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py.test/pylib 1.3.3: windows and other fixes
pylib/py.test 1.3.3 is a minor bugfix release featuring some improvements
and fixes. See changelog_ for full history.
have fun,
holger krekel
.. _changelog: ../changelog.html
Changes between 1.3.2 and 1.3.3
- fix issue113: assertion representation problem with triple-quoted strings
(and possibly other cases)
- make conftest loading detect that a conftest file with the same
content was already loaded, avoids surprises in nested directory structures
which can be produced e.g. by Hudson. It probably removes the need to use
--confcutdir in most cases.
- fix terminal coloring for win32
(thanks Michael Foord for reporting)
- fix weirdness: make terminal width detection work on stdout instead of stdin
(thanks Armin Ronacher for reporting)
- remove trailing whitespace in all py/text distribution files