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<!doctype html>
<meta charset=utf-8>
<link rel=stylesheet href=../include/reset.css>
<title>hilitecolor - HTML editing conformance tests</title>
<p id=timing></p>
<div id=log></div>
<div id=test-container></div>
<script src=../include/implementation.js></script>
<script>var testsJsLibraryOnly = true</script>
<script src=../include/tests.js></script>
<script src=../data/hilitecolor.js></script>
<script src=/resources/testharness.js></script>
<script src=/resources/testharnessreport.js></script>
"use strict";
(function() {
var startTime =;
// Make document.body.innerHTML more tidy by removing unnecessary things.
[]"script"), function(node) {
if (true) {
// Silly hack: the CSS styling flag should be true, not false, to match
// expected results. This is because every group of tests except the
// last (multitest) sets styleWithCSS automatically, and it sets it
// first to false and then to true. Thus it's left at true at the end
// of each group of tests, so in gentest.html it will be true when
// starting each group of tests other than the first. But browsers are
// supposed to default it to false when the page loads, so flip it.
try { document.execCommand("styleWithCSS", false, "true") } catch(e) {}
var elapsed = Math.round( - startTime)/1000;
document.getElementById("timing").textContent =
"Time elapsed: " + Math.floor(elapsed/60) + ":"
+ ((elapsed % 60) < 10 ? "0" : "")
+ (elapsed % 60).toFixed(3) + " min.";