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<title>Service Workers: Request Objects</title>
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[Constructor(optional RequestInit init)]
interface Request {
attribute unsigned long timeout;
attribute DOMString url;
attribute ByteString method;
readonly attribute DOMString origin;
readonly attribute Mode mode;
attribute boolean synchronous;
attribute boolean forcePreflight;
attribute boolean omitCredentials;
readonly attribute DOMString referrer;
readonly attribute HeaderMap headers; // alternative: sequence<Header> headers;
attribute any body;
dictionary RequestInit {
unsigned long timeout = 0;
DOMString url;
boolean synchronous = false;
boolean forcePreflight = false;
boolean omitCredentials = false;
ByteString method = "GET";
HeaderMap headers;
any body;
enum Mode {
"same origin",
"tainted cross-origin",
[MapClass(DOMString, DOMString)]
interface HeaderMap {
var idl_array = new IdlArray();
Request: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the Request interface')"],
RequestInit: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the RequestInit dictionary')"],
Mode: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the Mode enum')"],
HeaderMap: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the HeaderMap interface')"]