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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title>Page Visibility API Operation While Changing Tabs</title>
<meta name="flags" content="interact" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="resources/pagevistestharness.js"></script>
<p>This test validates that the page properly becomes hidden and visible due to switching tabs.</p>
<h1>Manual Test Steps:</h1>
<li> Ensure this page is the foreground and click the "Start Test"</li>
<li> Switch to another tab</li>
<li> Return to the current tab containing this test page</li>
Note: This test will automatically timeout and fail if not completed within 60 seconds.
<button onclick="start_test();">Start Test</button>
<div id="log"></div>
<br />
IFrame with default style:
<br />
<iframe id="childDocShown" src="resources/blank_page_green.html">
iframes unsupported
<hr />
IFrame with "display:none" style:
<br />
<iframe id="childDocHidden" src="resources/blank_page_green.html" style="display:none">
iframes unsupported
<script type="text/javascript" >
var child_doc_shown = null;
var child_doc_hidden = null;
var transition_mode;
var manual_test = null;
var expected_notification_count = 2;
var notification_count = new Array();
var page_docs = new Array();
var notification_handlers = new Array();
var two_notifications = false;
var PAGE_HIDDEN_VAL = "hidden";
var PAGE_VISIBLE_VAL = "visible";
setup({ explicit_done: true });
function test_transition_init()
child_doc_shown = document.getElementById("childDocShown").contentDocument;
child_doc_hidden = document.getElementById("childDocHidden").contentDocument;
// fill in data for page documents
page_docs.push([document, "document"]);
page_docs.push([child_doc_shown, "document.getElementById(\"childDocShown\").contentDocument"]);
page_docs.push([child_doc_hidden, "document.getElementById(\"childDocHidden\").contentDocument"]);
notification_handlers[0] = function(){ VerifyNotification(0); };
notification_handlers[1] = function(){ VerifyNotification(1); };
notification_handlers[2] = function(){ VerifyNotification(2); };
for (var i in page_docs)
notification_count[i] = 0;
page_docs[i][0].addEventListener("visibilitychange", notification_handlers[i]);
test_true(!document.hidden, "Page is visible on load.");
test_true((!child_doc_shown.hidden) && (!child_doc_hidden.hidden),
"All IFrame child documents are visible on load.");
document.addEventListener("visibilitychange", notification_handlers[0]);
document.addEventListener("visibilitychange", VerifyTwoNotifications);
manual_test = AddManual("Browser tab switch has occurred.");
function VerifyNotification(doc_index)
doc = page_docs[doc_index][0];
docName = page_docs[doc_index][1];
switch (notification_count[doc_index])
case 1:
// First step, check page visibility after tab deselection / minimization.
// hidden should change to true; visibilityState should change to "hidden"
test_true(doc.hidden, docName + ".hidden == true (after tab switch)");
test_true(doc.visibilityState == PAGE_HIDDEN_VAL,
docName + ".visibilityState == \"hidden\" (after tab switch)");
case 2:
//Second step, check page visibility after tab reselection / maximization / restoration.
// hidden should change to false; visibilityState should change to "visible"
docName + ".hidden == false (after return to original tab)");
test_true(doc.visibilityState == PAGE_VISIBLE_VAL,
docName + ".visibilityState == \"visible\" (after return to original tab)");
// perform tests specific to the main document
if (doc == document)
//Verify that a second registration to a different callback also occurred
test_true(two_notifications, "Two registrations (different callbacks) occurred.");
//Verify that a second registration to the same callback did not occur
"Two registrations (same callback) did not occur.");
// pass the manual item associated with these tests
AddManualResult(manual_test, true);
document.removeEventListener("visibilitychange", VerifyTwoNotifications);
// schedule the rollup
setTimeout(VerifyAllNotifications, 200);
//Remove all event listeners and verify that the event does not fire
doc.removeEventListener("visibilitychange", notification_handlers[doc_index]);
case 3:
//This step should not have occurred since the event handlers were cleared
test_true(false, "Event did not fire when event listener is removed.");
//On final step, schedule the rollup
setTimeout(done, 2000);
function VerifyAllNotifications()
//On final step, schedule the rollup
setTimeout(done, 1000);
function VerifyTwoNotifications()
//This is a duplicate registration on visibilitychange and
//should never get fired. Check that duplicate_notification
//is false to verify that this never occurred.
two_notifications = true;
// Manual Test helper functions
function AddManual(test)
// add asynchronous test for manual tests
return async_test(test);
function AddManualResult(oManualTest, passState)
// add assertion to manual test for the pass state
oManualTest.step(function() {assert_true(passState)});
// end manual test
function start_test()