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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <list>
#include <string>
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "net/http/http_auth_gssapi_starboard.h"
namespace net {
namespace test {
class GssContextMockImpl {
GssContextMockImpl(const GssContextMockImpl& other);
GssContextMockImpl(const char* src_name,
const char* targ_name,
OM_uint32 lifetime_rec,
const gss_OID_desc& mech_type,
OM_uint32 ctx_flags,
int locally_initiated,
int open);
void Assign(const GssContextMockImpl& other);
std::string src_name;
std::string targ_name;
OM_uint32 lifetime_rec;
gss_OID_desc mech_type;
OM_uint32 ctx_flags;
int locally_initiated;
int open;
// The MockGSSAPILibrary class is intended for unit tests which want to bypass
// the system GSSAPI library calls.
class MockGSSAPILibrary : public GSSAPILibrary {
// Unit tests need access to this. "Friend"ing didn't help.
struct SecurityContextQuery {
SecurityContextQuery(const std::string& expected_package,
OM_uint32 response_code,
OM_uint32 minor_response_code,
const test::GssContextMockImpl& context_info,
const char* expected_input_token,
const char* output_token);
SecurityContextQuery(const SecurityContextQuery& other);
std::string expected_package;
OM_uint32 response_code;
OM_uint32 minor_response_code;
test::GssContextMockImpl context_info;
gss_buffer_desc expected_input_token;
gss_buffer_desc output_token;
~MockGSSAPILibrary() override;
// Establishes an expectation for a |init_sec_context()| call.
// Each expectation established by |ExpectSecurityContext()| must be
// matched by a call to |init_sec_context()| during the lifetime of
// the MockGSSAPILibrary. The |expected_package| argument must equal the
// value associated with the |target_name| argument to |init_sec_context()|
// for there to be a match. The expectations also establish an explicit
// ordering.
// For example, this sequence will be successful.
// MockGSSAPILibrary lib;
// lib.ExpectSecurityContext("NTLM", ...)
// lib.ExpectSecurityContext("Negotiate", ...)
// lib.init_sec_context("NTLM", ...)
// lib.init_sec_context("Negotiate", ...)
// This sequence will fail since the queries do not occur in the order
// established by the expectations.
// MockGSSAPILibrary lib;
// lib.ExpectSecurityContext("NTLM", ...)
// lib.ExpectSecurityContext("Negotiate", ...)
// lib.init_sec_context("Negotiate", ...)
// lib.init_sec_context("NTLM", ...)
// This sequence will fail because there were not enough queries.
// MockGSSAPILibrary lib;
// lib.ExpectSecurityContext("NTLM", ...)
// lib.ExpectSecurityContext("Negotiate", ...)
// lib.init_sec_context("NTLM", ...)
// |response_code| is used as the return value for |init_sec_context()|.
// If |response_code| is GSS_S_COMPLETE,
// |context_info| is the expected value of the |**context_handle| in after
// |init_sec_context()| returns.
void ExpectSecurityContext(const std::string& expected_package,
OM_uint32 response_code,
OM_uint32 minor_response_code,
const test::GssContextMockImpl& context_info,
const gss_buffer_desc& expected_input_token,
const gss_buffer_desc& output_token);
// GSSAPILibrary methods:
// Initializes the library, including any necessary dynamic libraries.
// This is done separately from construction (which happens at startup time)
// in order to delay work until the class is actually needed.
bool Init() override;
// These methods match the ones in the GSSAPI library.
OM_uint32 import_name(OM_uint32* minor_status,
const gss_buffer_t input_name_buffer,
const gss_OID input_name_type,
gss_name_t* output_name) override;
OM_uint32 release_name(OM_uint32* minor_status,
gss_name_t* input_name) override;
OM_uint32 release_buffer(OM_uint32* minor_status,
gss_buffer_t buffer) override;
OM_uint32 display_name(OM_uint32* minor_status,
const gss_name_t input_name,
gss_buffer_t output_name_buffer,
gss_OID* output_name_type) override;
OM_uint32 display_status(OM_uint32* minor_status,
OM_uint32 status_value,
int status_type,
const gss_OID mech_type,
OM_uint32* message_contex,
gss_buffer_t status_string) override;
OM_uint32 init_sec_context(OM_uint32* minor_status,
const gss_cred_id_t initiator_cred_handle,
gss_ctx_id_t* context_handle,
const gss_name_t target_name,
const gss_OID mech_type,
OM_uint32 req_flags,
OM_uint32 time_req,
const gss_channel_bindings_t input_chan_bindings,
const gss_buffer_t input_token,
gss_OID* actual_mech_type,
gss_buffer_t output_token,
OM_uint32* ret_flags,
OM_uint32* time_rec) override;
OM_uint32 wrap_size_limit(OM_uint32* minor_status,
const gss_ctx_id_t context_handle,
int conf_req_flag,
gss_qop_t qop_req,
OM_uint32 req_output_size,
OM_uint32* max_input_size) override;
OM_uint32 delete_sec_context(OM_uint32* minor_status,
gss_ctx_id_t* context_handle,
gss_buffer_t output_token) override;
OM_uint32 inquire_context(OM_uint32* minor_status,
const gss_ctx_id_t context_handle,
gss_name_t* src_name,
gss_name_t* targ_name,
OM_uint32* lifetime_rec,
gss_OID* mech_type,
OM_uint32* ctx_flags,
int* locally_initiated,
int* open) override;
const std::string& GetLibraryNameForTesting() override;
// |expected_security_queries| contains an ordered list of expected
// |init_sec_context()| calls and the return values for those
// calls.
std::list<SecurityContextQuery> expected_security_queries_;
// Empty string. Enables GetLibraryNameForTesting() to return a reference.
std::string library_name_;
} // namespace test
} // namespace net