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//===--- ClangdUnit.cpp -----------------------------------------*- C++-*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#include "ClangdUnit.h"
#include "Compiler.h"
#include "Diagnostics.h"
#include "Logger.h"
#include "SourceCode.h"
#include "Trace.h"
#include "clang/AST/ASTContext.h"
#include "clang/Basic/LangOptions.h"
#include "clang/Frontend/CompilerInstance.h"
#include "clang/Frontend/CompilerInvocation.h"
#include "clang/Frontend/FrontendActions.h"
#include "clang/Frontend/Utils.h"
#include "clang/Index/IndexDataConsumer.h"
#include "clang/Index/IndexingAction.h"
#include "clang/Lex/Lexer.h"
#include "clang/Lex/MacroInfo.h"
#include "clang/Lex/Preprocessor.h"
#include "clang/Lex/PreprocessorOptions.h"
#include "clang/Sema/Sema.h"
#include "clang/Serialization/ASTWriter.h"
#include "clang/Tooling/CompilationDatabase.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/ArrayRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h"
#include "llvm/Support/CrashRecoveryContext.h"
#include "llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h"
#include <algorithm>
using namespace clang::clangd;
using namespace clang;
namespace {
bool compileCommandsAreEqual(const tooling::CompileCommand &LHS,
const tooling::CompileCommand &RHS) {
// We don't check for Output, it should not matter to clangd.
return LHS.Directory == RHS.Directory && LHS.Filename == RHS.Filename &&
template <class T> std::size_t getUsedBytes(const std::vector<T> &Vec) {
return Vec.capacity() * sizeof(T);
class DeclTrackingASTConsumer : public ASTConsumer {
DeclTrackingASTConsumer(std::vector<Decl *> &TopLevelDecls)
: TopLevelDecls(TopLevelDecls) {}
bool HandleTopLevelDecl(DeclGroupRef DG) override {
for (Decl *D : DG) {
// ObjCMethodDecl are not actually top-level decls.
if (isa<ObjCMethodDecl>(D))
return true;
std::vector<Decl *> &TopLevelDecls;
class ClangdFrontendAction : public SyntaxOnlyAction {
std::vector<Decl *> takeTopLevelDecls() { return std::move(TopLevelDecls); }
std::unique_ptr<ASTConsumer> CreateASTConsumer(CompilerInstance &CI,
StringRef InFile) override {
return llvm::make_unique<DeclTrackingASTConsumer>(/*ref*/ TopLevelDecls);
std::vector<Decl *> TopLevelDecls;
class CppFilePreambleCallbacks : public PreambleCallbacks {
CppFilePreambleCallbacks(PathRef File, PreambleParsedCallback ParsedCallback)
: File(File), ParsedCallback(ParsedCallback) {}
IncludeStructure takeIncludes() { return std::move(Includes); }
void AfterExecute(CompilerInstance &CI) override {
if (!ParsedCallback)
trace::Span Tracer("Running PreambleCallback");
ParsedCallback(File, CI.getASTContext(), CI.getPreprocessorPtr());
void BeforeExecute(CompilerInstance &CI) override {
SourceMgr = &CI.getSourceManager();
std::unique_ptr<PPCallbacks> createPPCallbacks() override {
assert(SourceMgr && "SourceMgr must be set at this point");
return collectIncludeStructureCallback(*SourceMgr, &Includes);
PathRef File;
PreambleParsedCallback ParsedCallback;
IncludeStructure Includes;
SourceManager *SourceMgr = nullptr;
} // namespace
void clangd::dumpAST(ParsedAST &AST, llvm::raw_ostream &OS) {
AST.getASTContext().getTranslationUnitDecl()->dump(OS, true);
ParsedAST::build(std::unique_ptr<clang::CompilerInvocation> CI,
std::shared_ptr<const PreambleData> Preamble,
std::unique_ptr<llvm::MemoryBuffer> Buffer,
std::shared_ptr<PCHContainerOperations> PCHs,
IntrusiveRefCntPtr<vfs::FileSystem> VFS) {
// Command-line parsing sets DisableFree to true by default, but we don't want
// to leak memory in clangd.
