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"""Definition of WebDriverException classes."""
def create_webdriver_exception_strict(status_code, message):
"""Create the appropriate WebDriverException given the status_code."""
if status_code in _exceptions_strict:
return _exceptions_strict[status_code](message)
return UnknownStatusCodeException("[%s] %s" % (status_code, message))
def create_webdriver_exception_compatibility(status_code, message):
"""Create the appropriate WebDriverException given the status_code."""
if status_code in _exceptions_compatibility:
return _exceptions_compatibility[status_code](message)
return UnknownStatusCodeException("[%s] %s" % (status_code, message))
class WebDriverException(Exception):
"""Base class for all WebDriverExceptions."""
class UnableToSetCookieException(WebDriverException):
"""A request to set a cookie's value could not be satisfied."""
class InvalidElementStateException(WebDriverException):
"""An element command could not be completed because the element is
in an invalid state (e.g. attempting to click an element that is no
longer attached to the DOM).
class NoSuchElementException(WebDriverException):
"""An element could not be located on the page using the given
search parameters.
class TimeoutException(WebDriverException):
"""An operation did not complete before its timeout expired."""
class ElementNotSelectableException(InvalidElementStateException):
"""An attempt was made to select an element that cannot be selected."""
class ElementNotVisibleException(InvalidElementStateException):
"""An element command could not be completed because the element is
not visible on the page.
class ImeEngineActivationFailedException(WebDriverException):
"""An IME engine could not be started."""
class ImeNotAvailableException(ImeEngineActivationFailedException):
"""IME was not available."""
class InvalidCookieDomainException(UnableToSetCookieException):
"""An illegal attempt was made to set a cookie under a different
domain than the current page.
class InvalidElementCoordinatesException(WebDriverException):
"""The coordinates provided to an interactions operation are invalid."""
class InvalidSelectorException(NoSuchElementException):
"""Argument was an invalid selector (e.g. XPath/CSS)."""
class JavascriptErrorException(WebDriverException):
"""An error occurred while executing user supplied JavaScript."""
class MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException(InvalidElementStateException):
"""The target for mouse interaction is not in the browser's viewport
and cannot be brought into that viewport.
class NoSuchAlertException(WebDriverException):
"""An attempt was made to operate on a modal dialog when one was not open."""
class NoSuchFrameException(WebDriverException):
"""A request to switch to a frame could not be satisfied because
the frame could not be found."""
class NoSuchWindowException(WebDriverException):
"""A request to switch to a different window could not be satisfied
because the window could not be found.
class ScriptTimeoutException(TimeoutException):
"""A script did not complete before its timeout expired."""
class SessionNotCreatedException(WebDriverException):
"""A new session could not be created."""
class StaleElementReferenceException(InvalidElementStateException):
"""An element command failed because the referenced element is no
longer attached to the DOM.
class UnexpectedAlertOpenException(WebDriverException):
"""A modal dialog was open, blocking this operation."""
class UnknownCommandException(WebDriverException):
"""A command could not be executed because the remote end is not
aware of it.
class UnknownErrorException(WebDriverException):
"""An unknown error occurred in the remote end while processing
the command.
class UnsupportedOperationException(WebDriverException):
"""Indicates that a command that should have executed properly
cannot be supported for some reason.
class UnknownStatusCodeException(WebDriverException):
"""Exception for all other status codes."""
_exceptions_strict = {
"element not selectable": ElementNotSelectableException,
"element not visible": ElementNotVisibleException,
"ime engine activation failed": ImeEngineActivationFailedException,
"ime not available": ImeNotAvailableException,
"invalid cookie domain": InvalidCookieDomainException,
"invalid element coordinates": InvalidElementCoordinatesException,
"invalid element state": InvalidElementStateException,
"invalid selector": InvalidSelectorException,
"javascript error": JavascriptErrorException,
"move target out of bounds": MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException,
"no such alert": NoSuchAlertException,
"no such element": NoSuchElementException,
"no such frame": NoSuchFrameException,
"no such window": NoSuchWindowException,
"script timeout": ScriptTimeoutException,
"session not created": SessionNotCreatedException,
"stale element reference": StaleElementReferenceException,
"success": None,
"timeout": TimeoutException,
"unable to set cookie": UnableToSetCookieException,
"unexpected alert open": UnexpectedAlertOpenException,
"unknown command": UnknownCommandException,
"unknown error": UnknownErrorException,
"unsupported operation": UnsupportedOperationException,
_exceptions_compatibility = {
15: ElementNotSelectableException,
11: ElementNotVisibleException,
31: ImeEngineActivationFailedException,
30: ImeNotAvailableException,
24: InvalidCookieDomainException,
29: InvalidElementCoordinatesException,
12: InvalidElementStateException,
19: InvalidSelectorException,
32: InvalidSelectorException,
17: JavascriptErrorException,
34: MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException,
27: NoSuchAlertException,
7: NoSuchElementException,
8: NoSuchFrameException,
23: NoSuchWindowException,
28: ScriptTimeoutException,
6: SessionNotCreatedException,
33: SessionNotCreatedException,
10: StaleElementReferenceException,
0: None, # success
21: TimeoutException,
25: UnableToSetCookieException,
26: UnexpectedAlertOpenException,
9: UnknownCommandException,
13: UnknownErrorException,
# "unsupported operation": UnsupportedOperationException