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py.test/pylib 1.1.1: bugfix release, setuptools plugin registration
This is a compatibility fixing release of pylib/py.test to work
better with previous 1.0.x test code bases. It also contains fixes
and changes to work with `execnet>=1.0.0`_ to provide distributed
testing and looponfailing testing modes. py-1.1.1 also introduces
a new mechanism for registering plugins via setuptools.
What is pylib/py.test?
py.test is an advanced automated testing tool working with
Python2, Python3 and Jython versions on all major operating
systems. It has an extensive plugin architecture and can run many
existing common Python test suites without modification. Moreover,
it offers some unique features not found in other
testing tools. See for more info.
The pylib also contains a localpath and svnpath implementation
and some developer-oriented command line tools. See for more info.
thanks to all who helped and gave feedback,
have fun,
holger (
.. _`execnet>=1.0.0`:
Changes between 1.1.1 and 1.1.0
- introduce automatic plugin registration via 'pytest11'
entrypoints via setuptools' pkg_resources.iter_entry_points
- fix py.test dist-testing to work with execnet >= 1.0.0b4
- re-introduce py.test.cmdline.main() for better backward compatibility
- svn paths: fix a bug with path.check(versioned=True) for svn paths,
allow '%' in svn paths, make svnwc.update() default to interactive mode
like in 1.0.x and add svnwc.update(interactive=False) to inhibit interaction.
- refine distributed tarball to contain test and no pyc files
- try harder to have deprecation warnings for py.compat.* accesses
report a correct location