- [Fix] Enable working without tput available (#1403)
 - [Fix] `nvm unload`: run `nvm deactivate` before unsetting everything (#1399)
 - [Fix] unset `NVM_RC_VERSION` env var immediately after it’s no longer needed (#1399)
 - [Fix] `install.sh`: only un-interpolate $HOME for the profile source string (#1384)
 - [Fix] `set -e`: `nvm install lts/something`: call `nvm_ensure_default_set` with the proper value (#1394)
 - [install script] Use `$HOME` variable in `NVM_DIR` (#1381)
 - [debug] include mirrors in `nvm debug` output
 - [Docs] [Fix] zsh autochange: only `nvm install` if we can’t `nvm use` (#1357, #1378)
 - [Docs] Add CII best practices badge (#1397)
4 files changed