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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/android/android_image_reader_abi.h"
#include "base/base_export.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/no_destructor.h"
namespace base {
namespace android {
// This class provides runtime support for working with AImage, AImageReader and
// ANativeWindow objects on Android O systems without requiring building for the
// Android O NDK level. Don't call GetInstance() unless IsSupported() returns
// true.
class BASE_EXPORT AndroidImageReader {
// Thread safe GetInstance.
static AndroidImageReader& GetInstance();
// Disable image reader support.
static void DisableSupport();
// Check if the image reader usage is supported. This function returns TRUE
// if android version is >=OREO, image reader support is not disabled and all
// the required functions are loaded.
bool IsSupported();
// Naming convention of all the below functions are chosen to exactly match
// the function names in the NDK.
void AImage_delete(AImage* image);
void AImage_deleteAsync(AImage* image, int releaseFenceFd);
media_status_t AImage_getHardwareBuffer(const AImage* image,
AHardwareBuffer** buffer);
media_status_t AImage_getWidth(const AImage* image, int32_t* width);
media_status_t AImage_getHeight(const AImage* image, int32_t* height);
media_status_t AImageReader_newWithUsage(int32_t width,
int32_t height,
int32_t format,
uint64_t usage,
int32_t maxImages,
AImageReader** reader);
media_status_t AImageReader_setImageListener(
AImageReader* reader,
AImageReader_ImageListener* listener);
void AImageReader_delete(AImageReader* reader);
media_status_t AImageReader_getWindow(AImageReader* reader,
ANativeWindow** window);
media_status_t AImageReader_acquireLatestImageAsync(AImageReader* reader,
AImage** image,
int* acquireFenceFd);
jobject ANativeWindow_toSurface(JNIEnv* env, ANativeWindow* window);
friend class base::NoDestructor<AndroidImageReader>;
bool LoadFunctions();
static bool disable_support_;
bool is_supported_;
pAImage_delete AImage_delete_;
pAImage_deleteAsync AImage_deleteAsync_;
pAImage_getHardwareBuffer AImage_getHardwareBuffer_;
pAImage_getWidth AImage_getWidth_;
pAImage_getHeight AImage_getHeight_;
pAImageReader_newWithUsage AImageReader_newWithUsage_;
pAImageReader_setImageListener AImageReader_setImageListener_;
pAImageReader_delete AImageReader_delete_;
pAImageReader_getWindow AImageReader_getWindow_;
pAImageReader_acquireLatestImageAsync AImageReader_acquireLatestImageAsync_;
pANativeWindow_toSurface ANativeWindow_toSurface_;
} // namespace android
} // namespace base