingReviewers(self):
return get_approving_reviewers(self.GetIssueProperties())
def AddComment(self, message):
return self.RpcServer().add_comment(self.GetIssue(), message)
def SetIssue(self, issue):
"""Set this branch's issue. If issue=0, clears the issue."""
if issue:
self.issue = issue
RunGit(['config', self._IssueSetting(), str(issue)])
if self.rietveld_server:
RunGit(['config', self._RietveldServer(), self.rietveld_server])
current_issue = self.GetIssue()
if current_issue:
RunGit(['config', '--unset', self._IssueSetting()])
self.issue = None
def GetChange(self, upstream_branch, author):
if not self.GitSanityChecks(upstream_branch):
DieWithError('\nGit sanity check failure')
root = settings.GetRelativeRoot()
if not root:
root = '.'
absroot = os.path.abspath(root)
# We use the sha1 of HEAD as a name of this change.
name = RunGitWithCode(['rev-parse', 'HEAD'])[1].strip()
# Need to pass a relative path for msysgit.
files = scm.GIT.CaptureStatus([root], '.', upstream_branch)
except subprocess2.CalledProcessError:
('\nFailed to diff against upstream branch %s\n\n'
'This branch probably doesn\'t exist anymore. To reset the\n'
'tracking branch, please run\n'
' git branch --set-upstream %s trunk\n'
'replacing trunk with origin/master or the relevant branch') %
(upstream_branch, self.GetBranch()))
issue = self.GetIssue()
patchset = self.GetPatchset()
if issue:
description = self.GetDescription()
# If the change was never uploaded, use the log messages of all commits
# up to the branch point, as git cl upload will prefill the description
# with these log messages.
args = ['log', '--pretty=format:%s%n%n%b', '%s...' % (upstream_branch)]
description = RunGitWithCode(args)[1].strip()
if not author:
author = RunGit(['config', '']).strip() or None
return presubmit_support.GitChange(
def GetStatus(self):
"""Apply a rough heuristic to give a simple summary of an issue's review
or CQ status, assuming adherence to a common workflow.
Returns None if no issue for this branch, or one of the following keywords:
* 'error' - error from review tool (including deleted issues)
* 'unsent' - not sent for review
* 'waiting' - waiting for review
* 'reply' - waiting for owner to reply to review
* 'lgtm' - LGTM from at least one approved reviewer
* 'commit' - in the commit queue
* 'closed' - closed
if not self.GetIssue():
return None
props = self.GetIssueProperties()
except urllib2.HTTPError:
return 'error'
if props.get('closed'):
# Issue is closed.
return 'closed'
if props.get('commit'):
# Issue is in the commit queue.
return 'commit'
reviewers = self.GetApprovingReviewers()
except urllib2.HTTPError:
return 'error'
if reviewers:
# Was LGTM'ed.
return 'lgtm'
messages = props.get('messages') or []
if not messages:
# No message was sent.
return 'unsent'
if messages[-1]['sender'] != props.get('owner_email'):
# Non-LGTM reply from non-owner
return 'reply'
return 'waiting'
def RunHook(self, committing, may_prompt, verbose, change):
"""Calls sys.exit() if the hook fails; returns a HookResults otherwise."""
return presubmit_support.DoPresubmitChecks(change, committing,
verbose=verbose, output_stream=sys.stdout, input_stream=sys.stdin,
default_presubmit=None, may_prompt=may_prompt,
except presubmit_support.PresubmitFailure, e:
('%s\nMaybe your depot_tools is out of date?\n'
'If all fails, contact maruel@') % e)
def UpdateDescription(self, description):
self.description = description
return self.RpcServer().update_description(
self.GetIssue(), self.description)
def CloseIssue(self):
"""Updates the description and closes the issue."""
return self.RpcServer().close_issue(self.GetIssue())
def SetFlag(self, flag, value):
"""Patchset must match."""
if not self.GetPatchset():
DieWithError('The patchset needs to match. Send another patchset.')
return self.RpcServer().set_flag(
self.GetIssue(), self.GetPatchset(), flag, value)
except urllib2.HTTPError, e:
if e.code == 404:
DieWithError('The issue %s doesn\'t exist.' % self.GetIssue())
if e.code == 403:
('Access denied to issue %s. Maybe the patchset %s doesn\'t '
'match?') % (self.GetIssue(), self.GetPatchset()))
def RpcServer(self):
"""Returns an upload.RpcServer() to access this review's rietveld instance.
if not self._rpc_server:
self._rpc_server = rietveld.CachingRietveld(
self._auth_config or auth.make_auth_config())
return self._rpc_server
def _IssueSetting(self):
"""Return the git setting that stores this change's issue."""
return 'branch.%s.rietveldissue' % self.GetBranch()
def _PatchsetSetting(self):
"""Return the git setting that stores this change's most recent patchset."""
return 'branch.%s.rietveldpatchset' % self.GetBranch()
def _RietveldServer(self):
"""Returns the git setting that stores this change's rietveld server."""
branch = self.GetBranch()
if branch:
return 'branch.%s.rietveldserver' % branch
return None
def GetCodereviewSettingsInteractively():
"""Prompt the user for settings."""
# TODO(ukai): ask code review system is rietveld or gerrit?
server = settings.GetDefaultServerUrl(error_ok=True)
prompt = 'Rietveld server (host[:port])'
prompt += ' [%s]' % (server or DEFAULT_SERVER)
newserver = ask_for_data(prompt + ':')
if not server and not newserver:
newserver = DEFAULT_SERVER
if newserver:
newserver = gclient_utils.UpgradeToHttps(newserver)
if newserver != server:
RunGit(['config', 'rietveld.server', newserver])
def SetProperty(initial, caption, name, is_url):
prompt = caption
if initial:
prompt += ' ("x" to clear) [%s]' % initial
new_val = ask_for_data(prompt + ':')
if new_val == 'x':
RunGit(['config', '--unset-all', 'rietveld.' + name], error_ok=True)
elif new_val:
if is_url:
new_val = gclient_utils.UpgradeToHttps(new_val)
if new_val != initial:
RunGit(['config', 'rietveld.' + name, new_val])
SetProperty(settings.GetDefaultCCList(), 'CC list', 'cc', False)
'Private flag (rietveld only)', 'private', False)
SetProperty(settings.GetTreeStatusUrl(error_ok=True), 'Tree status URL',
'tree-status-url', False)
SetProperty(settings.GetViewVCUrl(), 'ViewVC URL', 'viewvc-url', True)
SetProperty(settings.GetBugPrefix(), 'Bug Prefix', 'bug-prefix', False)
SetProperty(settings.GetRunPostUploadHook(), 'Run Post Upload Hook',
'run-post-upload-hook', False)
# TODO: configure a default branch to diff against, rather than this
# svn-based hackery.
class ChangeDescription(object):
"""Contains a parsed form of the change description."""
