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* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "LazyDecodeBitmap.h"
#include "SkData.h"
#include "SkDecodingImageGenerator.h"
#include "SkDiscardableMemoryPool.h"
#include "SkImageGeneratorPriv.h"
#include "SkForceLinking.h"
#include "SkCommandLineFlags.h"
DEFINE_bool(useVolatileCache, false, "Use a volatile cache for deferred image decoding pixels. "
"Only meaningful if --deferImageDecoding is set to true and the platform has an "
// Fits SkPicture::InstallPixelRefProc call signature.
// Used in SkPictureData::CreateFromStream
bool sk_tools::LazyDecodeBitmap(const void* src,
size_t length,
SkBitmap* dst) {
SkAutoDataUnref data(SkData::NewWithCopy(src, length));
if (NULL == data.get()) {
return false;
SkAutoTDelete<SkImageGenerator> gen(
data, SkDecodingImageGenerator::Options()));
SkImageInfo info;
if ((NULL == gen.get()) || !gen->getInfo(&info)) {
return false;
SkDiscardableMemory::Factory* pool = NULL;
if ((!FLAGS_useVolatileCache) || (info.width() * info.height() < 32 * 1024)) {
// how to do switching with SkDiscardableMemory.
pool = SkGetGlobalDiscardableMemoryPool();
// Only meaningful if platform has a default discardable
// memory implementation that differs from the global DM pool.
return SkInstallDiscardablePixelRef(gen.detach(), dst, pool);