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Name: zlib
Version: 1.2.5
Security Critical: yes
License: Custom license
License Android Compatible: yes
General purpose compression library
Local Modifications:
A few minor changes, all marked with "Google":
- Added #ifdefs to avoid compile warnings when NO_GZCOMPRESS is defined.
- Removed use of strerror for WinCE in gzio.c.
- Added 'int z_errno' global for WinCE, to which 'errno' is defined in zutil.h.
- Added 'mozzconf.h' to mangle the function names.
- Added an #ifdef to prevent zlib.h from mangling its functions.
- Changed DEBUG macro to ZLIB_DEBUG in order to not conflict with other libraries.
The 'google.patch' file represents our changes from the original zlib-1.2.5.
A more significant change to support mixed-source data compression. See and mixed-source.patch.