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// Copyright 2013 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// formatutils.h: Queries for GL image formats.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <cstddef>
#include <ostream>
#include "angle_gl.h"
#include "libANGLE/Caps.h"
#include "libANGLE/Error.h"
#include "libANGLE/Version.h"
#include "libANGLE/VertexAttribute.h"
#include "libANGLE/angletypes.h"
namespace gl
struct VertexAttribute;
struct FormatType final
FormatType(GLenum format_, GLenum type_);
FormatType(const FormatType &other) = default;
FormatType &operator=(const FormatType &other) = default;
bool operator<(const FormatType &other) const;
GLenum format;
GLenum type;
struct Type
Type() : bytes(0), bytesShift(0), specialInterpretation(0) {}
explicit Type(uint32_t packedTypeInfo)
: bytes(packedTypeInfo & 0xff),
bytesShift((packedTypeInfo >> 8) & 0xff),
specialInterpretation((packedTypeInfo >> 16) & 1)
GLuint bytes;
GLuint bytesShift; // Bit shift by this value to effectively divide/multiply by "bytes" in a
// more optimal way
bool specialInterpretation;
uint32_t GetPackedTypeInfo(GLenum type);
ANGLE_INLINE const Type GetTypeInfo(GLenum type)
return Type(GetPackedTypeInfo(type));
// This helpers use tricks based on the assumption that the type has certain values.
static_assert(static_cast<GLuint>(DrawElementsType::UnsignedByte) == 0, "Please update this code.");
static_assert(static_cast<GLuint>(DrawElementsType::UnsignedShort) == 1,
"Please update this code.");
static_assert(static_cast<GLuint>(DrawElementsType::UnsignedInt) == 2, "Please update this code.");
ANGLE_INLINE GLuint GetDrawElementsTypeSize(DrawElementsType type)
return (1 << static_cast<GLuint>(type));
ANGLE_INLINE GLuint GetDrawElementsTypeShift(DrawElementsType type)
return static_cast<GLuint>(type);
// Information about an OpenGL internal format. Can be keyed on the internalFormat and type
// members.
struct InternalFormat
InternalFormat(const InternalFormat &other);
GLuint computePixelBytes(GLenum formatType) const;
ANGLE_NO_DISCARD bool computeRowPitch(GLenum formatType,
GLsizei width,
GLint alignment,
GLint rowLength,
GLuint *resultOut) const;
ANGLE_NO_DISCARD bool computeDepthPitch(GLsizei height,
GLint imageHeight,
GLuint rowPitch,
GLuint *resultOut) const;
ANGLE_NO_DISCARD bool computeDepthPitch(GLenum formatType,
GLsizei width,
GLsizei height,
GLint alignment,
GLint rowLength,
GLint imageHeight,
GLuint *resultOut) const;
ANGLE_NO_DISCARD bool computeCompressedImageSize(const Extents &size, GLuint *resultOut) const;
ANGLE_NO_DISCARD bool computeSkipBytes(GLenum formatType,
GLuint rowPitch,
GLuint depthPitch,
const PixelStoreStateBase &state,
bool is3D,
GLuint *resultOut) const;
ANGLE_NO_DISCARD bool computePackUnpackEndByte(GLenum formatType,
const Extents &size,
const PixelStoreStateBase &state,
bool is3D,
GLuint *resultOut) const;
bool isLUMA() const;
GLenum getReadPixelsFormat(const Extensions &extensions) const;
GLenum getReadPixelsType(const Version &version) const;
// Support upload a portion of image?
bool supportSubImage() const;
// Return true if the format is a required renderbuffer format in the given version of the core
// spec. Note that it isn't always clear whether all the rules that apply to core required
// renderbuffer formats also apply to additional formats added by extensions. Because of this
// extension formats are conservatively not included.
