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<title>User asked to approve/remember, then asked to revoke, then reload. The permission dialogue should reappear</title>
<link rel='help' href=''>
<p>Clear all Geolocation permissions before running this test. If prompted for permission, please allow.</p>
<div id='log'></div>
// Rewrite
var nextStep, onError, isUsingPreemptivePermission = false;
nextStep = function() {
document.querySelector('p').innerHTML =
'Now revoke permissions for this origin (where applicable) and reload the page. Tests passes if there is a permission prompt again and no FAIL.';
onError = function(err) {
if (!isUsingPreemptivePermission && err.code === err.POSITION_UNAVAILABLE) {
} else {
document.getElementById('log').innerHTML = 'FAIL: an error callback was invoked unexpectedly: ' + err.message;
try {
window.navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(nextStep, onError);
} catch (e) {
document.getElementById('log').innerHTML = 'FAIL: an exception was thrown unexpectedly: ' + e.message;