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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "include/v8-internal.h"
#include "include/v8.h"
#include "src/base/optional.h"
#include "src/handles/handles.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
class Isolate;
class WasmMemoryObject;
// Whether the backing store is shared or not.
enum class SharedFlag : uint8_t { kNotShared, kShared };
// Whether the backing store memory is initialied to zero or not.
enum class InitializedFlag : uint8_t { kUninitialized, kZeroInitialized };
// Internal information for shared wasm memories. E.g. contains
// a list of all memory objects (across all isolates) that share this
// backing store.
struct SharedWasmMemoryData;
// The {BackingStore} data structure stores all the low-level details about the
// backing store of an array buffer or Wasm memory, including its base address
// and length, whether it is shared, provided by the embedder, has guard
// regions, etc. Instances of this classes *own* the underlying memory
// when they are created through one of the {Allocate()} methods below,
// and the destructor frees the memory (and page allocation if necessary).
// Backing stores can also *wrap* embedder-allocated memory. In this case,
// they do not own the memory, and upon destruction, they do not deallocate it.
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE BackingStore : public BackingStoreBase {
// Allocate an array buffer backing store using the default method,
// which currently is the embedder-provided array buffer allocator.
static std::unique_ptr<BackingStore> Allocate(Isolate* isolate,
size_t byte_length,
SharedFlag shared,
InitializedFlag initialized);
// Allocate the backing store for a Wasm memory.
static std::unique_ptr<BackingStore> AllocateWasmMemory(Isolate* isolate,
size_t initial_pages,
size_t maximum_pages,
SharedFlag shared);
// Create a backing store that wraps existing allocated memory.
// If {free_on_destruct} is {true}, the memory will be freed using the
// ArrayBufferAllocator::Free() callback when this backing store is
// destructed. Otherwise destructing the backing store will do nothing
// to the allocated memory.
static std::unique_ptr<BackingStore> WrapAllocation(Isolate* isolate,
void* allocation_base,
size_t allocation_length,
SharedFlag shared,
bool free_on_destruct);
static std::unique_ptr<BackingStore> WrapAllocation(
void* allocation_base, size_t allocation_length,
v8::BackingStore::DeleterCallback deleter, void* deleter_data,
SharedFlag shared);
// Create an empty backing store.
static std::unique_ptr<BackingStore> EmptyBackingStore(SharedFlag shared);
// Accessors.
void* buffer_start() const { return buffer_start_; }
size_t byte_length() const {
return byte_length_.load(std::memory_order_relaxed);
size_t byte_capacity() const { return byte_capacity_; }
bool is_shared() const { return is_shared_; }
bool is_wasm_memory() const { return is_wasm_memory_; }
bool has_guard_regions() const { return has_guard_regions_; }
bool free_on_destruct() const { return free_on_destruct_; }
// Attempt to grow this backing store in place.
base::Optional<size_t> GrowWasmMemoryInPlace(Isolate* isolate,
size_t delta_pages,
size_t max_pages);
// Wrapper around ArrayBuffer::Allocator::Reallocate.
bool Reallocate(Isolate* isolate, size_t new_byte_length);
// Allocate a new, larger, backing store for this Wasm memory and copy the
// contents of this backing store into it.
std::unique_ptr<BackingStore> CopyWasmMemory(Isolate* isolate,
size_t new_pages);
// Attach the given memory object to this backing store. The memory object
// will be updated if this backing store is grown.
void AttachSharedWasmMemoryObject(Isolate* isolate,
Handle<WasmMemoryObject> memory_object);
// Send asynchronous updates to attached memory objects in other isolates
// after the backing store has been grown. Memory objects in this
// isolate are updated synchronously.
static void BroadcastSharedWasmMemoryGrow(Isolate* isolate,
// TODO(wasm): address space limitations should be enforced in page alloc.
// These methods enforce a limit on the total amount of address space,
// which is used for both backing stores and wasm memory.
static bool ReserveAddressSpace(uint64_t num_bytes);
static void ReleaseReservation(uint64_t num_bytes);
// Remove all memory objects in the given isolate that refer to this
// backing store.
static void RemoveSharedWasmMemoryObjects(Isolate* isolate);
// Update all shared memory objects in this isolate (after a grow operation).
static void UpdateSharedWasmMemoryObjects(Isolate* isolate);
// Returns the size of the external memory owned by this backing store.
// It is used for triggering GCs based on the external memory pressure.
size_t PerIsolateAccountingLength() {
if (is_shared_) {
// TODO(titzer): SharedArrayBuffers and shared WasmMemorys cause problems
// with accounting for per-isolate external memory. In particular, sharing
// the same array buffer or memory multiple times, which happens in stress
// tests, can cause overcounting, leading to GC thrashing. Fix with global
// accounting?
return 0;
if (empty_deleter_) {
// The backing store has an empty deleter. Even if the backing store is
// freed after GC, it would not free the memory block.
return 0;
return byte_length();
friend class GlobalBackingStoreRegistry;
BackingStore(void* buffer_start, size_t byte_length, size_t byte_capacity,
SharedFlag shared, bool is_wasm_memory, bool free_on_destruct,
bool has_guard_regions, bool custom_deleter, bool empty_deleter)
: buffer_start_(buffer_start),
is_shared_(shared == SharedFlag::kShared),
empty_deleter_(empty_deleter) {}
BackingStore(const BackingStore&) = delete;
BackingStore& operator=(const BackingStore&) = delete;
void SetAllocatorFromIsolate(Isolate* isolate);
void* buffer_start_ = nullptr;
std::atomic<size_t> byte_length_{0};
size_t byte_capacity_ = 0;
struct DeleterInfo {
v8::BackingStore::DeleterCallback callback;
void* data;
union TypeSpecificData {
TypeSpecificData() : v8_api_array_buffer_allocator(nullptr) {}
~TypeSpecificData() {}
// If this backing store was allocated through the ArrayBufferAllocator API,
// this is a direct pointer to the API object for freeing the backing
// store.
v8::ArrayBuffer::Allocator* v8_api_array_buffer_allocator;
// Holds a shared_ptr to the ArrayBuffer::Allocator instance, if requested
// so by the embedder through setting
// Isolate::CreateParams::array_buffer_allocator_shared.
// For shared Wasm memories, this is a list of all the attached memory
// objects, which is needed to grow shared backing stores.
SharedWasmMemoryData* shared_wasm_memory_data;
// Custom deleter for the backing stores that wrap memory blocks that are
// allocated with a custom allocator.
DeleterInfo deleter;
} type_specific_data_;
bool is_shared_ : 1;
bool is_wasm_memory_ : 1;
bool holds_shared_ptr_to_allocator_ : 1;
bool free_on_destruct_ : 1;
bool has_guard_regions_ : 1;
bool globally_registered_ : 1;
bool custom_deleter_ : 1;
bool empty_deleter_ : 1;
// Accessors for type-specific data.
v8::ArrayBuffer::Allocator* get_v8_api_array_buffer_allocator();
SharedWasmMemoryData* get_shared_wasm_memory_data();
void Clear(); // Internally clears fields after deallocation.
static std::unique_ptr<BackingStore> TryAllocateWasmMemory(
Isolate* isolate, size_t initial_pages, size_t maximum_pages,
SharedFlag shared);
// A global, per-process mapping from buffer addresses to backing stores.
// This is generally only used for dealing with an embedder that has not
// migrated to the new API which should use proper pointers to manage
// backing stores.
class GlobalBackingStoreRegistry {
// Register a backing store in the global registry. A mapping from the
// {buffer_start} to the backing store object will be added. The backing
// store will automatically unregister itself upon destruction.
static void Register(std::shared_ptr<BackingStore> backing_store);
// Look up a backing store based on the {buffer_start} pointer.
static std::shared_ptr<BackingStore> Lookup(void* buffer_start,
size_t length);
friend class BackingStore;
// Unregister a backing store in the global registry.
static void Unregister(BackingStore* backing_store);
// Adds the given memory object to the backing store's weak list
// of memory objects (under the registry lock).
static void AddSharedWasmMemoryObject(Isolate* isolate,
BackingStore* backing_store,
Handle<WasmMemoryObject> memory_object);
// Purge any shared wasm memory lists that refer to this isolate.
static void Purge(Isolate* isolate);
// Broadcast updates to all attached memory objects.
static void BroadcastSharedWasmMemoryGrow(
Isolate* isolate, std::shared_ptr<BackingStore> backing_store);
// Update all shared memory objects in the given isolate.
static void UpdateSharedWasmMemoryObjects(Isolate* isolate);
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8