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// Copyright (c) 2012 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// TextureStorage11.h: Defines the abstract rx::TextureStorage11 class and its concrete derived
// classes TextureStorage11_2D and TextureStorage11_Cube, which act as the interface to the D3D11 texture.
#include "libGLESv2/Texture.h"
#include "libGLESv2/renderer/TextureStorage.h"
namespace rx
class RenderTarget;
class RenderTarget11;
class Renderer;
class Renderer11;
class SwapChain11;
class TextureStorage11 : public TextureStorage
TextureStorage11(Renderer *renderer, UINT bindFlags);
virtual ~TextureStorage11();
static TextureStorage11 *makeTextureStorage11(TextureStorage *storage);
static DWORD GetTextureBindFlags(DXGI_FORMAT d3dfmt, GLenum glusage, bool forceRenderable);
static bool IsTextureFormatRenderable(DXGI_FORMAT format);
UINT getBindFlags() const;
virtual ID3D11Texture2D *getBaseTexture() const;
virtual ID3D11ShaderResourceView *getSRV() = 0;
virtual RenderTarget *getRenderTarget() { return getRenderTarget(0); }
virtual RenderTarget *getRenderTarget(int level) { return NULL; }
virtual RenderTarget *getRenderTarget(GLenum faceTarget) { return getRenderTarget(faceTarget, 0); }
virtual RenderTarget *getRenderTarget(GLenum faceTarget, int level) { return NULL; }
virtual void generateMipmap(int level) {};
virtual void generateMipmap(int face, int level) {};
virtual int getLodOffset() const;
virtual bool isRenderTarget() const;
virtual bool isManaged() const;
virtual int levelCount();
UINT getSubresourceIndex(int level, int faceTarget);
bool updateSubresourceLevel(ID3D11Texture2D *texture, unsigned int sourceSubresource, int level,
int faceTarget, GLint xoffset, GLint yoffset, GLsizei width, GLsizei height);
void generateMipmapLayer(RenderTarget11 *source, RenderTarget11 *dest);
Renderer11 *mRenderer;
int mLodOffset;
unsigned int mMipLevels;
ID3D11Texture2D *mTexture;
DXGI_FORMAT mTextureFormat;
DXGI_FORMAT mShaderResourceFormat;
DXGI_FORMAT mRenderTargetFormat;
DXGI_FORMAT mDepthStencilFormat;
unsigned int mTextureWidth;
unsigned int mTextureHeight;
ID3D11ShaderResourceView *mSRV;
const UINT mBindFlags;
class TextureStorage11_2D : public TextureStorage11
TextureStorage11_2D(Renderer *renderer, SwapChain11 *swapchain);
TextureStorage11_2D(Renderer *renderer, int levels, GLenum internalformat, GLenum usage, bool forceRenderable, GLsizei width, GLsizei height);
virtual ~TextureStorage11_2D();
static TextureStorage11_2D *makeTextureStorage11_2D(TextureStorage *storage);
virtual ID3D11ShaderResourceView *getSRV();
virtual RenderTarget *getRenderTarget(int level);
virtual void generateMipmap(int level);
RenderTarget11 *mRenderTarget[gl::IMPLEMENTATION_MAX_TEXTURE_LEVELS];
class TextureStorage11_Cube : public TextureStorage11
TextureStorage11_Cube(Renderer *renderer, int levels, GLenum internalformat, GLenum usage, bool forceRenderable, int size);
virtual ~TextureStorage11_Cube();
static TextureStorage11_Cube *makeTextureStorage11_Cube(TextureStorage *storage);
virtual ID3D11ShaderResourceView *getSRV();
virtual RenderTarget *getRenderTarget(GLenum faceTarget, int level);
virtual void generateMipmap(int face, int level);
RenderTarget11 *mRenderTarget[6][gl::IMPLEMENTATION_MAX_TEXTURE_LEVELS];