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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""WPTManifest is responsible for handling MANIFEST.json.
The MANIFEST.json file contains metadata about files in web-platform-tests,
such as what tests exist, and extra information about each test, including
test type, options, URLs to use, and reference file paths if applicable.
import json
import logging
from webkitpy.common.webkit_finder import WebKitFinder
_log = logging.getLogger(__file__)
class WPTManifest(object):
def __init__(self, json_content):
# TODO(tkent): Create a Manifest object by Manifest.from_json().
# See ../thirdparty/wpt/wpt/tools/manifest/
self.raw_dict = json.loads(json_content)
def _items_for_path(self, path_in_wpt):
"""Returns manifest items for the given WPT path, or None if not found.
The format of a manifest item depends on
and is assumed to be a list of the format [url, extras],
or [url, references, extras] for reftests, or None if not found.
For most testharness tests, the returned items is expected
to look like this:: [["/some/test/path.html", {}]]
items = self.raw_dict['items']
if path_in_wpt in items['manual']:
return items['manual'][path_in_wpt]
elif path_in_wpt in items['reftest']:
return items['reftest'][path_in_wpt]
elif path_in_wpt in items['testharness']:
return items['testharness'][path_in_wpt]
return None
def is_test_file(self, path_in_wpt):
return self._items_for_path(path_in_wpt) is not None
def file_path_to_url_paths(self, path_in_wpt):
manifest_items = self._items_for_path(path_in_wpt)
assert manifest_items is not None
if len(manifest_items) != 1:
return []
url = manifest_items[0][0]
if url[1:] != path_in_wpt:
# TODO(tkent): foo.any.js and bar.worker.js should be accessed
# as foo.any.html, foo.any.worker, and bar.worker with WPTServe.
return []
return [path_in_wpt]
def _get_extras_from_item(item):
return item[-1]
def is_slow_test(self, test_name):
items = self._items_for_path(test_name)
if not items:
return False
extras = WPTManifest._get_extras_from_item(items[0])
return 'timeout' in extras and extras['timeout'] == 'long'
def extract_reference_list(self, path_in_wpt):
"""Extracts reference information of the specified reference test.
The return value is a list of (match/not-match, reference path in wpt)
[("==", "foo/bar/baz-match.html"),
("!=", "foo/bar/baz-mismatch.html")]
all_items = self.raw_dict['items']
if path_in_wpt not in all_items['reftest']:
return []
reftest_list = []
for item in all_items['reftest'][path_in_wpt]:
for ref_path_in_wpt, expectation in item[1]:
reftest_list.append((expectation, ref_path_in_wpt))
return reftest_list
def ensure_manifest(host):
"""Checks whether the manifest exists, and then generates it if necessary."""
finder = WebKitFinder(host.filesystem)
manifest_path = finder.path_from_webkit_base('LayoutTests', 'external', 'wpt', 'MANIFEST.json')
base_manifest_path = finder.path_from_webkit_base('LayoutTests', 'external', 'WPT_BASE_MANIFEST.json')
if not host.filesystem.exists(base_manifest_path):
_log.error('Manifest base not found at "%s".', base_manifest_path)
host.filesystem.write_text_file(base_manifest_path, '{}')
if not host.filesystem.exists(manifest_path):
_log.debug('Manifest not found, copying from base "%s".', base_manifest_path)
host.filesystem.copyfile(base_manifest_path, manifest_path)
wpt_path = manifest_path = finder.path_from_webkit_base('LayoutTests', 'external', 'wpt')
WPTManifest.generate_manifest(host, wpt_path)
def generate_manifest(host, dest_path):
"""Generates MANIFEST.json on the specified directory."""
executive = host.executive
finder = WebKitFinder(host.filesystem)
manifest_exec_path = finder.path_from_webkit_base('Tools', 'Scripts', 'webkitpy', 'thirdparty', 'wpt', 'wpt', 'manifest')
cmd = ['python', manifest_exec_path, '--work', '--tests-root', dest_path]
_log.debug('Running command: %s', ' '.join(cmd))
proc = executive.popen(cmd, stdout=executive.PIPE, stderr=executive.PIPE, stdin=executive.PIPE, cwd=finder.webkit_base())
out, err = proc.communicate('')
if proc.returncode:'# ret> %d', proc.returncode)
if out:
if err:
return proc.returncode, out