R_LINE = r'^[ \t]*(TBR|R)[ \t]*=[ \t]*(.*?)[ \t]*$'
BUG_LINE = r'^[ \t]*(BUG)[ \t]*=[ \t]*(.*?)[ \t]*$'
def __init__(self, description):
self._description_lines = (description or '').strip().splitlines()
@property #
def description(self): # pylint: disable=E0202
return '\n'.join(self._description_lines)
def set_description(self, desc):
if isinstance(desc, basestring):
lines = desc.splitlines()
lines = [line.rstrip() for line in desc]
while lines and not lines[0]:
while lines and not lines[-1]:
self._description_lines = lines
def update_reviewers(self, reviewers, add_owners_tbr=False, change=None):
"""Rewrites the R=/TBR= line(s) as a single line each."""
assert isinstance(reviewers, list), reviewers
if not reviewers and not add_owners_tbr:
reviewers = reviewers[:]
# Get the set of R= and TBR= lines and remove them from the desciption.
regexp = re.compile(self.R_LINE)
matches = [regexp.match(line) for line in self._description_lines]
new_desc = [l for i, l in enumerate(self._description_lines)
if not matches[i]]
# Construct new unified R= and TBR= lines.
r_names = []
tbr_names = []
for match in matches:
if not match:
people = cleanup_list([])
if == 'TBR':
for name in r_names:
if name not in reviewers:
if add_owners_tbr:
owners_db = owners.Database(change.RepositoryRoot(),
fopen=file, os_path=os.path, glob=glob.glob)
all_reviewers = set(tbr_names + reviewers)
missing_files = owners_db.files_not_covered_by(change.LocalPaths(),
new_r_line = 'R=' + ', '.join(reviewers) if reviewers else None
new_tbr_line = 'TBR=' + ', '.join(tbr_names) if tbr_names else None
# Put the new lines in the description where the old first R= line was.
line_loc = next((i for i, match in enumerate(matches) if match), -1)
if 0 <= line_loc < len(self._description_lines):
if new_tbr_line:
self._description_lines.insert(line_loc, new_tbr_line)
if new_r_line:
self._description_lines.insert(line_loc, new_r_line)
if new_r_line:
if new_tbr_line:
def prompt(self):
"""Asks the user to update the description."""
'# Enter a description of the change.',
'# This will be displayed on the codereview site.',
'# The first line will also be used as the subject of the review.',
'#--------------------This line is 72 characters long'
] + self._description_lines)
regexp = re.compile(self.BUG_LINE)
if not any((regexp.match(line) for line in self._description_lines)):
self.append_footer('BUG=%s' % settings.GetBugPrefix())
content = gclient_utils.RunEditor(self.description, True,
if not content:
DieWithError('Running editor failed')
lines = content.splitlines()
# Strip off comments.
clean_lines = [line.rstrip() for line in lines if not line.startswith('#')]
if not clean_lines:
DieWithError('No CL description, aborting')
def append_footer(self, line):
if self._description_lines:
# Add an empty line if either the last line or the new line isn't a tag.
last_line = self._description_lines[-1]
if (not presubmit_support.Change.TAG_LINE_RE.match(last_line) or
not presubmit_support.Change.TAG_LINE_RE.match(line)):
def get_reviewers(self):
"""Retrieves the list of reviewers."""
matches = [re.match(self.R_LINE, line) for line in self._description_lines]
reviewers = [ for match in matches if match]
return cleanup_list(reviewers)
def get_approving_reviewers(props):
"""Retrieves the reviewers that approved a CL from the issue properties with
Note that the list may contain reviewers that are not committer, thus are not
considered by the CQ.
return sorted(
for message in props['messages']
if message['approval'] and message['sender'] in props['reviewers']
def FindCodereviewSettingsFile(filename='codereview.settings'):
"""Finds the given file starting in the cwd and going up.
Only looks up to the top of the repository unless an
'inherit-review-settings-ok' file exists in the root of the repository.
inherit_ok_file = 'inherit-review-settings-ok'
cwd = os.getcwd()
root = settings.GetRoot()
if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(root, inherit_ok_file)):
root = '/'
while True:
if filename in os.listdir(cwd):
if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(cwd, filename)):
return open(os.path.join(cwd, filename))
if cwd == root:
cwd = os.path.dirname(cwd)
def LoadCodereviewSettingsFromFile(fileobj):
"""Parse a codereview.settings file and updates hooks."""
keyvals = gclient_utils.ParseCodereviewSettingsContent(
def SetProperty(name, setting, unset_error_ok=False):
fullname = 'rietveld.' + name
if setting in keyvals:
RunGit(['config', fullname, keyvals[setting]])
RunGit(['config', '--unset-all', fullname], error_ok=unset_error_ok)
SetProperty('server', 'CODE_REVIEW_SERVER')
# Only server setting is required. Other settings can be absent.
# In that case, we ignore errors raised during option deletion attempt.
SetProperty('cc', 'CC_LIST', unset_error_ok=True)
SetProperty('private', 'PRIVATE', unset_error_ok=True)
SetProperty('tree-status-url', 'STATUS', unset_error_ok=True)
SetProperty('viewvc-url', 'VIEW_VC', unset_error_ok=True)
SetProperty('bug-prefix', 'BUG_PREFIX', unset_error_ok=True)
SetProperty('cpplint-regex', 'LINT_REGEX', unset_error_ok=True)
SetProperty('force-https-commit-url', 'FORCE_HTTPS_COMMIT_URL',
SetProperty('cpplint-ignore-regex', 'LINT_IGNORE_REGEX', unset_error_ok=True)
SetProperty('project', 'PROJECT', unset_error_ok=True)
SetProperty('pending-ref-prefix', 'PENDING_REF_PREFIX', unset_error_ok=True)
SetProperty('run-post-upload-hook', 'RUN_POST_UPLOAD_HOOK',
if 'GERRIT_HOST' in keyvals:
RunGit(['config', '', keyvals['GERRIT_HOST']])
if 'PUSH_URL_CONFIG' in keyvals and 'ORIGIN_URL_CONFIG' in keyvals:
#should be of the form
#PUSH_URL_CONFIG: url.ssh://
RunGit(['config', keyvals['PUSH_URL_CONFIG'],
def urlretrieve(source, destination):
"""urllib is broken for SSL connections via a proxy therefore we
can't use urllib.urlretrieve()."""
with open(destination, 'w') as f:
def hasSheBang(fname):
"""Checks fname is a #! script."""
with open(fname) as f:
def DownloadHooks(force):
"""downloads hooks
force: True to update hooks. False to install hooks if not present.
if not settings.GetIsGerrit():
src = ''
dst = os.path.join(settings.GetRoot(), '.git', 'hooks', 'commit-msg')
if not os.access(dst, os.X_OK):
if os.path.exists(dst):
if not force:
urlretrieve(src, dst)
if not hasSheBang(dst):
DieWithError('Not a script: %s\n'
'You need to download from\n%s\n'
'into .git/hooks/commit-msg and '
'chmod +x .git/hooks/commit-msg' % (dst, src))
os.chmod(dst, stat.S_IRUSR | stat.S_IWUSR | stat.S_IXUSR)
except Exception:
if os.path.exists(dst):
DieWithError('\nFailed to download hooks.\n'
'You need to download from\n%s\n'
'into .git/hooks/commit-msg and '
'chmod +x .git/hooks/commit-msg' % src)
@subcommand.usage('[repo root containing codereview.settings]')
def CMDconfig(parser, args):
"""Edits configuration for this tree."""
parser.add_option('--activate-update', action='store_true',
help='activate auto-updating [rietveld] section in '
parser.add_option('--deactivate-update', action='store_true',
help='deactivate auto-updating [rietveld] section in '
options, args = parser.parse_args(args)
if options.deactivate_update:
RunGit(['config', 'rietveld.autoupdate', 'false'])
if options.activate_update:
RunGit(['config', '--unset', 'rietveld.autoupdate'])
if len(args) == 0:
return 0
url = args[0]
if not url.endswith('codereview.settings'):
url = os.path.join(url, 'codereview.settings')
# Load code review settings and download hooks (if available).
return 0
def CMDbaseurl(parser, args):
"""Gets or sets base-url for this branch."""