bool isRequiredRenderbufferFormat(const Version &version) const;
bool isInt() const;
bool isDepthOrStencil() const;
bool operator==(const InternalFormat &other) const;
bool operator!=(const InternalFormat &other) const;
GLenum internalFormat;
bool sized;
GLenum sizedInternalFormat;
GLuint redBits;
GLuint greenBits;
GLuint blueBits;
GLuint luminanceBits;
GLuint alphaBits;
GLuint sharedBits;
GLuint depthBits;
GLuint stencilBits;
GLuint pixelBytes;
GLuint componentCount;
bool compressed;
GLuint compressedBlockWidth;
GLuint compressedBlockHeight;
GLuint compressedBlockDepth;
GLenum format;
GLenum type;
GLenum componentType;
GLenum colorEncoding;
typedef bool (*SupportCheckFunction)(const Version &, const Extensions &);
SupportCheckFunction textureSupport;
SupportCheckFunction filterSupport;
SupportCheckFunction textureAttachmentSupport; // glFramebufferTexture2D
SupportCheckFunction renderbufferSupport; // glFramebufferRenderbuffer
// A "Format" wraps an InternalFormat struct, querying it from either a sized internal format or
// unsized internal format and type.
// TODO(geofflang): Remove this, it doesn't add any more information than the InternalFormat object.
struct Format
// Sized types only.
explicit Format(GLenum internalFormat);
// Sized or unsized types.
explicit Format(const InternalFormat &internalFormat);
Format(GLenum internalFormat, GLenum type);
Format(const Format &other);
Format &operator=(const Format &other);
bool valid() const;
static Format Invalid();
static bool SameSized(const Format &a, const Format &b);
static bool EquivalentForBlit(const Format &a, const Format &b);
friend std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &os, const Format &fmt);
// This is the sized info.
const InternalFormat *info;
const InternalFormat &GetSizedInternalFormatInfo(GLenum internalFormat);
const InternalFormat &GetInternalFormatInfo(GLenum internalFormat, GLenum type);
// Strip sizing information from an internal format. Doesn't necessarily validate that the internal
// format is valid.
GLenum GetUnsizedFormat(GLenum internalFormat);
// Return whether the compressed format requires whole image/mip level to be uploaded to texture.
bool CompressedFormatRequiresWholeImage(GLenum internalFormat);
typedef std::set<GLenum> FormatSet;
const FormatSet &GetAllSizedInternalFormats();
// From the ESSL 3.00.4 spec:
// Vertex shader inputs can only be float, floating-point vectors, matrices, signed and unsigned
// integers and integer vectors. Vertex shader inputs cannot be arrays or structures.
enum AttributeType
AttributeType GetAttributeType(GLenum enumValue);
typedef std::vector<angle::FormatID> InputLayout;
struct VertexFormat : private angle::NonCopyable
VertexFormat(GLenum typeIn, GLboolean normalizedIn, GLuint componentsIn, bool pureIntegerIn);
GLenum type;
GLboolean normalized;
GLuint components;
bool pureInteger;
angle::FormatID GetVertexFormatID(VertexAttribType type,
GLboolean normalized,
GLuint components,
bool pureInteger);
angle::FormatID GetVertexFormatID(const VertexAttribute &attrib, VertexAttribType currentValueType);
angle::FormatID GetCurrentValueFormatID(VertexAttribType currentValueType);
const VertexFormat &GetVertexFormatFromID(angle::FormatID vertexFormatID);
size_t GetVertexFormatSize(angle::FormatID vertexFormatID);
// Check if an internal format is ever valid in ES3. Makes no checks about support for a specific
// context.
bool ValidES3InternalFormat(GLenum internalFormat);
// Implemented in format_map_autogen.cpp
bool ValidES3Format(GLenum format);
bool ValidES3Type(GLenum type);
bool ValidES3FormatCombination(GLenum format, GLenum type, GLenum internalFormat);
// Implemented in format_map_desktop.cpp
bool ValidDesktopFormat(GLenum format);
bool ValidDesktopType(GLenum type);
bool ValidDesktopFormatCombination(GLenum format, GLenum type, GLenum internalFormat);
// Implemented in es3_copy_conversion_table_autogen.cpp
bool ValidES3CopyConversion(GLenum textureFormat, GLenum framebufferFormat);
ANGLE_INLINE ComponentType GetVertexAttributeComponentType(bool pureInteger, VertexAttribType type)
if (pureInteger)
switch (type)
case VertexAttribType::Byte:
case VertexAttribType::Short:
case VertexAttribType::Int:
return ComponentType::Int;
case VertexAttribType::UnsignedByte:
case VertexAttribType::UnsignedShort:
case VertexAttribType::UnsignedInt:
return ComponentType::UnsignedInt;
return ComponentType::NoType;
return ComponentType::Float;
} // namespace gl