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// Generated by using data from gl.xml.
// Copyright 2019 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Context_gles_1_0_autogen.h: Creates a macro for interfaces in Context.
void alphaFunc(AlphaTestFunc funcPacked, GLfloat ref); \
void alphaFuncx(AlphaTestFunc funcPacked, GLfixed ref); \
void clearColorx(GLfixed red, GLfixed green, GLfixed blue, GLfixed alpha); \
void clearDepthx(GLfixed depth); \
void clientActiveTexture(GLenum texture); \
void clipPlanef(GLenum p, const GLfloat *eqn); \
void clipPlanex(GLenum plane, const GLfixed *equation); \
void color4f(GLfloat red, GLfloat green, GLfloat blue, GLfloat alpha); \
void color4ub(GLubyte red, GLubyte green, GLubyte blue, GLubyte alpha); \
void color4x(GLfixed red, GLfixed green, GLfixed blue, GLfixed alpha); \
void colorPointer(GLint size, VertexAttribType typePacked, GLsizei stride, \
const void *pointer); \
void depthRangex(GLfixed n, GLfixed f); \
void disableClientState(ClientVertexArrayType arrayPacked); \
void enableClientState(ClientVertexArrayType arrayPacked); \
void fogf(GLenum pname, GLfloat param); \
void fogfv(GLenum pname, const GLfloat *params); \
void fogx(GLenum pname, GLfixed param); \
void fogxv(GLenum pname, const GLfixed *param); \
void frustumf(GLfloat l, GLfloat r, GLfloat b, GLfloat t, GLfloat n, GLfloat f); \
void frustumx(GLfixed l, GLfixed r, GLfixed b, GLfixed t, GLfixed n, GLfixed f); \
void getClipPlanef(GLenum plane, GLfloat *equation); \
void getClipPlanex(GLenum plane, GLfixed *equation); \
void getFixedv(GLenum pname, GLfixed *params); \
void getLightfv(GLenum light, LightParameter pnamePacked, GLfloat *params); \
void getLightxv(GLenum light, LightParameter pnamePacked, GLfixed *params); \
void getMaterialfv(GLenum face, MaterialParameter pnamePacked, GLfloat *params); \
void getMaterialxv(GLenum face, MaterialParameter pnamePacked, GLfixed *params); \
void getTexEnvfv(TextureEnvTarget targetPacked, TextureEnvParameter pnamePacked, \
GLfloat *params); \
void getTexEnviv(TextureEnvTarget targetPacked, TextureEnvParameter pnamePacked, \
GLint *params); \
void getTexEnvxv(TextureEnvTarget targetPacked, TextureEnvParameter pnamePacked, \
GLfixed *params); \
void getTexParameterxv(TextureType targetPacked, GLenum pname, GLfixed *params); \
void lightModelf(GLenum pname, GLfloat param); \
void lightModelfv(GLenum pname, const GLfloat *params); \
void lightModelx(GLenum pname, GLfixed param); \
void lightModelxv(GLenum pname, const GLfixed *param); \
void lightf(GLenum light, LightParameter pnamePacked, GLfloat param); \
void lightfv(GLenum light, LightParameter pnamePacked, const GLfloat *params); \
void lightx(GLenum light, LightParameter pnamePacked, GLfixed param); \
void lightxv(GLenum light, LightParameter pnamePacked, const GLfixed *params); \
void lineWidthx(GLfixed width); \
void loadIdentity(); \
void loadMatrixf(const GLfloat *m); \
void loadMatrixx(const GLfixed *m); \
void logicOp(LogicalOperation opcodePacked); \
void materialf(GLenum face, MaterialParameter pnamePacked, GLfloat param); \
void materialfv(GLenum face, MaterialParameter pnamePacked, const GLfloat *params); \
void materialx(GLenum face, MaterialParameter pnamePacked, GLfixed param); \
void materialxv(GLenum face, MaterialParameter pnamePacked, const GLfixed *param); \
void matrixMode(MatrixType modePacked); \
void multMatrixf(const GLfloat *m); \
void multMatrixx(const GLfixed *m); \
void multiTexCoord4f(GLenum target, GLfloat s, GLfloat t, GLfloat r, GLfloat q); \
void multiTexCoord4x(GLenum texture, GLfixed s, GLfixed t, GLfixed r, GLfixed q); \
void normal3f(GLfloat nx, GLfloat ny, GLfloat nz); \
void normal3x(GLfixed nx, GLfixed ny, GLfixed nz); \
void normalPointer(VertexAttribType typePacked, GLsizei stride, const void *pointer); \
void orthof(GLfloat l, GLfloat r, GLfloat b, GLfloat t, GLfloat n, GLfloat f); \
void orthox(GLfixed l, GLfixed r, GLfixed b, GLfixed t, GLfixed n, GLfixed f); \
void pointParameterf(PointParameter pnamePacked, GLfloat param); \
void pointParameterfv(PointParameter pnamePacked, const GLfloat *params); \
void pointParameterx(PointParameter pnamePacked, GLfixed param); \
void pointParameterxv(PointParameter pnamePacked, const GLfixed *params); \
void pointSize(GLfloat size); \
void pointSizex(GLfixed size); \
void polygonOffsetx(GLfixed factor, GLfixed units); \
void popMatrix(); \
void pushMatrix(); \
void rotatef(GLfloat angle, GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z); \
void rotatex(GLfixed angle, GLfixed x, GLfixed y, GLfixed z); \
void sampleCoveragex(GLclampx value, GLboolean invert); \
void scalef(GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z); \
void scalex(GLfixed x, GLfixed y, GLfixed z); \
void shadeModel(ShadingModel modePacked); \
void texCoordPointer(GLint size, VertexAttribType typePacked, GLsizei stride, \
const void *pointer); \
void texEnvf(TextureEnvTarget targetPacked, TextureEnvParameter pnamePacked, GLfloat param); \
void texEnvfv(TextureEnvTarget targetPacked, TextureEnvParameter pnamePacked, \
const GLfloat *params); \
void texEnvi(TextureEnvTarget targetPacked, TextureEnvParameter pnamePacked, GLint param); \
void texEnviv(TextureEnvTarget targetPacked, TextureEnvParameter pnamePacked, \
const GLint *params); \
void texEnvx(TextureEnvTarget targetPacked, TextureEnvParameter pnamePacked, GLfixed param); \
void texEnvxv(TextureEnvTarget targetPacked, TextureEnvParameter pnamePacked, \
const GLfixed *params); \
void texParameterx(TextureType targetPacked, GLenum pname, GLfixed param); \
void texParameterxv(TextureType targetPacked, GLenum pname, const GLfixed *params); \
void translatef(GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z); \
void translatex(GLfixed x, GLfixed y, GLfixed z); \
void vertexPointer(GLint size, VertexAttribType typePacked, GLsizei stride, \
const void *pointer);