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Some out-of-the-box hooks for pre-commit.

See also: https://github.com/pre-commit/pre-commit

Using pre-commit-hooks with pre-commit

Add this to your .pre-commit-config.yaml

-   repo: git://github.com/pre-commit/pre-commit-hooks
    sha: v0.8.0  # Use the ref you want to point at
    -   id: trailing-whitespace
    # -   id: ...

Hooks available

  • autopep8-wrapper - Runs autopep8 over python source.
    • Ignore PEP 8 violation types with args: ['-i', '--ignore=E000,...'] or through configuration of the [pep8] section in setup.cfg / tox.ini.
  • check-added-large-files - Prevent giant files from being committed.
    • Specify what is “too large” with args: ['--maxkb=123'] (default=500kB).
  • check-ast - Simply check whether files parse as valid python.
  • check-byte-order-marker - Forbid files which have a UTF-8 byte-order marker
  • check-case-conflict - Check for files with names that would conflict on a case-insensitive filesystem like MacOS HFS+ or Windows FAT.
  • check-docstring-first - Checks for a common error of placing code before the docstring.
  • check-json - Attempts to load all json files to verify syntax.
  • check-merge-conflict - Check for files that contain merge conflict strings.
  • check-symlinks - Checks for symlinks which do not point to anything.
  • check-xml - Attempts to load all xml files to verify syntax.
  • check-yaml - Attempts to load all yaml files to verify syntax.
  • debug-statements - Check for pdb / ipdb / pudb statements in code.
  • detect-aws-credentials - Checks for the existence of AWS secrets that you have set up with the AWS CLI. The following arguments are available:
    • --credentials-file - additional AWS CLI style configuration file in a non-standard location to fetch configured credentials from. Can be repeated multiple times.
  • detect-private-key - Checks for the existence of private keys.
  • double-quote-string-fixer - This hook replaces double quoted strings with single quoted strings.
  • end-of-file-fixer - Makes sure files end in a newline and only a newline.
  • fix-encoding-pragma - Add # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- to the top of python files.
    • To remove the coding pragma pass --remove (useful in a python3-only codebase)
  • flake8 - Run flake8 on your python files.
  • forbid-new-submodules - Prevent addition of new git submodules.
  • name-tests-test - Assert that files in tests/ end in _test.py.
    • Use args: ['--django'] to match test*.py instead.
  • no-commit-to-branch - Protect specific branches from direct checkins.
    • Use args: -b <branch> to set the branch. master is the default if no argument is set.
  • pyflakes - Run pyflakes on your python files.
  • pretty-format-json - Checks that all your JSON files are pretty. “Pretty” here means that keys are sorted and indented. You can configure this with the following commandline options:
    • --autofix - automatically format json files
    • --indent ... - Control the indentation (either a number for a number of spaces or a string of whitespace). Defaults to 4 spaces.
    • --no-sort-keys - when autofixing, retain the original key ordering (instead of sorting the keys)
    • --top-keys comma,separated,keys - Keys to keep at the top of mappings.
  • requirements-txt-fixer - Sorts entries in requirements.txt
  • trailing-whitespace - Trims trailing whitespace.
    • Markdown linebreak trailing spaces preserved for .md and.markdown; use args: ['--markdown-linebreak-ext=txt,text'] to add other extensions, args: ['--markdown-linebreak-ext=*'] to preserve them for all files, or args: ['--no-markdown-linebreak-ext'] to disable and always trim.

As a standalone package

If you‘d like to use these hooks, they’re also available as a standalone package.

Simply pip install pre-commit-hooks