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<title>getUserMedia() triggers error callback when auth is denied</title>
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<p class="instructions">When prompted, <strong>please deny</strong> access to
the video stream.</p>
<h1 class="instructions">Description</h1>
<p class="instructions">This test checks that the error callback is triggered
when user denies access to the video stream.</p>
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<script src="/common/vendor-prefix.js" data-prefixed-objects='[{"ancestors":["navigator"], "name":"getUserMedia"}]'></script>
var t = async_test("Tests that the error callback is triggered when permission is denied", {timeout:10000});
t.step(function() {
navigator.getUserMedia({video: true}, t.step_func(function (stream) {
assert_unreached("The success callback should not be triggered since access is to be denied");
t.step_func(function (error) {
assert_equals(, "SecurityError", "SecurityError returned");
assert_equals(error.constraintName, null, "constraintName attribute not set for permission denied");