branchref = RunGit(['symbolic-ref', 'HEAD']).strip()
branch = ShortBranchName(branchref)
_, args = parser.parse_args(args)
if not args:
print("Current base-url:")
return RunGit(['config', 'branch.%s.base-url' % branch],
print("Setting base-url to %s" % args[0])
return RunGit(['config', 'branch.%s.base-url' % branch, args[0]],
def color_for_status(status):
"""Maps a Changelist status to color, for CMDstatus and other tools."""
return {
'unsent': Fore.RED,
'waiting': Fore.BLUE,
'reply': Fore.YELLOW,
'lgtm': Fore.GREEN,
'commit': Fore.MAGENTA,
'closed': Fore.CYAN,
'error': Fore.WHITE,
}.get(status, Fore.WHITE)
def fetch_cl_status(branch, auth_config=None):
"""Fetches information for an issue and returns (branch, issue, status)."""
cl = Changelist(branchref=branch, auth_config=auth_config)
url = cl.GetIssueURL()
status = cl.GetStatus()
if url and (not status or status == 'error'):
# The issue probably doesn't exist anymore.
url += ' (broken)'
return (branch, url, status)
def get_cl_statuses(
branches, fine_grained, max_processes=None, auth_config=None):
"""Returns a blocking iterable of (branch, issue, color) for given branches.
If fine_grained is true, this will fetch CL statuses from the server.
Otherwise, simply indicate if there's a matching url for the given branches.
If max_processes is specified, it is used as the maximum number of processes
to spawn to fetch CL status from the server. Otherwise 1 process per branch is
# Silence otherwise it becomes unwieldly.
upload.verbosity = 0
if fine_grained:
# Process one branch synchronously to work through authentication, then
# spawn processes to process all the other branches in parallel.
if branches:
fetch = lambda branch: fetch_cl_status(branch, auth_config=auth_config)
yield fetch(branches[0])
branches_to_fetch = branches[1:]
pool = ThreadPool(
min(max_processes, len(branches_to_fetch))
if max_processes is not None
else len(branches_to_fetch))
for x in pool.imap_unordered(fetch, branches_to_fetch):
yield x
# Do not use GetApprovingReviewers(), since it requires an HTTP request.
for b in branches:
cl = Changelist(branchref=b, auth_config=auth_config)
url = cl.GetIssueURL()
yield (b, url, 'waiting' if url else 'error')
def upload_branch_deps(cl, args):
"""Uploads CLs of local branches that are dependents of the current branch.
If the local branch dependency tree looks like:
test1 -> test2.1 -> test3.1
-> test3.2
-> test2.2 -> test3.3
and you run "git cl upload --dependencies" from test1 then "git cl upload" is
run on the dependent branches in this order:
test2.1, test3.1, test3.2, test2.2, test3.3
Note: This function does not rebase your local dependent branches. Use it when
you make a change to the parent branch that will not conflict with its
dependent branches, and you would like their dependencies updated in
if git_common.is_dirty_git_tree('upload-branch-deps'):
return 1
root_branch = cl.GetBranch()
if root_branch is None:
DieWithError('Can\'t find dependent branches from detached HEAD state. '
'Get on a branch!')
if not cl.GetIssue() or not cl.GetPatchset():
DieWithError('Current branch does not have an uploaded CL. We cannot set '
'patchset dependencies without an uploaded CL.')
branches = RunGit(['for-each-ref',
'--format=%(refname:short) %(upstream:short)',
if not branches:
print('No local branches found.')
return 0
# Create a dictionary of all local branches to the branches that are dependent
# on it.
tracked_to_dependents = collections.defaultdict(list)
for b in branches.splitlines():
tokens = b.split()
if len(tokens) == 2:
branch_name, tracked = tokens
print 'The dependent local branches of %s are:' % root_branch
dependents = []
def traverse_dependents_preorder(branch, padding=''):
dependents_to_process = tracked_to_dependents.get(branch, [])
padding += ' '
for dependent in dependents_to_process:
print '%s%s' % (padding, dependent)
traverse_dependents_preorder(dependent, padding)
if not dependents:
print 'There are no dependent local branches for %s' % root_branch
return 0
print ('This command will checkout all dependent branches and run '
'"git cl upload".')
ask_for_data('[Press enter to continue or ctrl-C to quit]')
# Add a default patchset title to all upload calls.
args.extend(['-t', 'Updated patchset dependency'])
# Record all dependents that failed to upload.
failures = {}
# Go through all dependents, checkout the branch and upload.
for dependent_branch in dependents:
print '--------------------------------------'
print 'Running "git cl upload" from %s:' % dependent_branch
RunGit(['checkout', '-q', dependent_branch])
if CMDupload(OptionParser(), args) != 0:
print 'Upload failed for %s!' % dependent_branch
failures[dependent_branch] = 1
except: # pylint: disable=W0702
failures[dependent_branch] = 1
# Swap back to the original root branch.
RunGit(['checkout', '-q', root_branch])
print 'Upload complete for dependent branches!'
for dependent_branch in dependents:
upload_status = 'failed' if failures.get(dependent_branch) else 'succeeded'
print ' %s : %s' % (dependent_branch, upload_status)
return 0
def CMDstatus(parser, args):
"""Show status of changelists.
Colors are used to tell the state of the CL unless --fast is used:
- Red not sent for review or broken
- Blue waiting for review
- Yellow waiting for you to reply to review
- Green LGTM'ed
- Magenta in the commit queue
- Cyan was committed, branch can be deleted
Also see 'git cl comments'.
help='print only specific field (desc|id|patch|url)')
parser.add_option('-f', '--fast', action='store_true',
help='Do not retrieve review status')
'-j', '--maxjobs', action='store', type=int,
help='The maximum number of jobs to use when retrieving review status')
options, args = parser.parse_args(args)
if args:
parser.error('Unsupported args: %s' % args)
auth_config = auth.extract_auth_config_from_options(options)
if options.field:
cl = Changelist(auth_config=auth_config)
if options.field.startswith('desc'):
print cl.GetDescription()
elif options.field == 'id':
issueid = cl.GetIssue()
if issueid:
print issueid
elif options.field == 'patch':
patchset = cl.GetPatchset()
if patchset:
print patchset
elif options.field == 'url':
url = cl.GetIssueURL()
if url:
print url
return 0
branches = RunGit(['for-each-ref', '--format=%(refname)', 'refs/heads'])
if not branches:
print('No local branch found.')
return 0
changes = (
Changelist(branchref=b, auth_config=auth_config)
for b in branches.splitlines())
branches = [c.GetBranch() for c in changes]
alignment = max(5, max(len(b) for b in branches))
print 'Branches associated with reviews:'
output = get_cl_statuses(branches,
branch_statuses = {}
alignment = max(5, max(len(ShortBranchName(b)) for b in branches))
for branch in sorted(branches):
while branch not in branch_statuses:
b, i, status =
branch_statuses[b] = (i, status)
issue_url, status = branch_statuses.pop(branch)
color = color_for_status(status)
reset = Fore.RESET
if not sys.stdout.isatty():
color = ''
reset = ''
status_str = '(%s)' % status if status else ''
print ' %*s : %s%s %s%s' % (
alignment, ShortBranchName(branch), color, issue_url, status_str,
cl = Changelist(auth_config=auth_config)
print 'Current branch:',
print cl.GetBranch()
if not cl.GetIssue():
print 'No issue assigned.'
return 0
print 'Issue number: %s (%s)' % (cl.GetIssue(), cl.GetIssueURL())
if not
print 'Issue description:'
print cl.GetDescription(pretty=True)
return 0
def colorize_CMDstatus_doc():
"""To be called once in main() to add colors to git cl status help."""
colors = [i for i in dir(Fore) if i[0].isupper()]
def colorize_line(line):
for color in colors:
if color in line.upper():
# Extract whitespaces first and the leading '-'.
indent = len(line) - len(line.lstrip(' ')) + 1
return line[:indent] + getattr(Fore, color) + line[indent:] + Fore.RESET
return line
lines = CMDstatus.__doc__.splitlines()
CMDstatus.__doc__ = '\n'.join(colorize_line(l) for l in lines)
def CMDissue(parser, args):
"""Sets or displays the current code review issue number.
Pass issue number 0 to clear the current issue.
parser.add_option('-r', '--reverse', action='store_true',
help='Lookup the branch(es) for the specified issues. If '
'no issues are specified, all branches with mapped '
'issues will be listed.')
options, args = parser.parse_args(args)
if options.reverse:
branches = RunGit(['for-each-ref', 'refs/heads',
# Reverse issue lookup.
issue_branch_map = {}
for branch in branches:
cl = Changelist(branchref=branch)
issue_branch_map.setdefault(cl.GetIssue(), []).append(branch)
if not args:
args = sorted(issue_branch_map.iterkeys())
for issue in args:
if not issue:
print 'Branch for issue number %s: %s' % (
issue, ', '.join(issue_branch_map.get(int(issue)) or ('None',)))
cl = Changelist()
if len(args) > 0:
issue = int(args[0])
except ValueError:
DieWithError('Pass a number to set the issue or none to list it.\n'
'Maybe you want to run git cl status?')
print 'Issue number: %s (%s)' % (cl.GetIssue(), cl.GetIssueURL())
return 0
def CMDcomments(parser, args):
"""Shows or posts review comments for any changelist."""
parser.add_option('-a', '--add-comment', dest='comment',
help='comment to add to an issue')
parser.add_option('-i', dest='issue',
help="review issue id (defaults to current issue)")
options, args = parser.parse_args(args)
auth_config = auth.extract_auth_config_from_options(options)
issue = None
if options.issue:
issue = int(options.issue)
except ValueError:
DieWithError('A review issue id is expected to be a number')
cl = Changelist(issue=issue, auth_config=auth_config)
if options.comment:
return 0
data = cl.GetIssueProperties()
for message in sorted(data.get('messages', []), key=lambda x: x['date']):
if message['disapproval']:
color = Fore.RED
elif message['approval']:
color = Fore.GREEN
elif message['sender'] == data['owner_email']:
color = Fore.MAGENTA
color = Fore.BLUE
print '\n%s%s %s%s' % (
color, message['date'].split('.', 1)[0], message['sender'],
if message['text'].strip():
print '\n'.join(' ' + l for l in message['text'].splitlines())
return 0
def CMDdescription(parser, args):
"""Brings up the editor for the current CL's description."""
parser.add_option('-d', '--display', action='store_true',
help='Display the description instead of opening an editor')
options, _ = parser.parse_args(args)
auth_config = auth.extract_auth_config_from_options(options)
cl = Changelist(auth_config=auth_config)
if not cl.GetIssue():
DieWithError('This branch has no associated changelist.')
description = ChangeDescription(cl.GetDescription())
if options.display:
print description.description
return 0
if cl.GetDescription() != description.description:
return 0
def CreateDescriptionFromLog(args):
"""Pulls out the commit log to use as a base for the CL description."""
log_args = []
if len(args) == 1 and not args[0].endswith('.'):
log_args = [args[0] + '..']
elif len(args) == 1 and args[0].endswith('...'):
log_args = [args[0][:-1]]
elif len(args) == 2:
log_args = [args[0] + '..' + args[1]]
log_args = args[:] # Hope for the best!
return RunGit(['log', '--pretty=format:%s\n\n%b'] + log_args)
def CMDlint(parser, args):
"""Runs cpplint on the current changelist."""
parser.add_option('--filter', action='append', metavar='-x,+y',
help='Comma-separated list of cpplint\'s category-filters')
options, args = parser.parse_args(args)
auth_config = auth.extract_auth_config_from_options(options)
# Access to a protected member _XX of a client class
# pylint: disable=W0212
import cpplint
import cpplint_chromium
except ImportError:
print "Your depot_tools is missing and/or"
return 1
# Change the current working directory before calling lint so that it
# shows the correct base.
previous_cwd = os.getcwd()
cl = Changelist(auth_config=auth_config)
change = cl.GetChange(cl.GetCommonAncestorWithUpstream(), None)
files = [f.LocalPath() for f in change.AffectedFiles()]
if not files:
print "Cannot lint an empty CL"
return 1
# Process cpplints arguments if any.
command = args + files
if options.filter:
command = ['--filter=' + ','.join(options.filter)] + command
filenames = cpplint.ParseArguments(command)
white_regex = re.compile(settings.GetLintRegex())
black_regex = re.compile(settings.GetLintIgnoreRegex())
extra_check_functions = [cpplint_chromium.CheckPointerDeclarationWhitespace]
for filename in filenames:
if white_regex.match(filename):
if black_regex.match(filename):
print "Ignoring file %s" % filename
cpplint.ProcessFile(filename, cpplint._cpplint_state.verbose_level,
print "Skipping file %s" % filename
print "Total errors found: %d\n" % cpplint._cpplint_state.error_count
if cpplint._cpplint_state.error_count != 0:
return 1
return 0
def CMDpresubmit(parser, args):
"""Runs presubmit tests on the current changelist."""
parser.add_option('-c', '--commit', action='store_true',
help='Run commit hook instead of the upload hook')
parser.add_option('-f', '--force', action='store_true',
help='Run checks even if tree is dirty')
options, args = parser.parse_args(args)
auth_config = auth.extract_auth_config_from_options(options)
if not options.force and git_common.is_dirty_git_tree('presubmit'):
print 'use --force to check even if tree is dirty.'
return 1
cl = Changelist(auth_config=auth_config)
if args:
base_branch = args[0]
# Default to diffing against the common ancestor of the upstream branch.
base_branch = cl.GetCommonAncestorWithUpstream()
change=cl.GetChange(base_branch, None))
return 0
def AddChangeIdToCommitMessage(options, args):
"""Re-commits using the current message, assumes the commit hook is in
log_desc = options.message or CreateDescriptionFromLog(args)
git_command = ['commit', '--amend', '-m', log_desc]
new_log_desc = CreateDescriptionFromLog(args)
if CHANGE_ID in new_log_desc:
print 'git-cl: Added Change-Id to commit message.'
print >> sys.stderr, 'ERROR: Gerrit commit-msg hook not available.'
def GerritUpload(options, args, cl, change):
"""upload the current branch to gerrit."""
