Prevent cpplint from warning about hash_map

The 'include what you use' detection thinks that base::hash_map
comes from <hash_map>, which upstream Chromium has switched to,
but we still get that type definition from base/hash_tables.h

Change-Id: Ia9def2092705a29f48478a02f12106e095c92117
diff --git a/ b/
index ccc25d4..342c5da 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -5493,8 +5493,11 @@
     # gcc extensions.
     # Note: std::hash is their hash, ::hash is our hash
-    ('<hash_map>', ('hash_map', 'hash_multimap',)),
-    ('<hash_set>', ('hash_set', 'hash_multiset',)),
+    # NOTE(rjogrady): In Cobalt's version of Chromium, we use base/hash_tables.h
+    #('<hash_map>', ('hash_map', 'hash_multimap',)),
+    #('<hash_set>', ('hash_set', 'hash_multiset',)),
+    ('base/hash_tables.h', ('hash_map', 'hash_multimap',)),
+    ('base/hash_tables.h', ('hash_set', 'hash_multiset',)),
     ('<slist>', ('slist',)),