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<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Longdesc test: Empty image, internal description</title>
<img src="" alt="the image" longdesc="#pass">
<div style="height:50em"></div>
<p id="pass">Pass, if the focus is here</p>
<p>The image is a drawn cartoon, on the left is a parson in a wheelchair in profile, facing toward the centre of the image, under a banner with the text "e-democracy?" on it. In front of the person is stairs, at the top of the stairs is a table. On the table is a computer, whose screen says "Vote!" and has a red and a green button</p>
<p>The image is signed in the space under the floor that is at the top of the stairs with an "R" rune flipped backwards, somewhat resembling a "Я" with top and bottom border lines sloping upward from left to right, and is marked ©2013. It was actually drawn by Charles McCathie Nevile.</p>
<div style="height:50em"></div>