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Some out-of-the-box hooks for pre-commit.

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Using pre-commit-hooks with pre-commit

Add this to your .pre-commit-config.yaml

-   repo: git://
    sha: v0.9.1  # Use the ref you want to point at
    -   id: trailing-whitespace
    # -   id: ...

Hooks available

  • autopep8-wrapper - Runs autopep8 over python source.
    • Ignore PEP 8 violation types with args: ['-i', '--ignore=E000,...'] or through configuration of the [pycodestyle] section in setup.cfg / tox.ini.
  • check-added-large-files - Prevent giant files from being committed.
    • Specify what is “too large” with args: ['--maxkb=123'] (default=500kB).
  • check-ast - Simply check whether files parse as valid python.
  • check-byte-order-marker - Forbid files which have a UTF-8 byte-order marker
  • check-case-conflict - Check for files with names that would conflict on a case-insensitive filesystem like MacOS HFS+ or Windows FAT.
  • check-docstring-first - Checks for a common error of placing code before the docstring.
  • check-executables-have-shebangs - Checks that non-binary executables have a proper shebang.
  • check-json - Attempts to load all json files to verify syntax.
  • check-merge-conflict - Check for files that contain merge conflict strings.
  • check-symlinks - Checks for symlinks which do not point to anything.
  • check-xml - Attempts to load all xml files to verify syntax.
  • check-yaml - Attempts to load all yaml files to verify syntax.
  • debug-statements - Check for pdb / ipdb / pudb statements in code.
  • detect-aws-credentials - Checks for the existence of AWS secrets that you have set up with the AWS CLI. The following arguments are available:
    • --credentials-file - additional AWS CLI style configuration file in a non-standard location to fetch configured credentials from. Can be repeated multiple times.
  • detect-private-key - Checks for the existence of private keys.
  • double-quote-string-fixer - This hook replaces double quoted strings with single quoted strings.
  • end-of-file-fixer - Makes sure files end in a newline and only a newline.
  • fix-encoding-pragma - Add # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- to the top of python files.
    • To remove the coding pragma pass --remove (useful in a python3-only codebase)
  • file-contents-sorter - Sort the lines in specified files (defaults to alphabetical). You must provide list of target files as input to it. Note that this hook WILL remove blank lines and does NOT respect any comments.
  • flake8 - Run flake8 on your python files.
  • forbid-new-submodules - Prevent addition of new git submodules.
  • name-tests-test - Assert that files in tests/ end in
    • Use args: ['--django'] to match test*.py instead.
  • no-commit-to-branch - Protect specific branches from direct checkins.
    • Use args: -b <branch> to set the branch. master is the default if no argument is set.
  • pyflakes - Run pyflakes on your python files.
  • pretty-format-json - Checks that all your JSON files are pretty. “Pretty” here means that keys are sorted and indented. You can configure this with the following commandline options:
    • --autofix - automatically format json files
    • --indent ... - Control the indentation (either a number for a number of spaces or a string of whitespace). Defaults to 4 spaces.
    • --no-sort-keys - when autofixing, retain the original key ordering (instead of sorting the keys)
    • --top-keys comma,separated,keys - Keys to keep at the top of mappings.
  • requirements-txt-fixer - Sorts entries in requirements.txt
  • sort-simple-yaml - Sorts simple YAML files which consist only of top-level keys, preserving comments and blocks.
  • trailing-whitespace - Trims trailing whitespace.
    • Markdown linebreak trailing spaces preserved for .md and.markdown; use args: ['--markdown-linebreak-ext=txt,text'] to add other extensions, args: ['--markdown-linebreak-ext=*'] to preserve them for all files, or args: ['--no-markdown-linebreak-ext'] to disable and always trim.

As a standalone package

If you‘d like to use these hooks, they’re also available as a standalone package.

Simply pip install pre-commit-hooks