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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include 'src/builtins/builtins-regexp-gen.h'
namespace regexp {
transitioning macro
RegExpPrototypeSearchBodyFast(implicit context: Context)(
regexp: JSRegExp, string: String): JSAny {
// Grab the initial value of last index.
const previousLastIndex: Smi = FastLoadLastIndex(regexp);
// Ensure last index is 0.
FastStoreLastIndex(regexp, 0);
// Call exec.
try {
const matchIndices: RegExpMatchInfo =
UnsafeCast<JSRegExp>(regexp), string)
otherwise DidNotMatch;
// Successful match.
// Reset last index.
FastStoreLastIndex(regexp, previousLastIndex);
// Return the index of the match.
return UnsafeCast<Smi>(
} label DidNotMatch {
// Reset last index and return -1.
FastStoreLastIndex(regexp, previousLastIndex);
return SmiConstant(-1);
extern macro RegExpBuiltinsAssembler::BranchIfRegExpResult(
implicit context: Context)(Object): never labels IsUnmodified,
IsRegExpResult(implicit context: Context)(execResult: HeapObject): bool {
BranchIfRegExpResult(execResult) otherwise return true, return false;
transitioning macro RegExpPrototypeSearchBodySlow(implicit context: Context)(
regexp: JSReceiver, string: String): JSAny {
// Grab the initial value of last index.
const previousLastIndex = SlowLoadLastIndex(regexp);
const smiZero: Smi = 0;
// Ensure last index is 0.
if (!SameValue(previousLastIndex, smiZero)) {
SlowStoreLastIndex(regexp, smiZero);
// Call exec.
const execResult = RegExpExec(regexp, string);
// Reset last index if necessary.
const currentLastIndex = SlowLoadLastIndex(regexp);
if (!SameValue(currentLastIndex, previousLastIndex)) {
SlowStoreLastIndex(regexp, previousLastIndex);
// Return -1 if no match was found.
if (execResult == Null) {
return SmiConstant(-1);
// Return the index of the match.
const fastExecResult = Cast<JSRegExpResult>(execResult)
otherwise return GetProperty(execResult, 'index');
return fastExecResult.index;
// Helper that skips a few initial checks. and assumes...
// 1) receiver is a "fast permissive" RegExp
// 2) pattern is a string
transitioning builtin RegExpSearchFast(implicit context: Context)(
receiver: JSRegExp, string: String): JSAny {
return RegExpPrototypeSearchBodyFast(receiver, string);
// ES#sec-regexp.prototype-@@search
// RegExp.prototype [ @@search ] ( string )
transitioning javascript builtin RegExpPrototypeSearch(
js-implicit context: NativeContext, receiver: JSAny)(string: JSAny): JSAny {
receiver, MessageTemplate::kIncompatibleMethodReceiver,
const receiver = UnsafeCast<JSReceiver>(receiver);
const string: String = ToString_Inline(string);
if (IsFastRegExpPermissive(receiver)) {
// TODO(pwong): Could be optimized to remove the overhead of calling the
// builtin (at the cost of a larger builtin).
return RegExpSearchFast(UnsafeCast<JSRegExp>(receiver), string);
return RegExpPrototypeSearchBodySlow(receiver, string);