CI->getFrontendOpts().DisableFree = false;
const PrecompiledPreamble *PreamblePCH =
Preamble ? &Preamble->Preamble : nullptr;
StoreDiags ASTDiags;
auto Clang =
prepareCompilerInstance(std::move(CI), PreamblePCH, std::move(Buffer),
std::move(PCHs), std::move(VFS), ASTDiags);
if (!Clang)
return llvm::None;
// Recover resources if we crash before exiting this method.
llvm::CrashRecoveryContextCleanupRegistrar<CompilerInstance> CICleanup(
auto Action = llvm::make_unique<ClangdFrontendAction>();
const FrontendInputFile &MainInput = Clang->getFrontendOpts().Inputs[0];
if (!Action->BeginSourceFile(*Clang, MainInput)) {
log("BeginSourceFile() failed when building AST for {0}",
return llvm::None;
// Copy over the includes from the preamble, then combine with the
// non-preamble includes below.
auto Includes = Preamble ? Preamble->Includes : IncludeStructure{};
collectIncludeStructureCallback(Clang->getSourceManager(), &Includes));
if (!Action->Execute())
log("Execute() failed when building AST for {0}", MainInput.getFile());
// UnitDiagsConsumer is local, we can not store it in CompilerInstance that
// has a longer lifetime.
Clang->getDiagnostics().setClient(new IgnoreDiagnostics);
// CompilerInstance won't run this callback, do it directly.
std::vector<Decl *> ParsedDecls = Action->takeTopLevelDecls();
std::vector<Diag> Diags = ASTDiags.take();
// Add diagnostics from the preamble, if any.
if (Preamble)
Diags.insert(Diags.begin(), Preamble->Diags.begin(), Preamble->Diags.end());
return ParsedAST(std::move(Preamble), std::move(Clang), std::move(Action),
std::move(ParsedDecls), std::move(Diags),
ParsedAST::ParsedAST(ParsedAST &&Other) = default;
ParsedAST &ParsedAST::operator=(ParsedAST &&Other) = default;
ParsedAST::~ParsedAST() {
if (Action) {
ASTContext &ParsedAST::getASTContext() { return Clang->getASTContext(); }
const ASTContext &ParsedAST::getASTContext() const {
return Clang->getASTContext();
Preprocessor &ParsedAST::getPreprocessor() { return Clang->getPreprocessor(); }
std::shared_ptr<Preprocessor> ParsedAST::getPreprocessorPtr() {
return Clang->getPreprocessorPtr();
const Preprocessor &ParsedAST::getPreprocessor() const {
return Clang->getPreprocessor();
ArrayRef<Decl *> ParsedAST::getLocalTopLevelDecls() {
return LocalTopLevelDecls;
const std::vector<Diag> &ParsedAST::getDiagnostics() const { return Diags; }
std::size_t ParsedAST::getUsedBytes() const {
auto &AST = getASTContext();
// FIXME(ibiryukov): we do not account for the dynamically allocated part of
// Message and Fixes inside each diagnostic.
std::size_t Total =
::getUsedBytes(LocalTopLevelDecls) + ::getUsedBytes(Diags);
// FIXME: the rest of the function is almost a direct copy-paste from
// libclang's clang_getCXTUResourceUsage. We could share the implementation.
// Sum up variaous allocators inside the ast context and the preprocessor.
