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Name: gtest-parallel
Version: 0
License: Apache 2.0
Security Critical: no
This directory contains the source code of a python project that helps run
gtest binaries in parallel using multiple processes.
How to use
Pre-reqs: Python (2)
1. ./gtest-parallel <name-of-gtest-binary>
for additional options, see ./gtest-parallel --help
If all the tests pass, you will be see one line on the screen get updated.
If a test fails, it will print out the test result and scroll a little bit.
Example: $ ./gtest-parallel ~/cobalt/src/out/linux-x64x11_debug/layout_tests
[436/436] BidiLayoutTests/LayoutTest.LayoutTest/1 (1285 ms)
1. Make sure that the gtest-parallel script is executable:
chmod +x ./gtest-parallel
1. a) The external repo was imported into our git server on lbshell-internal,
repo name is gtest-parallel
b) A new branch was created with the date of last commit
c) Then it was pushed to the COBALT branch
Steps for step 1.b:
$ git clone
$ cd gtest-parallel/
$ git remote add upstream
$ git fetch upstream
$ git checkout -b 20160803 upstream/master
$ git push origin
You will likely need admin permissions on the repo to execute the git push.
2. A patch was applied since gtest now prints some things to stderr instead of
$ patch < patches/stderr_out.patch
1. Do the tests need to be thread safe?
No, the script first asks the binary for the list of tests, and then splits
them across multiple processes.
1. patches/stderr_out.patch
Starboard redirects some output from stdout to stderr.
Therefore, we needed to modify the the gtest-parallel script to parse stderr
instead of stdout.