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py.test/pylib 1.1.0: Python3, Jython, advanced skipping, cleanups ...
* compatible to Python3 (single py2/py3 source), `easy to install`_
* conditional skipping_: skip/xfail based on platform/dependencies
* generalized marking_: mark tests one a whole-class or whole-module basis
* code reduction and "de-magification" (e.g. 23 KLoc -> 11 KLOC)
* distribute testing requires the now separately released execnet_ package
* funcarg-setup/caching, "same-name" test modules now cause an exlicit error
* de-cluttered reporting options, --report for skipped/xfail details
1.1.0 should allow running test code that already worked well with 1.0.2
plus some more due to improved unittest/nose compatibility.
More information:
thanks and have fun,
holger (
.. _execnet:
.. _`easy to install`: ../install.html
.. _marking: ../test/plugin/mark.html
.. _skipping: ../test/plugin/skipping.html
Changelog 1.0.2 -> 1.1.0
* remove tool and internal namespace - it was
never really advertised and can still be used with
the old release if needed. If there is interest
it could be revived into its own tool i guess.
* fix issue48 and issue59: raise an Error if the module
from an imported test file does not seem to come from
the filepath - avoids "same-name" confusion that has
been reported repeatedly
* merged Ronny's nose-compatibility hacks: now
nose-style setup_module() and setup() functions are
* introduce generalized py.test.mark function marking
* reshuffle / refine command line grouping
* deprecate parser.addgroup in favour of getgroup which creates option group
* add --report command line option that allows to control showing of skipped/xfailed sections
* generalized skipping: a new way to mark python functions with skipif or xfail
at function, class and modules level based on platform or sys-module attributes.
* extend py.test.mark decorator to allow for positional args
* introduce and test "py.cleanup -d" to remove empty directories
* fix issue #59 - robustify unittest test collection
* make bpython/help interaction work by adding an __all__ attribute
to ApiModule, cleanup initpkg
* use MIT license for pylib, add some contributors
* remove py.execnet code and substitute all usages with 'execnet' proper
* fix issue50 - cached_setup now caches more to expectations
for test functions with multiple arguments.
* merge Jarko's fixes, issue #45 and #46
* add the ability to specify a path for py.lookup to search in
* fix a funcarg cached_setup bug probably only occuring
in distributed testing and "module" scope with teardown.
* many fixes and changes for making the code base python3 compatible,
many thanks to Benjamin Peterson for helping with this.
* consolidate builtins implementation to be compatible with >=2.3,
add helpers to ease keeping 2 and 3k compatible code
* deprecate py.compat.doctest|subprocess|textwrap|optparse
* deprecate py.magic.autopath, remove py/magic directory
* move pytest assertion handling to py/code and a pytest_assertion
plugin, add "--no-assert" option, deprecate py.magic namespaces
in favour of (less) py.code ones.
* consolidate and cleanup py/code classes and files
* cleanup py/misc, move tests to bin-for-dist
* introduce delattr/delitem/delenv methods to py.test's monkeypatch funcarg
* consolidate py.log implementation, remove old approach.
* introduce and for distinguishing between
text/unicode and byte-streams (uses underlying standard lib io.*
if available)
* make py.unittest_convert helper script available which converts ""
style files into the simpler assert/direct-test-classes py.test/nosetests
style. The script was written by Laura Creighton.
* simplified internal localpath implementation