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"""WebDriver alert handling."""
class Alert(object):
"""Class that provides access to the WebDriver alert handling functions."""
def __init__(self, driver):
self._driver = driver
def _execute(self, method, path, name, body=None):
return self._driver.execute(method, path, name, body)
def dismiss(self):
"""Dismiss the alert."""
self._execute('POST', '/dismiss_alert', 'dismiss')
def accept(self):
"""Accept the alert."""
self._execute('POST', '/accept_alert', 'accept')
def get_text(self):
"""Get the text displayed in the alert."""
return self._execute('GET', '/alert_text', 'getText')
def send_keys(self, keys):
"""Type into the text input of the alert if available."""
self._execute('POST', '/alert_text', 'sendKeys', { 'text': keys })