# We assume the remote called "origin" is the one we want.
# It is probably not worthwhile to support different workflows.
gerrit_remote = 'origin'
remote, remote_branch = cl.GetRemoteBranch()
branch = GetTargetRef(remote, remote_branch, options.target_branch,
change_desc = ChangeDescription(
options.message or CreateDescriptionFromLog(args))
if not change_desc.description:
print "Description is empty; aborting."
return 1
if options.squash:
# Try to get the message from a previous upload.
shadow_branch = 'refs/heads/git_cl_uploads/' + cl.GetBranch()
message = RunGitSilent(['show', '--format=%s\n\n%b', '-s', shadow_branch])
if not message:
if not options.force:
if CHANGE_ID not in change_desc.description:
# Run the commit-msg hook without modifying the head commit by writing
# the commit message to a temporary file and running the hook over it,
# then reading the file back in.
commit_msg_hook = os.path.join(settings.GetRoot(), '.git', 'hooks',
file_handle, msg_file = tempfile.mkstemp(text=True,
with os.fdopen(file_handle, 'w') as fileobj:
RunCommand([commit_msg_hook, msg_file])
if not change_desc.description:
print "Description is empty; aborting."
return 1
message = change_desc.description
remote, upstream_branch = cl.FetchUpstreamTuple(cl.GetBranch())
if remote is '.':
# If our upstream branch is local, we base our squashed commit on its
# squashed version.
parent = ('refs/heads/git_cl_uploads/' +
# Verify that the upstream branch has been uploaded too, otherwise Gerrit
# will create additional CLs when uploading.
if (RunGitSilent(['rev-parse', upstream_branch + ':']) !=
RunGitSilent(['rev-parse', parent + ':'])):
print 'Upload upstream branch ' + upstream_branch + ' first.'
return 1
parent = cl.GetCommonAncestorWithUpstream()
tree = RunGit(['rev-parse', 'HEAD:']).strip()
ref_to_push = RunGit(['commit-tree', tree, '-p', parent,
'-m', message]).strip()
if CHANGE_ID not in change_desc.description:
AddChangeIdToCommitMessage(options, args)
ref_to_push = 'HEAD'
parent = '%s/%s' % (gerrit_remote, branch)
commits = RunGitSilent(['rev-list', '%s..%s' % (parent,
if len(commits) > 1:
print('WARNING: This will upload %d commits. Run the following command '
'to see which commits will be uploaded: ' % len(commits))
print('git log %s..%s' % (parent, ref_to_push))
print('You can also use `git squash-branch` to squash these into a single '
if ask_for_data('About to upload; continue (y/N)? ').lower() != 'y':
return 0
if options.reviewers or options.tbr_owners:
change_desc.update_reviewers(options.reviewers, options.tbr_owners, change)
receive_options = []
cc = cl.GetCCList().split(',')
cc = filter(None, cc)
if cc:
receive_options += ['--cc=' + email for email in cc]
if change_desc.get_reviewers():
'--reviewer=' + email for email in change_desc.get_reviewers())
git_command = ['push']
if receive_options:
git_command.append('--receive-pack=git receive-pack %s' %
' '.join(receive_options))
git_command += [gerrit_remote, ref_to_push + ':refs/for/' + branch]
if options.squash:
head = RunGit(['rev-parse', 'HEAD']).strip()
RunGit(['update-ref', '-m', 'Uploaded ' + head, shadow_branch, ref_to_push])
# TODO(ukai): parse Change-Id: and set issue number?
return 0
def GetTargetRef(remote, remote_branch, target_branch, pending_prefix):
"""Computes the remote branch ref to use for the CL.
remote (str): The git remote for the CL.
remote_branch (str): The git remote branch for the CL.
target_branch (str): The target branch specified by the user.
pending_prefix (str): The pending prefix from the settings.
if not (remote and remote_branch):
return None
if target_branch:
# Cannonicalize branch references to the equivalent local full symbolic
# refs, which are then translated into the remote full symbolic refs
# below.
if '/' not in target_branch:
remote_branch = 'refs/remotes/%s/%s' % (remote, target_branch)
prefix_replacements = (
('^((refs/)?remotes/)?branch-heads/', 'refs/remotes/branch-heads/'),
('^((refs/)?remotes/)?%s/' % remote, 'refs/remotes/%s/' % remote),
('^(refs/)?heads/', 'refs/remotes/%s/' % remote),
match = None
for regex, replacement in prefix_replacements:
match =, target_branch)
if match:
remote_branch = target_branch.replace(, replacement)
if not match:
# This is a branch path but not one we recognize; use as-is.
remote_branch = target_branch
elif remote_branch in REFS_THAT_ALIAS_TO_OTHER_REFS:
# Handle the refs that need to land in different refs.
remote_branch = REFS_THAT_ALIAS_TO_OTHER_REFS[remote_branch]
# Create the true path to the remote branch.
# Does the following translation:
# * refs/remotes/origin/refs/diff/test -> refs/diff/test
# * refs/remotes/origin/master -> refs/heads/master
# * refs/remotes/branch-heads/test -> refs/branch-heads/test
if remote_branch.startswith('refs/remotes/%s/refs/' % remote):
remote_branch = remote_branch.replace('refs/remotes/%s/' % remote, '')
elif remote_branch.startswith('refs/remotes/%s/' % remote):
remote_branch = remote_branch.replace('refs/remotes/%s/' % remote,
elif remote_branch.startswith('refs/remotes/branch-heads'):
remote_branch = remote_branch.replace('refs/remotes/', 'refs/')
# If a pending prefix exists then replace refs/ with it.
if pending_prefix:
remote_branch = remote_branch.replace('refs/', pending_prefix)
return remote_branch
def RietveldUpload(options, args, cl, change):
"""upload the patch to rietveld."""
upload_args = ['--assume_yes'] # Don't ask about untracked files.
upload_args.extend(['--server', cl.GetRietveldServer()])
if options.emulate_svn_auto_props:
change_desc = None
if is not None:
if cl.GetIssue():
if options.title:
upload_args.extend(['--title', options.title])
if options.message:
upload_args.extend(['--message', options.message])
upload_args.extend(['--issue', str(cl.GetIssue())])
print ("This branch is associated with issue %s. "
"Adding patch to that issue." % cl.GetIssue())
if options.title:
upload_args.extend(['--title', options.title])
message = options.title or options.message or CreateDescriptionFromLog(args)
change_desc = ChangeDescription(message)
if options.reviewers or options.tbr_owners:
if not options.force:
if not change_desc.description:
print "Description is empty; aborting."
return 1
upload_args.extend(['--message', change_desc.description])
if change_desc.get_reviewers():
upload_args.append('--reviewers=' + ','.join(change_desc.get_reviewers()))
if options.send_mail:
if not change_desc.get_reviewers():
DieWithError("Must specify reviewers to send email.")
# We check this before applying rietveld.private assuming that in
# only addresses which we can send private CLs to are listed
# if rietveld.private is set, and so we should ignore only when
# --private is specified explicitly on the command line.
if options.private:
logging.warn(' is ignored since private flag is specified. '
'You need to review and add them manually if necessary.')
cc = cl.GetCCListWithoutDefault()
cc = cl.GetCCList()
cc = ','.join(filter(None, (cc, ','.join(
if cc:
upload_args.extend(['--cc', cc])
if options.private or settings.GetDefaultPrivateFlag() == "True":
upload_args.extend(['--git_similarity', str(options.similarity)])
if not options.find_copies:
# Include the upstream repo's URL in the change -- this is useful for
# projects that have their source spread across multiple repos.
remote_url = cl.GetGitBaseUrlFromConfig()
if not remote_url:
if settings.GetIsGitSvn():
remote_url = cl.GetGitSvnRemoteUrl()
if cl.GetRemoteUrl() and '/' in cl.GetUpstreamBranch():
remote_url = (cl.GetRemoteUrl() + '@'
+ cl.GetUpstreamBranch().split('/')[-1])
if remote_url:
upload_args.extend(['--base_url', remote_url])
remote, remote_branch = cl.GetRemoteBranch()
target_ref = GetTargetRef(remote, remote_branch, options.target_branch,
if target_ref:
upload_args.extend(['--target_ref', target_ref])
# Look for dependent patchsets. See for more details.
remote, upstream_branch = cl.FetchUpstreamTuple(cl.GetBranch())
upstream_branch = ShortBranchName(upstream_branch)
if remote is '.':
# A local branch is being tracked.
local_branch = ShortBranchName(upstream_branch)
if settings.GetIsSkipDependencyUpload(local_branch):
print ('Skipping dependency patchset upload because git config '
'branch.%s.skip-deps-uploads is set to True.' % local_branch)
auth_config = auth.extract_auth_config_from_options(options)
branch_cl = Changelist(branchref=local_branch, auth_config=auth_config)
branch_cl_issue_url = branch_cl.GetIssueURL()
branch_cl_issue = branch_cl.GetIssue()
branch_cl_patchset = branch_cl.GetPatchset()
if branch_cl_issue_url and branch_cl_issue and branch_cl_patchset:
['--depends_on_patchset', '%s:%s' % (
branch_cl_issue, branch_cl_patchset)])
print ('The current branch (%s) is tracking a local branch (%s) with '
'an associated CL.') % (cl.GetBranch(), local_branch)
print 'Adding %s/#ps%s as a dependency patchset.' % (
branch_cl_issue_url, branch_cl_patchset)
project = settings.GetProject()
if project:
upload_args.extend(['--project', project])
if options.cq_dry_run:
upload_args = ['upload'] + upload_args + args'upload.RealMain(%s)', upload_args)
issue, patchset = upload.RealMain(upload_args)
issue = int(issue)
patchset = int(patchset)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
# If we got an exception after the user typed a description for their
# change, back up the description before re-raising.
if change_desc:
backup_path = os.path.expanduser(DESCRIPTION_BACKUP_FILE)
print '\nGot exception while uploading -- saving description to %s\n' \
% backup_path
backup_file = open(backup_path, 'w')
if not cl.GetIssue():
if options.use_commit_queue:
cl.SetFlag('commit', '1')
return 0
def cleanup_list(l):
"""Fixes a list so that comma separated items are put as individual items.
So that "--reviewers joe@c,john@c --reviewers joa@c" results in
options.reviewers == sorted(['joe@c', 'john@c', 'joa@c']).
items = sum((i.split(',') for i in l), [])
stripped_items = (i.strip() for i in items)
return sorted(filter(None, stripped_items))
@subcommand.usage('[args to "git diff"]')
def CMDupload(parser, args):
"""Uploads the current changelist to codereview.
Can skip dependency patchset uploads for a branch by running:
git config branch.branch_name.skip-deps-uploads True
To unset run:
git config --unset branch.branch_name.skip-deps-uploads
Can also set the above globally by using the --global flag.
parser.add_option('--bypass-hooks', action='store_true', dest='bypass_hooks',
help='bypass upload presubmit hook')
parser.add_option('--bypass-watchlists', action='store_true',
help='bypass watchlists auto CC-ing reviewers')
parser.add_option('-f', action='store_true', dest='force',
help="force yes to questions (don't prompt)")
parser.add_option('-m', dest='message', help='message for patchset')
parser.add_option('-t', dest='title', help='title for patchset')
parser.add_option('-r', '--reviewers',
action='append', default=[],
help='reviewer email addresses')
action='append', default=[],
help='cc email addresses')
parser.add_option('-s', '--send-mail', action='store_true',
help='send email to reviewer immediately')
help="Emulate Subversion's auto properties feature.")
parser.add_option('-c', '--use-commit-queue', action='store_true',
help='tell the commit queue to commit this patchset')
parser.add_option('--private', action='store_true',
help='set the review private (rietveld only)')
help='Apply CL to remote ref TARGET. ' +
'Default: remote branch head, or master')
parser.add_option('--squash', action='store_true',
help='Squash multiple commits into one (Gerrit only)')
parser.add_option('--email', default=None,
help='email address to use to connect to Rietveld')
parser.add_option('--tbr-owners', dest='tbr_owners', action='store_true',
help='add a set of OWNERS to TBR')
parser.add_option('--cq-dry-run', dest='cq_dry_run', action='store_true',
help='Send the patchset to do a CQ dry run right after '
parser.add_option('--dependencies', action='store_true',
help='Uploads CLs of all the local branches that depend on '
'the current branch')
orig_args = args
(options, args) = parser.parse_args(args)
auth_config = auth.extract_auth_config_from_options(options)
if git_common.is_dirty_git_tree('upload'):
return 1
options.reviewers = cleanup_list(options.reviewers) = cleanup_list(
cl = Changelist(auth_config=auth_config)
if args:
# TODO(ukai): is it ok for gerrit case?
base_branch = args[0]
if cl.GetBranch() is None:
DieWithError('Can\'t upload from detached HEAD state. Get on a branch!')
# Default to diffing against common ancestor of upstream branch
base_branch = cl.GetCommonAncestorWithUpstream()
args = [base_branch, 'HEAD']
# Make sure authenticated to Rietveld before running expensive hooks. It is
# a fast, best efforts check. Rietveld still can reject the authentication
# during the actual upload.
if not settings.GetIsGerrit() and auth_config.use_oauth2:
authenticator = auth.get_authenticator_for_host(
cl.GetRietveldServer(), auth_config)
if not authenticator.has_cached_credentials():
raise auth.LoginRequiredError(cl.GetRietveldServer())
# Apply watchlists on upload.
change = cl.GetChange(base_branch, None)
watchlist = watchlists.Watchlists(change.RepositoryRoot())
files = [f.LocalPath() for f in change.AffectedFiles()]
if not options.bypass_watchlists:
if not options.bypass_hooks:
if options.reviewers or options.tbr_owners:
# Set the reviewer list now so that presubmit checks can access it.
change_description = ChangeDescription(change.FullDescriptionText())
hook_results = cl.RunHook(committing=False,
may_prompt=not options.force,
if not hook_results.should_continue():
return 1
if not options.reviewers and hook_results.reviewers:
options.reviewers = hook_results.reviewers.split(',')
if cl.GetIssue():
latest_patchset = cl.GetMostRecentPatchset()
local_patchset = cl.GetPatchset()
if latest_patchset and local_patchset and local_patchset != latest_patchset:
print ('The last upload made from this repository was patchset #%d but '
'the most recent patchset on the server is #%d.'
% (local_patchset, latest_patchset))
print ('Uploading will still work, but if you\'ve uploaded to this issue '
'from another machine or branch the patch you\'re uploading now '
'might not include those changes.')
ask_for_data('About to upload; enter to confirm.')
print_stats(options.similarity, options.find_copies, args)
if settings.GetIsGerrit():
return GerritUpload(options, args, cl, change)
ret = RietveldUpload(options, args, cl, change)
if not ret:
RunGit(['rev-parse', 'HEAD']).strip())
# Run post upload hooks, if specified.
if settings.GetRunPostUploadHook():
# Upload all dependencies if specified.
if options.dependencies:
print '--dependencies has been specified.'
print 'All dependent local branches will be re-uploaded.'
# Remove the dependencies flag from args so that we do not end up in a
# loop.
upload_branch_deps(cl, orig_args)
return ret
def IsSubmoduleMergeCommit(ref):
# When submodules are added to the repo, we expect there to be a single
# non-git-svn merge commit at remote HEAD with a signature comment.
pattern = '^SVN changes up to revision [0-9]*$'
cmd = ['rev-list', '--merges', '--grep=%s' % pattern, '%s^!' % ref]
return RunGit(cmd) != ''
def SendUpstream(parser, args, cmd):
"""Common code for CMDland and CmdDCommit
Squashes branch into a single commit.
Updates changelog with metadata (e.g. pointer to review).
Pushes/dcommits the code upstream.
Updates review and closes.
parser.add_option('--bypass-hooks', action='store_true', dest='bypass_hooks',
help='bypass upload presubmit hook')
parser.add_option('-m', dest='message',
help="override review description")
parser.add_option('-f', action='store_true', dest='force',
help="force yes to questions (don't prompt)")
parser.add_option('-c', dest='contributor',
help="external contributor for patch (appended to " +
"description and used as author for git). Should be " +
"formatted as 'First Last <>'")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args(args)
auth_config = auth.extract_auth_config_from_options(options)
cl = Changelist(auth_config=auth_config)
current = cl.GetBranch()
remote, upstream_branch = cl.FetchUpstreamTuple(cl.GetBranch())
if not settings.GetIsGitSvn() and remote == '.':
print 'Attempting to push branch %r into another local branch!' % current
print 'Either reparent this branch on top of origin/master:'
print ' git reparent-branch --root'
print 'OR run `git rebase-update` if you think the parent branch is already'
print 'committed.'
print ' Current parent: %r' % upstream_branch
return 1
if not args or cmd == 'land':
# Default to merging against our best guess of the upstream branch.
args = [cl.GetUpstreamBranch()]
if options.contributor:
if not re.match('^.*\s<\S+@\S+>$', options.contributor):
print "Please provide contibutor as 'First Last <>'"
return 1
base_branch = args[0]
base_has_submodules = IsSubmoduleMergeCommit(base_branch)
if git_common.is_dirty_git_tree(cmd):
return 1
# This rev-list syntax means "show all commits not in my branch that
# are in base_branch".
upstream_commits = RunGit(['rev-list', '^' + cl.GetBranchRef(),
if upstream_commits:
print ('Base branch "%s" has %d commits '
'not in this branch.' % (base_branch, len(upstream_commits)))
print 'Run "git merge %s" before attempting to %s.' % (base_branch, cmd)
return 1
# This is the revision `svn dcommit` will commit on top of.
svn_head = None
if cmd == 'dcommit' or base_has_submodules:
svn_head = RunGit(['log', '--grep=^git-svn-id:', '-1',
if cmd == 'dcommit':
# If the base_head is a submodule merge commit, the first parent of the
# base_head should be a git-svn commit, which is what we're interested in.
base_svn_head = base_branch
if base_has_submodules:
base_svn_head += '^1'
extra_commits = RunGit(['rev-list', '^' + svn_head, base_svn_head])
if extra_commits:
print ('This branch has %d additional commits not upstreamed yet.'
% len(extra_commits.splitlines()))
print ('Upstream "%s" or rebase this branch on top of the upstream trunk '
'before attempting to %s.' % (base_branch, cmd))
return 1
merge_base = RunGit(['merge-base', base_branch, 'HEAD']).strip()
if not options.bypass_hooks:
author = None
if options.contributor:
author ='\<(.*)\>', options.contributor).group(1)
hook_results = cl.RunHook(
may_prompt=not options.force,
change=cl.GetChange(merge_base, author))
if not hook_results.should_continue():
return 1
# Check the tree status if the tree status URL is set.
status = GetTreeStatus()
if 'closed' == status:
print('The tree is closed. Please wait for it to reopen. Use '
'"git cl %s --bypass-hooks" to commit on a closed tree.' % cmd)
return 1
elif 'unknown' == status:
print('Unable to determine tree status. Please verify manually and '
'use "git cl %s --bypass-hooks" to commit on a closed tree.' % cmd)
return 1
'Issue %s/%s bypassed hook when committing (tree status was "%s")' %
(cl.GetRietveldServer(), cl.GetIssue(), GetTreeStatus()),
change_desc = ChangeDescription(options.message)
if not change_desc.description and cl.GetIssue():
change_desc = ChangeDescription(cl.GetDescription())
if not change_desc.description:
if not cl.GetIssue() and options.bypass_hooks:
change_desc = ChangeDescription(CreateDescriptionFromLog([merge_base]))
print 'No description set.'
print 'Visit %s/edit to set it.' % (cl.GetIssueURL())
return 1
# Keep a separate copy for the commit message, because the commit message
# contains the link to the Rietveld issue, while the Rietveld message contains
# the commit viewvc url.
# Keep a separate copy for the commit message.
if cl.GetIssue():
commit_desc = ChangeDescription(change_desc.description)
if cl.GetIssue():
# Xcode won't linkify this URL unless there is a non-whitespace character
# after it. Add a period on a new line to circumvent this. Also add a space
# before the period to make sure that Gitiles continues to correctly resolve
# the URL.
commit_desc.append_footer('Review URL: %s .' % cl.GetIssueURL())
if options.contributor:
commit_desc.append_footer('Patch from %s.' % options.contributor)
branches = [merge_base, cl.GetBranchRef()]
if not options.force:
print_stats(options.similarity, options.find_copies, branches)
# We want to squash all this branch's commits into one commit with the proper
# description. We do this by doing a "reset --soft" to the base branch (which
# keeps the working copy the same), then dcommitting that. If origin/master
# has a submodule merge commit, we'll also need to cherry-pick the squashed
# commit onto a branch based on the git-svn head.
MERGE_BRANCH = 'git-cl-commit'
CHERRY_PICK_BRANCH = 'git-cl-cherry-pick'
# Delete the branches if they exist.
showref_cmd = ['show-ref', '--quiet', '--verify', 'refs/heads/%s' % branch]
result = RunGitWithCode(showref_cmd)
if result[0] == 0:
RunGit(['branch', '-D', branch])
# We might be in a directory that's present in this branch but not in the
# trunk. Move up to the top of the tree so that git commands that expect a
# valid CWD won't fail after we check out the merge branch.
rel_base_path = settings.GetRelativeRoot()
if rel_base_path:
# Stuff our change into the merge branch.
# We wrap in a try...finally block so if anything goes wrong,
# we clean up the branches.
retcode = -1
pushed_to_pending = False
pending_ref = None
revision = None
RunGit(['checkout', '-q', '-b', MERGE_BRANCH])
RunGit(['reset', '--soft', merge_base])
if options.contributor:
'commit', '--author', options.contributor,
'-m', commit_desc.description,
RunGit(['commit', '-m', commit_desc.description])
if base_has_submodules:
cherry_pick_commit = RunGit(['rev-list', 'HEAD^!']).rstrip()
RunGit(['branch', CHERRY_PICK_BRANCH, svn_head])
RunGit(['checkout', CHERRY_PICK_BRANCH])
RunGit(['cherry-pick', cherry_pick_commit])
if cmd == 'land':
remote, branch = cl.FetchUpstreamTuple(cl.GetBranch())
pending_prefix = settings.GetPendingRefPrefix()
if not pending_prefix or branch.startswith(pending_prefix):
# If not using refs/pending/heads/* at all, or target ref is already set
# to pending, then push to the target ref directly.
retcode, output = RunGitWithCode(
['push', '--porcelain', remote, 'HEAD:%s' % branch])
pushed_to_pending = pending_prefix and branch.startswith(pending_prefix)
# Cherry-pick the change on top of pending ref and then push it.
assert branch.startswith('refs/'), branch
assert pending_prefix[-1] == '/', pending_prefix
pending_ref = pending_prefix + branch[len('refs/'):]
retcode, output = PushToGitPending(remote, pending_ref, branch)
pushed_to_pending = (retcode == 0)
if retcode == 0:
revision = RunGit(['rev-parse', 'HEAD']).strip()
# dcommit the merge branch.
cmd_args = [
'svn', 'dcommit',
'-C%s' % options.similarity,
'--no-rebase', '--rmdir',
if settings.GetForceHttpsCommitUrl():
# Allow forcing https commit URLs for some projects that don't allow
# committing to http URLs (like Google Code).
remote_url = cl.GetGitSvnRemoteUrl()
if urlparse.urlparse(remote_url).scheme == 'http':
remote_url = remote_url.replace('http://', 'https://')
cmd_args.append('--commit-url=%s' % remote_url)
_, output = RunGitWithCode(cmd_args)
if 'Committed r' in output:
revision = re.match(
'.*?\nCommitted r(\\d+)', output, re.DOTALL).group(1)
# And then swap back to the original branch and clean up.
RunGit(['checkout', '-q', cl.GetBranch()])
RunGit(['branch', '-D', MERGE_BRANCH])
if base_has_submodules:
RunGit(['branch', '-D', CHERRY_PICK_BRANCH])
if not revision:
print 'Failed to push. If this persists, please file a bug.'
return 1
killed = False
if pushed_to_pending:
revision = WaitForRealCommit(remote, revision, base_branch, branch)
# We set pushed_to_pending to False, since it made it all the way to the
# real ref.
pushed_to_pending = False
except KeyboardInterrupt:
killed = True
if cl.GetIssue():
to_pending = ' to pending queue' if pushed_to_pending else ''
viewvc_url = settings.GetViewVCUrl()
if not to_pending:
if viewvc_url and revision:
'Committed: %s%s' % (viewvc_url, revision))
elif revision:
change_desc.append_footer('Committed: %s' % (revision,))
print ('Closing issue '
'(you may be prompted for your codereview password)...')
props = cl.GetIssueProperties()
patch_num = len(props['patchsets'])
comment = "Committed patchset #%d (id:%d)%s manually as %s" % (
patch_num, props['patchsets'][-1], to_pending, revision)
if options.bypass_hooks:
comment += ' (tree was closed).' if GetTreeStatus() == 'closed' else '.'
comment += ' (presubmit successful).'
cl.RpcServer().add_comment(cl.GetIssue(), comment)
if pushed_to_pending:
_, branch = cl.FetchUpstreamTuple(cl.GetBranch())
print 'The commit is in the pending queue (%s).' % pending_ref
print (
'It will show up on %s in ~1 min, once it gets a Cr-Commit-Position '
'footer.' % branch)
if os.path.isfile(hook):
RunCommand([hook, merge_base], error_ok=True)
return 1 if killed else 0
def WaitForRealCommit(remote, pushed_commit, local_base_ref, real_ref):
print 'Waiting for commit to be landed on %s...' % real_ref
print '(If you are impatient, you may Ctrl-C once without harm)'
target_tree = RunGit(['rev-parse', '%s:' % pushed_commit]).strip()
current_rev = RunGit(['rev-parse', local_base_ref]).strip()
loop = 0
while True:
sys.stdout.write('fetching (%d)... \r' % loop)
loop += 1
RunGit(['retry', 'fetch', remote, real_ref], stderr=subprocess2.VOID)
to_rev = RunGit(['rev-parse', 'FETCH_HEAD']).strip()
commits = RunGit(['rev-list', '%s..%s' % (current_rev, to_rev)])
for commit in commits.splitlines():
if RunGit(['rev-parse', '%s:' % commit]).strip() == target_tree:
print 'Found commit on %s' % real_ref
return commit
current_rev = to_rev
def PushToGitPending(remote, pending_ref, upstream_ref):
"""Fetches pending_ref, cherry-picks current HEAD on top of it, pushes.
(retcode of last operation, output log of last operation).
assert pending_ref.startswith('refs/'), pending_ref
local_pending_ref = 'refs/git-cl/' + pending_ref[len('refs/'):]
cherry = RunGit(['rev-parse', 'HEAD']).strip()
code = 0
out = ''
max_attempts = 3
attempts_left = max_attempts
while attempts_left:
if attempts_left != max_attempts:
print 'Retrying, %d attempts left...' % (attempts_left - 1,)
attempts_left -= 1
# Fetch. Retry fetch errors.
print 'Fetching pending ref %s...' % pending_ref
code, out = RunGitWithCode(
['retry', 'fetch', remote, '+%s:%s' % (pending_ref, local_pending_ref)])
if code:
print 'Fetch failed with exit code %d.' % code
if out.strip():
print out.strip()
# Try to cherry pick. Abort on merge conflicts.
print 'Cherry-picking commit on top of pending ref...'
RunGitWithCode(['checkout', local_pending_ref], suppress_stderr=True)
code, out = RunGitWithCode(['cherry-pick', cherry])
if code:
print (
'Your patch doesn\'t apply cleanly to ref \'%s\', '
'the following files have merge conflicts:' % pending_ref)
print RunGit(['diff', '--name-status', '--diff-filter=U']).strip()
print 'Please rebase your patch and try again.'
RunGitWithCode(['cherry-pick', '--abort'])
return code, out
# Applied cleanly, try to push now. Retry on error (flake or non-ff push).
print 'Pushing commit to %s... It can take a while.' % pending_ref
code, out = RunGitWithCode(
['retry', 'push', '--porcelain', remote, 'HEAD:%s' % pending_ref])
if code == 0:
# Success.
print 'Commit pushed to pending ref successfully!'
return code, out
print 'Push failed with exit code %d.' % code
if out.strip():
print out.strip()
if IsFatalPushFailure(out):
print (
'Fatal push error. Make sure your .netrc credentials and git '
' are correct and you have push access to the repo.')
return code, out
print 'All attempts to push to pending ref failed.'
return code, out
def IsFatalPushFailure(push_stdout):
"""True if retrying push won't help."""
return '(prohibited by Gerrit)' in push_stdout
@subcommand.usage('[upstream branch to apply against]')
def CMDdcommit(parser, args):
"""Commits the current changelist via git-svn."""
if not settings.GetIsGitSvn():
if get_footer_svn_id():
# If it looks like previous commits were mirrored with git-svn.
message = """This repository appears to be a git-svn mirror, but no
upstream SVN master is set. You probably need to run 'git auto-svn' once."""
message = """This doesn't appear to be an SVN repository.
If your project has a true, writeable git repository, you probably want to run
'git cl land' instead.
If your project has a git mirror of an upstream SVN master, you probably need
to run 'git svn init'.
Using the wrong command might cause your commit to appear to succeed, and the
review to be closed, without actually landing upstream. If you choose to
proceed, please verify that the commit lands upstream as expected."""
ask_for_data('[Press enter to dcommit or ctrl-C to quit]')
return SendUpstream(parser, args, 'dcommit')
@subcommand.usage('[upstream branch to apply against]')
def CMDland(parser, args):
"""Commits the current changelist via git."""
if settings.GetIsGitSvn() or get_footer_svn_id():
print('This appears to be an SVN repository.')
print('Are you sure you didn\'t mean \'git cl dcommit\'?')
print('(Ignore if this is the first commit after migrating from svn->git)')
ask_for_data('[Press enter to push or ctrl-C to quit]')
return SendUpstream(parser, args, 'land')
@subcommand.usage('<patch url or issue id>')
def CMDpatch(parser, args):<