Correct LUCI config errors

Config revision 5b8bdcf was rejected because:
* WARNING: commit-queue.cfg: in "commit-queue.cfg" (config_group #1): please, specify `name` for monitoring and analytics
* ERROR: refs.cfg: refs.cfg is not used since 2019 and must be deleted

This change addresses those errors and warnings.

Change-Id: I91c7ca2ce78b7bdc46454fe9a231780121ccedc3
Reviewed-by: Scott Graham <>
2 files changed
tree: 51c7974b01ffdb078ba46483073812e90235651a
  1. codereview.settings
  2. commit-queue.cfg
  3. cr-buildbucket.cfg
  4. luci-logdog.cfg
  5. luci-milo.cfg
  6. luci-scheduler.cfg
  7. project.cfg

This branch contains project-wide configurations for infra services.