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<title>XMLHttpRequest: progress events and GZIP encoding</title>
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<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
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<!-- TODO: find better spec reference when is fixed -->
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var test = async_test()
test.step(function() {
var client = new XMLHttpRequest()
Two behaviours are considered acceptable, so there are two ways to
pass this test
a) Set data for the compressed resource:
* reflects the Content-length of the gzipp'ed resource
* event.loaded how many gzipped bytes have arrived over the wire so far
* lengthComputable is true
b) If the implementation does not provide progress details for the compressed
resource, set
* lengthComputable to false
* to 0
* event.loaded to the number of bytes available so far after gzip decoding
Implications of this are tested here as follows:
* If lengthComputable is true:
* must match Content-length header
* event.loaded should be a smaller number while resource is loading
and match Content-length when loading is finished
* Setting event.loaded to equal for each progress event if the
resource is not fully downloaded would be cheating
* If lengthComputable is false:
* should be 0
* event.loaded should be the length of the decompressed content, i.e.
bigger than Content-length header value when finished loading
client.addEventListener('loadend', test.step_func(function(e){
var len = parseInt(client.getResponseHeader('content-length'), 10)
assert_equals(, len, ' is content-length')
assert_equals(e.loaded, len, 'event.loaded should be content-length at loadend')
assert_equals(, 0, 'if implementation can\'t compute for gzipped content it is 0')
assert_true(e.loaded >= len, 'event.loaded should be set even if total is not computable')
}), false)
client.addEventListener('progress', test.step_func(function(e){
if(e.lengthComputable && && e.loaded && < 4){
assert_not_equals(, e.loaded, 'total should not equal loaded while download/decode is incomplete')
// We should only do this assertation once
// it's theoretically possible that all the data would get in
// and a progress event fire before the readyState switches from 3 to 4 -
// in this case we might report bogus and random failures. Better to remove the event listener again..
client.removeEventListener('progress', arguments.callee, false);
}), false)
// image.gif is 165375 bytes compressed. Sending 45000 bytes at a time with 1 second delay will load it in 4 seconds"GET", "resources/image.gif?pipe=gzip|trickle(45000:d1:r2)", true)