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"""Element-level WebDriver operations."""
import searchcontext
class WebElement(searchcontext.SearchContext):
"""Corresponds to a DOM element in the current page."""
def __init__(self, driver, id):
self._driver = driver
self._id = id
# Set value of mode used by SearchContext
self.mode = driver.mode
def execute(self, method, path, name, body=None):
"""Execute a command against this WebElement."""
return self._driver.execute(
method, '/element/%s%s' % (self._id, path), name, body)
def is_displayed(self):
"""Is this element displayed?"""
return self.execute('GET', '/displayed', 'isDisplayed')
def is_selected(self):
"""Is this checkbox, radio button, or option selected?"""
return self.execute('GET', '/selected', 'isSelected')
def get_attribute(self, name):
"""Get the value of an element property or attribute."""
return self.execute('GET', '/attribute/%s' % name, 'getElementAttribute')
def text(self):
"""Get the visible text for this element."""
return self.execute('GET', '/text', 'text')
def tag_name(self):
"""Get the tag name for this element"""
return self.execute('GET', '/name', 'getElementTagName')
def click(self):
"""Click on this element."""
return self.execute('POST', '/click', 'click')
def clear(self):
"""Clear the contents of the this text input."""
self.execute('POST', '/clear', 'clear')
def send_keys(self, keys):
"""Send keys to this text input or body element."""
if isinstance(keys, str):
keys = [keys]
self.execute('POST', '/value', 'sendKeys', {'value': keys})
def to_json(self):
return {'ELEMENT':}