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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
extern class ScopeInfo extends FixedArray;
extern macro EmptyScopeInfoConstant(): ScopeInfo;
const kEmptyScopeInfo: ScopeInfo = EmptyScopeInfoConstant();
const kScopeInfoFlagsIndex:
constexpr int32 generates 'ScopeInfo::Fields::kFlags';
operator '.flags' macro LoadScopeInfoFlags(implicit context: Context)(
scopeInfo: ScopeInfo): ScopeFlags {
return Convert<ScopeFlags>(
type ScopeType extends uint32 constexpr 'ScopeType';
type VariableAllocationInfo extends uint32
constexpr 'VariableAllocationInfo';
// Properties of scopes.
bitfield struct ScopeFlags extends uint32 {
scope_type: ScopeType: 4 bit;
sloppy_eval_can_extend_vars: bool: 1 bit;
language_mode: LanguageMode: 1 bit;
declaration_scope: bool: 1 bit;
receiver_variable: VariableAllocationInfo: 2 bit;
has_class_brand: bool: 1 bit;
has_saved_class_variable_index: bool: 1 bit;
has_new_target: bool: 1 bit;
// TODO(cbruni): Combine with function variable field when only storing the
// function name.
function_variable: VariableAllocationInfo: 2 bit;
has_inferred_function_name: bool: 1 bit;
is_asm_module: bool: 1 bit;
has_simple_parameters: bool: 1 bit;
function_kind: FunctionKind: 5 bit;
has_outer_scope_info: bool: 1 bit;
is_debug_evaluate_scope: bool: 1 bit;
force_context_allocation: bool: 1 bit;
private_name_lookup_skips_outer_class: bool: 1 bit;
has_context_extension_slot: bool: 1 bit;
is_repl_mode_scope: bool: 1 bit;
has_locals_block_list: bool: 1 bit;