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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
Helper to find the path to the correct third_party directory
from os import path
import sys
import platform
# Find the root path of the checkout.
# In the Chromium repository, this is the src/chromium directory.
# In the external repository, standalone build, this is the devtools-frontend directory.
# In the external repository, integrated build, this is the src/chromium directory.
def root_path():
SCRIPTS_PATH = path.dirname(path.abspath(__file__))
# TODO(1011259): remove Chromium repository handling
if path.basename(PARENT_PATH) == 'renderer':
# Chromium repository
return path.dirname(path.dirname(path.dirname(PARENT_PATH)))
elif path.basename(PARENT_PATH) == 'devtools-frontend':
# External repository, integrated build
return path.dirname(path.dirname(PARENT_PATH))
# External repository, standalone build
# This is the third_party path relative to the root of the checkout.
def third_party_path():
return path.join(root_path(), 'third_party')
# This points to the node binary downloaded as part of the checkout.
def node_path():
old_sys_path = sys.path[:]
sys.path.append(path.join(third_party_path(), 'node'))
import node
sys.path = old_sys_path
return node.GetBinaryPath()
def devtools_root_path():
return path.dirname((path.dirname(path.abspath(__file__))))
def node_modules_path():
return path.join(devtools_root_path(), 'node_modules')
def eslint_path():
return path.join(node_modules_path(), 'eslint', 'bin', 'eslint.js')
def check_localizable_resources_path():
return path.join(devtools_root_path(), 'scripts', 'localization', 'check_localizable_resources.js')
def check_localized_strings_path():
return path.join(devtools_root_path(), 'scripts', 'localization', 'check_localizability.js')
def karma_path():
return path.join(node_modules_path(), 'karma', 'bin', 'karma')
def boot_perf_test_path():
return path.join(devtools_root_path(), 'test', 'perf', 'bootperf.js')
def hosted_mode_script_path():
return path.join(devtools_root_path(), 'scripts', 'hosted_mode', 'server.js')
def downloaded_chrome_binary_path():
return path.abspath(path.join(
'Linux': (devtools_root_path(), 'third_party', 'chrome', 'chrome-linux', 'chrome'),
'Darwin': (devtools_root_path(), 'third_party', 'chrome', 'chrome-mac', '', 'Contents', 'MacOS', 'Chromium'),
'Windows': (devtools_root_path(), 'third_party', 'chrome', 'chrome-win', 'chrome.exe'),
def license_checker_path():
return path.join(node_modules_path(), 'license-checker', 'bin', 'license-checker')
def rollup_path():
return path.join(
def package_lock_json_path():
return path.join(devtools_root_path(), 'package-lock.json')
def package_json_path():
return path.join(devtools_root_path(), 'package.json')
def browser_protocol_path():
return path.join(third_party_path(), 'blink', 'public', 'devtools_protocol', 'browser_protocol.pdl')