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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Rolls a git-svn dependency.
It takes the path to a dep and a git commit hash or svn revision, and updates
the parent repo's DEPS file with the corresponding git commit hash.
Sample invocation:
[chromium/src]$ roll-dep-svn third_party/WebKit 12345
After the script completes, the DEPS file will be dirty with the new revision.
The user can then:
$ git add DEPS
$ git commit
import ast
import optparse
import os
import re
import sys
from itertools import izip
from subprocess import check_output, Popen, PIPE
from textwrap import dedent
SHA1_RE = re.compile('^[a-fA-F0-9]{40}$')
GIT_SVN_ID_RE = re.compile('^git-svn-id: .*@([0-9]+) .*$')
'''Roll %(dep_path)s %(before_rev)s:%(after_rev)s%(svn_range)s
Summary of changes available at:
def shorten_dep_path(dep):
"""Shorten the given dep path if necessary."""
while len(dep) > 31:
dep = '.../' + dep.lstrip('./').partition('/')[2]
return dep
def posix_path(path):
"""Convert a possibly-Windows path to a posix-style path."""
(_, path) = os.path.splitdrive(path)
return path.replace(os.sep, '/')
def platform_path(path):
"""Convert a path to the native path format of the host OS."""
return path.replace('/', os.sep)
def find_gclient_root():
"""Find the directory containing the .gclient file."""
cwd = posix_path(os.getcwd())
result = ''
for _ in xrange(len(cwd.split('/'))):
if os.path.exists(os.path.join(result, '.gclient')):
return result
result = os.path.join(result, os.pardir)
assert False, 'Could not find root of your gclient checkout.'
def get_solution(gclient_root, dep_path):
"""Find the solution in .gclient containing the dep being rolled."""
dep_path = os.path.relpath(dep_path, gclient_root)
cwd = os.getcwd().rstrip(os.sep) + os.sep
gclient_root = os.path.realpath(gclient_root)
gclient_path = os.path.join(gclient_root, '.gclient')
gclient_locals = {}
execfile(gclient_path, {}, gclient_locals)
for soln in gclient_locals['solutions']:
soln_relpath = platform_path(soln['name'].rstrip('/')) + os.sep
if (dep_path.startswith(soln_relpath) or
cwd.startswith(os.path.join(gclient_root, soln_relpath))):
return soln
assert False, 'Could not determine the parent project for %s' % dep_path
def is_git_hash(revision):
"""Determines if a given revision is a git hash."""
return SHA1_RE.match(revision)
def verify_git_revision(dep_path, revision):
"""Verify that a git revision exists in a repository."""
p = Popen(['git', 'rev-list', '-n', '1', revision],
cwd=dep_path, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
result = p.communicate()[0].strip()
if p.returncode != 0 or not is_git_hash(result):
result = None
return result
def get_svn_revision(dep_path, git_revision):
"""Given a git revision, return the corresponding svn revision."""
p = Popen(['git', 'log', '-n', '1', '--pretty=format:%B', git_revision],
stdout=PIPE, cwd=dep_path)
(log, _) = p.communicate()
assert p.returncode == 0, 'git log %s failed.' % git_revision
for line in reversed(log.splitlines()):
m = GIT_SVN_ID_RE.match(line.strip())
if m:
return None
def convert_svn_revision(dep_path, revision):
"""Find the git revision corresponding to an svn revision."""
err_msg = 'Unknown error'
revision = int(revision)
latest_svn_rev = None
with open(os.devnull, 'w') as devnull:
for ref in ('HEAD', 'origin/master'):
log_p = Popen(['git', 'log', ref],
cwd=dep_path, stdout=PIPE, stderr=devnull)
grep_p = Popen(['grep', '-e', '^commit ', '-e', '^ *git-svn-id: '],
stdin=log_p.stdout, stdout=PIPE, stderr=devnull)
git_rev = None
prev_svn_rev = None
for line in grep_p.stdout:
if line.startswith('commit '):
git_rev = line.split()[1]
svn_rev = int(line.split()[1].partition('@')[2])
except (IndexError, ValueError):
print >> sys.stderr, (
'WARNING: Could not parse svn revision out of "%s"' % line)
if not latest_svn_rev or int(svn_rev) > int(latest_svn_rev):
latest_svn_rev = svn_rev
if svn_rev == revision:
return git_rev
if svn_rev > revision:
prev_svn_rev = svn_rev
if prev_svn_rev:
err_msg = 'git history skips from revision %d to revision %d.' % (
svn_rev, prev_svn_rev)
err_msg = (
'latest available revision is %d; you may need to '
'"git fetch origin" to get the latest commits.' %
raise RuntimeError('No match for revision %d; %s' % (revision, err_msg))
def get_git_revision(dep_path, revision):
"""Convert the revision argument passed to the script to a git revision."""
