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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Provides a short mapping of all the branches in your local repo, organized
by their upstream ('tracking branch') layout.
Branches are colorized as follows:
* Red - a remote branch (usually the root of all local branches)
* Cyan - a local branch which is the same as HEAD
* Note that multiple branches may be Cyan, if they are all on the same
commit, and you have that commit checked out.
* Green - a local branch
* Blue - a 'branch-heads' branch
* Magenta - a tag
* Magenta '{NO UPSTREAM}' - If you have local branches which do not track any
upstream, then you will see this.
import argparse
import collections
import sys
import subprocess2
from third_party import colorama
from third_party.colorama import Fore, Style
from git_common import current_branch, upstream, tags, get_branches_info
from git_common import get_git_version, MIN_UPSTREAM_TRACK_GIT_VERSION, hash_one
from git_common import run
class OutputManager(object):
"""Manages a number of OutputLines and formats them into aligned columns."""
def __init__(self):
self.lines = []
self.nocolor = False
self.max_column_lengths = []
self.num_columns = None
def append(self, line):
# All lines must have the same number of columns.
if not self.num_columns:
self.num_columns = len(line.columns)
self.max_column_lengths = [0] * self.num_columns
assert self.num_columns == len(line.columns)
if self.nocolor:
line.colors = [''] * self.num_columns
# Update maximum column lengths.
for i, col in enumerate(line.columns):
self.max_column_lengths[i] = max(self.max_column_lengths[i], len(col))
def as_formatted_string(self):
return '\n'.join(
l.as_padded_string(self.max_column_lengths) for l in self.lines)
class OutputLine(object):
"""A single line of data.
This consists of an equal number of columns, colors and separators."""
def __init__(self):
self.columns = []
self.separators = []
self.colors = []
def append(self, data, separator=DEFAULT_SEPARATOR, color=Fore.WHITE):
def as_padded_string(self, max_column_lengths):
""""Returns the data as a string with each column padded to
output_string = ''
for i, (color, data, separator) in enumerate(
zip(self.colors, self.columns, self.separators)):
if max_column_lengths[i] == 0:
padding = (max_column_lengths[i] - len(data)) * ' '
output_string += color + data + padding + separator
return output_string.rstrip()
class BranchMapper(object):
"""A class which constructs output representing the tree's branch structure.
__branches_info: a map of branches to their BranchesInfo objects which
consist of the branch hash, upstream and ahead/behind status.
__gone_branches: a set of upstreams which are not fetchable by git"""
def __init__(self):
self.verbosity = 0
self.maxjobs = 0
self.show_subject = False
self.output = OutputManager()
self.__gone_branches = set()
self.__branches_info = None
self.__parent_map = collections.defaultdict(list)
self.__current_branch = None
self.__current_hash = None
self.__tag_set = None
self.__status_info = {}
def start(self):
self.__branches_info = get_branches_info(
include_tracking_status=self.verbosity >= 1)
if (self.verbosity >= 2):
# Avoid heavy import unless necessary.
from git_cl import get_cl_statuses, color_for_status
status_info = get_cl_statuses(self.__branches_info.keys(),
fine_grained=self.verbosity > 2,
for _ in xrange(len(self.__branches_info)):
# This is a blocking get which waits for the remote CL status to be
# retrieved.
(branch, url, status) =
self.__status_info[branch] = (url, color_for_status(status))
roots = set()
# A map of parents to a list of their children.
for branch, branch_info in self.__branches_info.iteritems():
if not branch_info:
parent = branch_info.upstream
if not self.__branches_info[parent]:
branch_upstream = upstream(branch)
# If git can't find the upstream, mark the upstream as gone.
if branch_upstream:
parent = branch_upstream
# A parent that isn't in the branches info is a root.
self.__current_branch = current_branch()
self.__current_hash = hash_one('HEAD', short=True)
self.__tag_set = tags()
if roots:
for root in sorted(roots):
no_branches = OutputLine()
no_branches.append('No User Branches')
def __is_invalid_parent(self, parent):
return not parent or parent in self.__gone_branches
def __color_for_branch(self, branch, branch_hash):
if branch.startswith('origin'):
color = Fore.RED
elif branch.startswith('branch-heads'):
color = Fore.BLUE
elif self.__is_invalid_parent(branch) or branch in self.__tag_set:
color = Fore.MAGENTA
elif self.__current_hash.startswith(branch_hash):
color = Fore.CYAN
color = Fore.GREEN
if branch_hash and self.__current_hash.startswith(branch_hash):
color += Style.BRIGHT
color += Style.NORMAL
return color
def __append_branch(self, branch, depth=0):
"""Recurses through the tree structure and appends an OutputLine to the
OutputManager for each branch."""
branch_info = self.__branches_info[branch]
if branch_info:
branch_hash = branch_info.hash
branch_hash = hash_one(branch, short=True)
except subprocess2.CalledProcessError:
branch_hash = None
line = OutputLine()
# The branch name with appropriate indentation.
suffix = ''
if branch == self.__current_branch or (
self.__current_branch == 'HEAD' and branch == self.__current_hash):
suffix = ' *'
branch_string = branch
if branch in self.__gone_branches:
branch_string = '{%s:GONE}' % branch
if not branch:
branch_string = '{NO_UPSTREAM}'
main_string = ' ' * depth + branch_string + suffix
color=self.__color_for_branch(branch, branch_hash))
# The branch hash.
if self.verbosity >= 2:
line.append(branch_hash or '', separator=' ', color=Fore.RED)
# The branch tracking status.
if self.verbosity >= 1:
ahead_string = ''
behind_string = ''
front_separator = ''
center_separator = ''
back_separator = ''
if branch_info and not self.__is_invalid_parent(branch_info.upstream):
ahead = branch_info.ahead
behind = branch_info.behind
if ahead:
ahead_string = 'ahead %d' % ahead
if behind:
behind_string = 'behind %d' % behind
if ahead or behind:
front_separator = '['
back_separator = ']'
if ahead and behind:
center_separator = '|'
line.append(front_separator, separator=' ')
line.append(ahead_string, separator=' ', color=Fore.MAGENTA)
line.append(center_separator, separator=' ')
line.append(behind_string, separator=' ', color=Fore.MAGENTA)
# The Rietveld issue associated with the branch.
if self.verbosity >= 2:
none_text = '' if self.__is_invalid_parent(branch) else 'None'
(url, color) = self.__status_info[branch]
line.append(url or none_text, color=color)
# The subject of the most recent commit on the branch.
if self.show_subject:
line.append(run('log', '-n1', '--format=%s', branch))
for child in sorted(self.__parent_map.pop(branch, ())):
self.__append_branch(child, depth=depth + 1)
def main(argv):
if get_git_version() < MIN_UPSTREAM_TRACK_GIT_VERSION:
print >> sys.stderr, (
'This tool will not show all tracking information for git version '
'earlier than ' +
'.'.join(str(x) for x in MIN_UPSTREAM_TRACK_GIT_VERSION) +
'. Please consider upgrading.')
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Print a a tree of all branches parented by their upstreams')
parser.add_argument('-v', action='count',
help='Display branch hash and Rietveld URL')
parser.add_argument('--no-color', action='store_true', dest='nocolor',
help='Turn off colors.')
'-j', '--maxjobs', action='store', type=int,
help='The number of jobs to use when retrieving review status')
parser.add_argument('--show-subject', action='store_true',
dest='show_subject', help='Show the commit subject.')
opts = parser.parse_args(argv)
mapper = BranchMapper()
mapper.verbosity = opts.v
mapper.output.nocolor = opts.nocolor
mapper.maxjobs = opts.maxjobs
mapper.show_subject = opts.show_subject
print mapper.output.as_formatted_string()
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':
except KeyboardInterrupt: