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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Minimal binary interface definitions for AImage,AImageReader
// and ANativeWindow based on include/media/NdkImage.h,
// include/media/NdkImageReader.h and include/android/native_window_jni.h
// from the Android NDK for platform level 26+. This is only
// intended for use from the AndroidImageReader wrapper for building
// without NDK platform level support, it is not a general-use header
// and is not complete. Only the functions/data types which
// are currently needed by media/gpu/android/image_reader_gl_owner.h are
// included in this ABI
// Please refer to the API documentation for details:
// (AIMage and
// AImageReader)
// (ANativeWindow)
#include <android/native_window.h>
#include <media/NdkMediaError.h>
#include <jni.h>
#include "starboard/types.h"
// Use "C" linkage to match the original header file. This isn't strictly
// required since the file is not declaring global functions, but the types
// should remain in the global namespace for compatibility, and it's a reminder
// that forward declarations elsewhere should use "extern "C" to avoid
// namespace issues.
extern "C" {
// For AImage
typedef struct AHardwareBuffer AHardwareBuffer;
typedef struct AImage AImage;
AIMAGE_FORMAT_YUV_420_888 = 0x23,
using pAImage_delete = void (*)(AImage* image);
using pAImage_deleteAsync = void (*)(AImage* image, int releaseFenceFd);
using pAImage_getHardwareBuffer = media_status_t (*)(const AImage* image,
AHardwareBuffer** buffer);
using pAImage_getWidth = media_status_t (*)(const AImage* image,
int32_t* width);
using pAImage_getHeight = media_status_t (*)(const AImage* image,
int32_t* height);
// For AImageReader
typedef struct AImageReader AImageReader;
typedef void (*AImageReader_ImageCallback)(void* context, AImageReader* reader);
typedef struct AImageReader_ImageListener {
void* context;
AImageReader_ImageCallback onImageAvailable;
} AImageReader_ImageListener;
using pAImageReader_newWithUsage = media_status_t (*)(int32_t width,
int32_t height,
int32_t format,
uint64_t usage,
int32_t maxImages,
AImageReader** reader);
using pAImageReader_setImageListener =
media_status_t (*)(AImageReader* reader,
AImageReader_ImageListener* listener);
using pAImageReader_delete = void (*)(AImageReader* reader);
using pAImageReader_getWindow = media_status_t (*)(AImageReader* reader,
ANativeWindow** window);
using pAImageReader_acquireLatestImageAsync =
media_status_t (*)(AImageReader* reader,
AImage** image,
int* acquireFenceFd);
// For ANativeWindow
using pANativeWindow_toSurface = jobject (*)(JNIEnv* env,
ANativeWindow* window);
} // extern "C"