v0.31.1 Changelog

New Stuff:
 - `nvm uninstall`: Check installation dir permissions before uninstalling; display "fix" commands (#847)
 - `nvm alias`: colorize output to match `nvm ls`
 - `nvm alias`: colorize output when creating aliases
 - `nvm ls`/`nvm alias`/`nvm ls-remote`: only colorize when colors are supported

 - don’t use bash `==` in conditionals
 - `nvm run`: pass through `--silent` on bare `nvm run`
 - `nvm exec`: show “io.js” for io.js versions
 - `set -e`: ensure `nvm_version` returning 3, and `nvm_alias` returning 2, doesn’t terminate the process
 - `nvm alias`: explicitly forbid user aliases in subdirs
 - `read` exits 1 when `.nvmrc` lacks a trailing newline; avoid that
 - `set -x`: avoid an unbound variable
 - `deactivate`: unset `$NVM_BIN` and `$NVM_PATH` (#1033)

 - `nvm alias`: slightly speed up alias resolution
 - Use `awk` to improve version comparison performance

 - add a missing `command` to a `sed` call

 - Various README tweaks
 - Various testing improvements
 - Prefer `nvm --help` over `nvm help`
4 files changed