svn_revision = None
if revision.startswith('r'):
git_revision = convert_svn_revision(dep_path, revision[1:])
svn_revision = revision[1:]
elif'[a-fA-F]', revision):
git_revision = verify_git_revision(dep_path, revision)
if not git_revision:
raise RuntimeError('Please \'git fetch origin\' in %s' % dep_path)
svn_revision = get_svn_revision(dep_path, git_revision)
elif len(revision) > 6:
git_revision = verify_git_revision(dep_path, revision)
if git_revision:
svn_revision = get_svn_revision(dep_path, git_revision)
git_revision = convert_svn_revision(dep_path, revision)
svn_revision = revision
git_revision = convert_svn_revision(dep_path, revision)
svn_revision = revision
except RuntimeError:
git_revision = verify_git_revision(dep_path, revision)
if not git_revision:
svn_revision = get_svn_revision(dep_path, git_revision)
return git_revision, svn_revision
def ast_err_msg(node):
return 'ERROR: Undexpected DEPS file AST structure at line %d column %d' % (
node.lineno, node.col_offset)
def find_deps_section(deps_ast, section):
"""Find a top-level section of the DEPS file in the AST."""
result = [n.value for n in deps_ast.body if
n.__class__ is ast.Assign and
n.targets[0].__class__ is ast.Name and
n.targets[0].id == section][0]
return result
except IndexError:
return None
def find_dict_index(dict_node, key):
"""Given a key, find the index of the corresponding dict entry."""
assert dict_node.__class__ is ast.Dict, ast_err_msg(dict_node)
indices = [i for i, n in enumerate(dict_node.keys) if
n.__class__ is ast.Str and n.s == key]
assert len(indices) < 2, (
'Found redundant dict entries for key "%s"' % key)
return indices[0] if indices else None
def update_node(deps_lines, deps_ast, node, git_revision):
"""Update an AST node with the new git revision."""
if node.__class__ is ast.Str:
return update_string(deps_lines, node, git_revision)
elif node.__class__ is ast.BinOp:
return update_binop(deps_lines, deps_ast, node, git_revision)
elif node.__class__ is ast.Call:
return update_call(deps_lines, deps_ast, node, git_revision)
assert False, ast_err_msg(node)
def update_string(deps_lines, string_node, git_revision):
"""Update a string node in the AST with the new git revision."""
line_idx = string_node.lineno - 1
start_idx = string_node.col_offset - 1
line = deps_lines[line_idx]
(prefix, sep, old_rev) = string_node.s.partition('@')
if sep:
start_idx = line.find(prefix + sep, start_idx) + len(prefix + sep)
tail_idx = start_idx + len(old_rev)
start_idx = line.find(prefix, start_idx)
tail_idx = start_idx + len(prefix)
old_rev = prefix
deps_lines[line_idx] = line[:start_idx] + git_revision + line[tail_idx:]
return line_idx
def update_binop(deps_lines, deps_ast, binop_node, git_revision):
"""Update a binary operation node in the AST with the new git revision."""
# Since the revision part is always last, assume that it's the right-hand
# operand that needs to be updated.
return update_node(deps_lines, deps_ast, binop_node.right, git_revision)
def update_call(deps_lines, deps_ast, call_node, git_revision):
"""Update a function call node in the AST with the new git revision."""
# The only call we know how to handle is Var()
assert == 'Var', ast_err_msg(call_node)
assert call_node.args and call_node.args[0].__class__ is ast.Str, (
return update_var(deps_lines, deps_ast, call_node.args[0].s, git_revision)
def update_var(deps_lines, deps_ast, var_name, git_revision):
"""Update an entry in the vars section of the DEPS file with the new
git revision."""
vars_node = find_deps_section(deps_ast, 'vars')
assert vars_node, 'Could not find "vars" section of DEPS file.'
var_idx = find_dict_index(vars_node, var_name)
assert var_idx is not None, (
'Could not find definition of "%s" var in DEPS file.' % var_name)
val_node = vars_node.values[var_idx]
return update_node(deps_lines, deps_ast, val_node, git_revision)
def short_rev(rev, dep_path):
return check_output(['git', 'rev-parse', '--short', rev],
def generate_commit_message(deps_section, dep_path, dep_name, new_rev):
(url, _, old_rev) = deps_section[dep_name].partition('@')
if url.endswith('.git'):
url = url[:-4]
old_rev_short = short_rev(old_rev, dep_path)
new_rev_short = short_rev(new_rev, dep_path)
url += '/+log/%s..%s' % (old_rev_short, new_rev_short)
old_svn_rev = get_svn_revision(dep_path, old_rev)
new_svn_rev = get_svn_revision(dep_path, new_rev)
except Exception:
# Ignore failures that might arise from the repo not being checked out.
old_svn_rev = new_svn_rev = None
svn_range_str = ''
if old_svn_rev and new_svn_rev:
svn_range_str = ' (svn %s:%s)' % (old_svn_rev, new_svn_rev)
return dedent(ROLL_DESCRIPTION_STR % {
'dep_path': shorten_dep_path(dep_name),
'before_rev': old_rev_short,
'after_rev': new_rev_short,
'svn_range': svn_range_str,
'revlog_url': url,
def update_deps_entry(deps_lines, deps_ast, value_node, new_rev, comment):
line_idx = update_node(deps_lines, deps_ast, value_node, new_rev)
(content, _, _) = deps_lines[line_idx].partition('#')
if comment:
deps_lines[line_idx] = '%s # %s' % (content.rstrip(), comment)
deps_lines[line_idx] = content.rstrip()
def update_deps(deps_file, dep_path, dep_name, new_rev, comment):
"""Update the DEPS file with the new git revision."""
commit_msg = ''
with open(deps_file) as fh:
deps_content =
deps_locals = {}
def _Var(key):
return deps_locals['vars'][key]
deps_locals['Var'] = _Var
exec deps_content in {}, deps_locals
deps_lines = deps_content.splitlines()
deps_ast = ast.parse(deps_content, deps_file)
deps_node = find_deps_section(deps_ast, 'deps')
assert deps_node, 'Could not find "deps" section of DEPS file'
dep_idx = find_dict_index(deps_node, dep_name)
if dep_idx is not None:
value_node = deps_node.values[dep_idx]
update_deps_entry(deps_lines, deps_ast, value_node, new_rev, comment)
commit_msg = generate_commit_message(deps_locals['deps'], dep_path,
dep_name, new_rev)
deps_os_node = find_deps_section(deps_ast, 'deps_os')
if deps_os_node:
for (os_name, os_node) in izip(deps_os_node.keys, deps_os_node.values):
dep_idx = find_dict_index(os_node, dep_name)
if dep_idx is not None:
value_node = os_node.values[dep_idx]
if value_node.__class__ is ast.Name and == 'None':
update_deps_entry(deps_lines, deps_ast, value_node, new_rev, comment)
commit_msg = generate_commit_message(
deps_locals['deps_os'][os_name.s], dep_path, dep_name, new_rev)
if not commit_msg:
print 'Could not find an entry in %s to update.' % deps_file
return 1
print 'Pinning %s' % dep_name
print 'to revision %s' % new_rev
print 'in %s' % deps_file
with open(deps_file, 'w') as fh:
for line in deps_lines:
print >> fh, line
deps_file_dir = os.path.normpath(os.path.dirname(deps_file))
deps_file_root = Popen(
['git', 'rev-parse', '--show-toplevel'],
cwd=deps_file_dir, stdout=PIPE).communicate()[0].strip()
with open(os.path.join(deps_file_root, '.git', 'MERGE_MSG'), 'w') as fh:
return 0
def main(argv):
usage = 'Usage: roll-dep-svn [options] <dep path> <rev> [ <DEPS file> ]'
parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage=usage, description=__doc__)
help='Don\'t verify the revision passed in. This '
'also skips adding an svn revision comment '
'for git dependencies and requires the passed '
'revision to be a git hash.',
default=False, action='store_true')
options, args = parser.parse_args(argv)
if len(args) not in (2, 3):
parser.error('Expected either 2 or 3 positional parameters.')
arg_dep_path, revision = args[:2]
gclient_root = find_gclient_root()
dep_path = platform_path(arg_dep_path)
if not os.path.exists(dep_path):
dep_path = os.path.join(gclient_root, dep_path)
if not options.no_verify_revision:
# Only require the path to exist if the revision should be verified. A path
# to e.g. os deps might not be checked out.
if not os.path.isdir(dep_path):
print >> sys.stderr, 'No such directory: %s' % arg_dep_path
return 1
if len(args) > 2:
deps_file = args[2]
soln = get_solution(gclient_root, dep_path)
soln_path = os.path.relpath(os.path.join(gclient_root, soln['name']))
deps_file = os.path.join(soln_path, 'DEPS')
dep_name = posix_path(os.path.relpath(dep_path, gclient_root))
if options.no_verify_revision:
if not is_git_hash(revision):
print >> sys.stderr, (
'The passed revision %s must be a git hash when skipping revision '
'verification.' % revision)
return 1
git_rev = revision
comment = None
git_rev, svn_rev = get_git_revision(dep_path, revision)
comment = ('from svn revision %s' % svn_rev) if svn_rev else None
if not git_rev:
print >> sys.stderr, 'Could not find git revision matching %s.' % revision
return 1
return update_deps(deps_file, dep_path, dep_name, git_rev, comment)
if __name__ == '__main__':
except KeyboardInterrupt: