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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import sys
# IDL Node
# IDL Node defines the IDLAttribute and IDLNode objects which are constructed
# by the parser as it processes the various 'productions'. The IDLAttribute
# objects are assigned to the IDLNode's property dictionary instead of being
# applied as children of The IDLNodes, so they do not exist in the final tree.
# The AST of IDLNodes is the output from the parsing state and will be used
# as the source data by the various generators.
# CopyToList
# Takes an input item, list, or None, and returns a new list of that set.
def CopyToList(item):
# If the item is 'Empty' make it an empty list
if not item:
item = []
# If the item is not a list
if type(item) is not type([]):
item = [item]
# Make a copy we can modify
return list(item)
# IDLSearch
# A temporary object used by the parsing process to hold an Extended Attribute
# which will be passed as a child to a standard IDLNode.
class IDLSearch(object):
def __init__(self):
self.depth = 0
def Enter(self, node):
def Exit(self, node):
# IDLAttribute
# A temporary object used by the parsing process to hold an Extended Attribute
# which will be passed as a child to a standard IDLNode.
class IDLAttribute(object):
def __init__(self, name, value):
self._cls = 'Property' = name
self.value = value
def __str__(self):
return '%s=%s' % (, self.value)
def GetClass(self):
return self._cls
# IDLNode
# This class implements the AST tree, providing the associations between
# parents and children. It also contains a namepsace and propertynode to
# allow for look-ups. IDLNode is derived from IDLRelease, so it is
# version aware.
class IDLNode(object):
def __init__(self, cls, filename, lineno, pos, children=None):
self._cls = cls
self._properties = {
'ERRORS' : [],
'FILENAME': filename,
'LINENO' : lineno,
'POSSITION' : pos,
self._children = []
self._parent = None
# Return a string representation of this node
def __str__(self):
name = self.GetProperty('NAME','')
return '%s(%s)' % (self._cls, name)
def GetLogLine(self, msg):
filename, lineno = self.GetFileAndLine()
return '%s(%d) : %s\n' % (filename, lineno, msg)
# Log an error for this object
def Error(self, msg):
sys.stderr.write(self.GetLogLine('error: ' + msg))
# Log a warning for this object
def Warning(self, msg):
sys.stdout.write(self.GetLogLine('warning:' + msg))
# Return file and line number for where node was defined
def GetFileAndLine(self):
return self.GetProperty('FILENAME'), self.GetProperty('LINENO')
def GetClass(self):
return self._cls
def GetName(self):
return self.GetProperty('NAME')
def GetParent(self):
return self._parent
def Traverse(self, search, filter_nodes):
if self._cls in filter_nodes:
return ''
search.depth += 1
for child in self._children:
child.Traverse(search, filter_nodes)
search.depth -= 1
def Tree(self, filter_nodes=None, accept_props=None):
class DumpTreeSearch(IDLSearch):
def __init__(self, props):
self.out = []
self.props = props
def Enter(self, node):
tab = ''.rjust(self.depth * 2)
self.out.append(tab + str(node))
if self.props:
proplist = []
for key, value in node.GetProperties().iteritems():
if key in self.props:
proplist.append(tab + ' %s: %s' % (key, str(value)))
if proplist:
self.out.append(tab + ' PROPERTIES')
if filter_nodes == None:
filter_nodes = ['Comment', 'Copyright']
search = DumpTreeSearch(accept_props)
self.Traverse(search, filter_nodes)
return search.out
# Search related functions
# Check if node is of a given type
def IsA(self, *typelist):
if self._cls in typelist:
return True
return False
# Get a list of all children
def GetChildren(self):
return self._children
def GetListOf(self, *keys):
out = []
for child in self.GetChildren():
if child.GetClass() in keys:
return out
def GetOneOf(self, *keys):
out = self.GetListOf(*keys)
if out:
return out[0]
return None
def AddChildren(self, children):
children = CopyToList(children)
for child in children:
if not child:
if type(child) == IDLAttribute:
self.SetProperty(, child.value)
if type(child) == IDLNode:
child._parent = self
raise RuntimeError('Adding child of type %s.\n' % type(child).__name__)
# Property Functions
def SetProperty(self, name, val):
self._properties[name] = val
def GetProperty(self, name, default=None):
return self._properties.get(name, default)
def GetProperties(self):
return self._properties