New Stuff
 - Add remote LTS support (#1070)
 - `nvm install`: Improve error messages for missing versions
 - Install node upon installing if NODE_VERSION is set (#549)

 - remove the need for `sed -E` (#1126)
 - install script: Don’t attempt to `cd` twice (#1137)
 - install should not exit after successful git clone (#1146, #1147)
 - use Solaris-compatible tail options (#1148)
 - ensure proper checking of the “shwordsplit” zsh option

 - [install script] Refactors NVM_DIR; adds tests (#566)
 - use git options instead of cd in install script (#1144)
 - create `nvm_grep` and remove standalone `GREP_OPTIONS` line.
 - use "case" instead of if/else in install (#898)

 - update test mocks (#1140)
 - use `$NVM_DIR` instead of relative paths
 - set x option in update mock to better locate failures
 - make “nvm use iojs” test actually test that thing
 - use `-ex` option during tests when possible (#1130)
 - avoid accidental command execution in test failure message
4 files changed