Total += AST.getASTAllocatedMemory();
Total += AST.getSideTableAllocatedMemory();
Total += AST.Idents.getAllocator().getTotalMemory();
Total += AST.Selectors.getTotalMemory();
Total += AST.getSourceManager().getContentCacheSize();
Total += AST.getSourceManager().getDataStructureSizes();
Total += AST.getSourceManager().getMemoryBufferSizes().malloc_bytes;
if (ExternalASTSource *Ext = AST.getExternalSource())
Total += Ext->getMemoryBufferSizes().malloc_bytes;
const Preprocessor &PP = getPreprocessor();
Total += PP.getTotalMemory();
if (PreprocessingRecord *PRec = PP.getPreprocessingRecord())
Total += PRec->getTotalMemory();
Total += PP.getHeaderSearchInfo().getTotalMemory();
return Total;
const IncludeStructure &ParsedAST::getIncludeStructure() const {
return Includes;
PreambleData::PreambleData(PrecompiledPreamble Preamble,
std::vector<Diag> Diags, IncludeStructure Includes)
: Preamble(std::move(Preamble)), Diags(std::move(Diags)),
Includes(std::move(Includes)) {}
ParsedAST::ParsedAST(std::shared_ptr<const PreambleData> Preamble,
std::unique_ptr<CompilerInstance> Clang,
std::unique_ptr<FrontendAction> Action,
std::vector<Decl *> LocalTopLevelDecls,
std::vector<Diag> Diags, IncludeStructure Includes)
: Preamble(std::move(Preamble)), Clang(std::move(Clang)),
Action(std::move(Action)), Diags(std::move(Diags)),
Includes(std::move(Includes)) {
clangd::buildCompilerInvocation(const ParseInputs &Inputs) {
std::vector<const char *> ArgStrs;
for (const auto &S : Inputs.CompileCommand.CommandLine)
if (Inputs.FS->setCurrentWorkingDirectory(Inputs.CompileCommand.Directory)) {
log("Couldn't set working directory when creating compiler invocation.");
// We proceed anyway, our lit-tests rely on results for non-existing working
// dirs.
// FIXME(ibiryukov): store diagnostics from CommandLine when we start
// reporting them.
IgnoreDiagnostics IgnoreDiagnostics;
IntrusiveRefCntPtr<DiagnosticsEngine> CommandLineDiagsEngine =
CompilerInstance::createDiagnostics(new DiagnosticOptions,
&IgnoreDiagnostics, false);
std::unique_ptr<CompilerInvocation> CI = createInvocationFromCommandLine(
ArgStrs, CommandLineDiagsEngine, Inputs.FS);
if (!CI)
return nullptr;
// createInvocationFromCommandLine sets DisableFree.
CI->getFrontendOpts().DisableFree = false;
CI->getLangOpts()->CommentOpts.ParseAllComments = true;
return CI;
std::shared_ptr<const PreambleData> clangd::buildPreamble(
PathRef FileName, CompilerInvocation &CI,
std::shared_ptr<const PreambleData> OldPreamble,
const tooling::CompileCommand &OldCompileCommand, const ParseInputs &Inputs,
std::shared_ptr<PCHContainerOperations> PCHs, bool StoreInMemory,
PreambleParsedCallback PreambleCallback) {
// Note that we don't need to copy the input contents, preamble can live
// without those.
auto ContentsBuffer = llvm::MemoryBuffer::getMemBuffer(Inputs.Contents);
auto Bounds =
ComputePreambleBounds(*CI.getLangOpts(), ContentsBuffer.get(), 0);
if (OldPreamble &&
compileCommandsAreEqual(Inputs.CompileCommand, OldCompileCommand) &&
OldPreamble->Preamble.CanReuse(CI, ContentsBuffer.get(), Bounds,
Inputs.FS.get())) {
vlog("Reusing preamble for file {0}", Twine(FileName));
return OldPreamble;
vlog("Preamble for file {0} cannot be reused. Attempting to rebuild it.",
trace::Span Tracer("BuildPreamble");
SPAN_ATTACH(Tracer, "File", FileName);
StoreDiags PreambleDiagnostics;
IntrusiveRefCntPtr<DiagnosticsEngine> PreambleDiagsEngine =
&PreambleDiagnostics, false);
// Skip function bodies when building the preamble to speed up building
// the preamble and make it smaller.
CI.getFrontendOpts().SkipFunctionBodies = true;
// We don't want to write comment locations into PCH. They are racy and slow
// to read back. We rely on dynamic index for the comments instead.
CI.getPreprocessorOpts().WriteCommentListToPCH = false;
CppFilePreambleCallbacks SerializedDeclsCollector(FileName, PreambleCallback);
if (Inputs.FS->setCurrentWorkingDirectory(Inputs.CompileCommand.Directory)) {
log("Couldn't set working directory when building the preamble.");
// We proceed anyway, our lit-tests rely on results for non-existing working
// dirs.
auto BuiltPreamble = PrecompiledPreamble::Build(
CI, ContentsBuffer.get(), Bounds, *PreambleDiagsEngine, Inputs.FS, PCHs,
StoreInMemory, SerializedDeclsCollector);
// When building the AST for the main file, we do want the function
// bodies.
CI.getFrontendOpts().SkipFunctionBodies = false;
if (BuiltPreamble) {
vlog("Built preamble of size {0} for file {1}", BuiltPreamble->getSize(),
return std::make_shared<PreambleData>(
std::move(*BuiltPreamble), PreambleDiagnostics.take(),
} else {
elog("Could not build a preamble for file {0}", FileName);
return nullptr;
llvm::Optional<ParsedAST> clangd::buildAST(
PathRef FileName, std::unique_ptr<CompilerInvocation> Invocation,
const ParseInputs &Inputs, std::shared_ptr<const PreambleData> Preamble,
std::shared_ptr<PCHContainerOperations> PCHs) {
trace::Span Tracer("BuildAST");
SPAN_ATTACH(Tracer, "File", FileName);
if (Inputs.FS->setCurrentWorkingDirectory(Inputs.CompileCommand.Directory)) {
log("Couldn't set working directory when building the preamble.");
// We proceed anyway, our lit-tests rely on results for non-existing working
// dirs.
return ParsedAST::build(
llvm::make_unique<CompilerInvocation>(*Invocation), Preamble,
llvm::MemoryBuffer::getMemBufferCopy(Inputs.Contents), PCHs, Inputs.FS);
SourceLocation clangd::getBeginningOfIdentifier(ParsedAST &Unit,
const Position &Pos,
const FileID FID) {
const ASTContext &AST = Unit.getASTContext();
const SourceManager &SourceMgr = AST.getSourceManager();
auto Offset = positionToOffset(SourceMgr.getBufferData(FID), Pos);
if (!Offset) {
log("getBeginningOfIdentifier: {0}", Offset.takeError());
return SourceLocation();
SourceLocation InputLoc = SourceMgr.getComposedLoc(FID, *Offset);
// GetBeginningOfToken(pos) is almost what we want, but does the wrong thing
// if the cursor is at the end of the identifier.
// Instead, we lex at GetBeginningOfToken(pos - 1). The cases are:
// 1) at the beginning of an identifier, we'll be looking at something
// that isn't an identifier.
// 2) at the middle or end of an identifier, we get the identifier.
// 3) anywhere outside an identifier, we'll get some non-identifier thing.
// We can't actually distinguish cases 1 and 3, but returning the original
// location is correct for both!
if (*Offset == 0) // Case 1 or 3.
return SourceMgr.getMacroArgExpandedLocation(InputLoc);
SourceLocation Before =
Before = Lexer::GetBeginningOfToken(Before, SourceMgr, AST.getLangOpts());
Token Tok;
if (Before.isValid() &&
!Lexer::getRawToken(Before, Tok, SourceMgr, AST.getLangOpts(), false) &&
return Before; // Case 2.
return SourceMgr.getMacroArgExpandedLocation(InputLoc); // Case 1 or 3.