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:mod:`mozdevice` --- Interact with remote devices
Mozdevice provides several interfaces to interact with a remote device
such as an Android- or FirefoxOS-based phone. It allows you to push
files to these types of devices, launch processes, and more. There are
currently two available interfaces:
* :ref:`DeviceManager`: Works either via ADB or a custom TCP protocol
(the latter requires an agent application running on the device).
* :ref:`ADB`: Uses the Android Debugger Protocol explicitly
In general, new code should use the ADB abstraction where possible as
it is simpler and more reliable.
.. automodule:: mozdevice
.. _DeviceManager:
DeviceManager interface
.. autoclass:: DeviceManager
Here's an example script which lists the files in '/mnt/sdcard' and sees if a
process called 'org.mozilla.fennec' is running. In this example, we're
instantiating the DeviceManagerADB implementation, but we could just
as easily have used DeviceManagerSUT (assuming the device had an agent
running speaking the SUT protocol).
import mozdevice
dm = mozdevice.DeviceManagerADB()
print dm.listFiles("/mnt/sdcard")
if dm.processExist("org.mozilla.fennec"):
print "Fennec is running"
Informational methods
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.getInfo(self, directive=None)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.getCurrentTime(self)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.getIP
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.saveScreenshot
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.recordLogcat
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.getLogcat
File management methods
.. autoattribute:: DeviceManager.deviceRoot
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.getDeviceRoot(self)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.pushFile(self, localFilename, remoteFilename, retryLimit=1)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.pushDir(self, localDirname, remoteDirname, retryLimit=1)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.pullFile(self, remoteFilename)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.getFile(self, remoteFilename, localFilename)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.getDirectory(self, remoteDirname, localDirname, checkDir=True)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.validateFile(self, remoteFilename, localFilename)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.mkDir(self, remoteDirname)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.mkDirs(self, filename)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.dirExists(self, dirpath)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.fileExists(self, filepath)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.listFiles(self, rootdir)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.removeFile(self, filename)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.removeDir(self, remoteDirname)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.chmodDir(self, remoteDirname, mask="777")
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.getTempDir(self)
Process management methods
.. automethod::, cmd, outputfile, env=None, cwd=None, timeout=None, root=False)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.shellCheckOutput(self, cmd, env=None, cwd=None, timeout=None, root=False)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.getProcessList(self)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.processExist(self, processName)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.killProcess(self, processName)
System control methods
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.reboot(self, ipAddr=None, port=30000)
Application management methods
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.uninstallAppAndReboot(self, appName, installPath=None)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.installApp(self, appBundlePath, destPath=None)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.uninstallApp(self, appName, installPath=None)
.. automethod:: DeviceManager.updateApp(self, appBundlePath, processName=None, destPath=None, ipAddr=None, port=30000)
DeviceManagerADB implementation
.. autoclass:: mozdevice.DeviceManagerADB
DeviceManagerADB has several methods that are not present in all
DeviceManager implementations. Please do not use them in code that
is meant to be interoperable.
.. automethod:: DeviceManagerADB.forward
.. automethod:: DeviceManagerADB.remount
.. automethod:: DeviceManagerADB.devices
DeviceManagerSUT implementation
.. autoclass:: mozdevice.DeviceManagerSUT
DeviceManagerSUT has several methods that are only used in specific
tests and are not present in all DeviceManager implementations. Please
do not use them in code that is meant to be interoperable.
.. automethod:: DeviceManagerSUT.unpackFile
.. automethod:: DeviceManagerSUT.adjustResolution
Android extensions
For Android, we provide two variants of the `DeviceManager` interface
with extensions useful for that platform. These classes are called
DroidADB and DroidSUT. They inherit all methods from DeviceManagerADB
and DeviceManagerSUT. Here is the interface for DroidADB:
.. automethod:: mozdevice.DroidADB.launchApplication
.. automethod:: mozdevice.DroidADB.launchFennec
.. automethod:: mozdevice.DroidADB.getInstalledApps
.. automethod:: mozdevice.DroidADB.getAppRoot
These methods are also found in the DroidSUT class.
.. _ADB:
ADB Interface
The following classes provide a basic interface to interact with the
Android Debug Tool (adb) and Android-based devices. It is intended to
provide the basis for a replacement for DeviceManager and
.. autoclass:: mozdevice.ADBCommand
.. automethod:: ADBCommand.command(self, cmds, timeout=None)
.. automethod:: ADBCommand.command_output(self, cmds, timeout=None)
.. autoclass:: mozdevice.ADBHost
.. automethod:: ADBHost.command(self, cmds, timeout=None)
.. automethod:: ADBHost.command_output(self, cmds, timeout=None)
.. automethod:: ADBHost.start_server(self, timeout=None)
.. automethod:: ADBHost.kill_server(self, timeout=None)
.. automethod:: ADBHost.devices(self, timeout=None)
.. autoclass:: mozdevice.ADBDevice
Host Command methods
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.command(self, cmds, timeout=None)
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.command_output(self, cmds, timeout=None)
Device Shell methods
.. automethod::, cmd, env=None, cwd=None, timeout=None, root=False)
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.shell_bool(self, cmd, env=None, cwd=None, timeout=None, root=False)
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.shell_output(self, cmd, env=None, cwd=None, timeout=None, root=False)
Informational methods
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.clear_logcat
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.get_battery_percentage
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.get_info
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.get_logcat
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.get_prop
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.get_state
System control methods
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.is_device_ready
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.reboot
File management methods
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.chmod
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.cp
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.exists
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.is_dir
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.is_file
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.list_files
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.mkdir
.. automethod::
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.push
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.rm
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.rmdir
.. autoattribute:: ADBDevice.test_root
Process management methods
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.get_process_list
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.kill
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.pkill
.. automethod:: ADBDevice.process_exist
.. autoclass:: ADBAndroid
Informational methods
.. automethod:: ADBAndroid.get_battery_percentage
System control methods
.. automethod:: ADBAndroid.is_device_ready
.. automethod:: ADBAndroid.power_on
Application management methods
.. automethod:: ADBAndroid.install_app
.. automethod:: ADBAndroid.is_app_installed
.. automethod:: ADBAndroid.launch_application
.. automethod:: ADBAndroid.launch_fennec
.. automethod:: ADBAndroid.stop_application
.. automethod:: ADBAndroid.uninstall_app
.. automethod:: ADBAndroid.update_app
.. autoclass:: ADBB2G
Informational methods
.. automethod:: ADBB2G.get_battery_percentage
.. automethod:: ADBB2G.get_info
.. automethod:: ADBB2G.get_memory_total
.. autoclass:: mozdevice.ADBProcess
.. autoexception:: mozdevice.ADBError
.. autoexception:: mozdevice.ADBRootError
.. autoexception:: mozdevice.ADBTimeoutError