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""" (deprecated) generate a single-file self-contained version of pytest """
import os
import sys
import pkgutil
import py
import _pytest
def find_toplevel(name):
for syspath in sys.path:
base = py.path.local(syspath)
lib = base/name
if lib.check(dir=1):
return lib
mod = base.join("" % name)
if mod.check(file=1):
return mod
raise LookupError(name)
def pkgname(toplevel, rootpath, path):
parts =[len(]
return '.'.join([toplevel] + [x.purebasename for x in parts])
def pkg_to_mapping(name):
toplevel = find_toplevel(name)
name2src = {}
if toplevel.check(file=1): # module
name2src[toplevel.purebasename] =
else: # package
for pyfile in toplevel.visit('*.py'):
pkg = pkgname(name, toplevel, pyfile)
name2src[pkg] =
# with wheels py source code might be not be installed
# and the resulting genscript is useless, just bail out.
assert name2src, "no source code found for %r at %r" %(name, toplevel)
return name2src
def compress_mapping(mapping):
import base64, pickle, zlib
data = pickle.dumps(mapping, 2)
data = zlib.compress(data, 9)
data = base64.encodestring(data)
data = data.decode('ascii')
return data
def compress_packages(names):
mapping = {}
for name in names:
return compress_mapping(mapping)
def generate_script(entry, packages):
data = compress_packages(packages)
tmpl = py.path.local(__file__).dirpath().join('')
exe =
exe = exe.replace('@SOURCES@', data)
exe = exe.replace('@ENTRY@', entry)
return exe
def pytest_addoption(parser):
group = parser.getgroup("debugconfig")
group.addoption("--genscript", action="store", default=None,
dest="genscript", metavar="path",
help="create standalone pytest script at given target path.")
def pytest_cmdline_main(config):
import _pytest.config
genscript = config.getvalue("genscript")
if genscript:
tw = _pytest.config.create_terminal_writer(config)
tw.line("WARNING: usage of genscript is deprecated.",
deps = ['py', '_pytest', 'pytest'] # pluggy is vendored
if sys.version_info < (2,7):
tw.line("generated script will run on python2.6-python3.3++")
tw.line("WARNING: generated script will not run on python2.6 "
"due to 'argparse' dependency. Use python2.6 "
"to generate a python2.6 compatible script", red=True)
script = generate_script(
'import pytest; raise SystemExit(pytest.cmdline.main())',
genscript = py.path.local(genscript)
tw.line("generated pytest standalone script: %s" % genscript,
return 0
def pytest_namespace():
return {'freeze_includes': freeze_includes}
def freeze_includes():
Returns a list of module names used by py.test that should be
included by cx_freeze.
result = list(_iter_all_modules(py))
result += list(_iter_all_modules(_pytest))
return result
def _iter_all_modules(package, prefix=''):
Iterates over the names of all modules that can be found in the given
package, recursively.
_iter_all_modules(_pytest) ->
if type(package) is not str:
path, prefix = package.__path__[0], package.__name__ + '.'
path = package
for _, name, is_package in pkgutil.iter_modules([path]):
if is_package:
for m in _iter_all_modules(os.path.join(path, name), prefix=name + '.'):
yield prefix + m
yield prefix + name