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def main(request, response):
"""Code for generating large responses where the actual response data
isn't very important.
Two request parameters:
size (required): An integer number of bytes (no suffix) or kilobytes
("kb" suffix) or megabytes ("Mb" suffix).
string (optional): The string to repeat in the response. Defaults to "a".
if not "size" in request.GET:
400, "Need an integer bytes parameter"
bytes_value = request.GET.first("size")
chunk_size = 1024
multipliers = {"kb": 1024,
"Mb": 1024*1024}
suffix = bytes_value[-2:]
if suffix in multipliers:
multiplier = multipliers[suffix]
bytes_value = bytes_value[:-2] * multiplier
num_bytes = int(bytes_value)
except ValueError:
return 400, "Bytes must be an integer possibly with a kb or Mb suffix"
string = str(request.GET.first("string", "a"))
chunk = string * chunk_size
def content():
bytes_sent = 0
while bytes_sent < num_bytes:
if num_bytes - bytes_sent < len(chunk):
yield chunk[num_bytes - bytes_sent]
yield chunk
bytes_sent += len(chunk)
return [("Content-Type", "text/plain")], content()