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""" run test suites written for nose. """
import sys
import py
import pytest
from _pytest import unittest
def get_skip_exceptions():
skip_classes = set()
for module_name in ('unittest', 'unittest2', 'nose'):
mod = sys.modules.get(module_name)
if hasattr(mod, 'SkipTest'):
return tuple(skip_classes)
def pytest_runtest_makereport(item, call):
if call.excinfo and call.excinfo.errisinstance(get_skip_exceptions()):
# let's substitute the excinfo with a pytest.skip one
call2 = call.__class__(lambda:
pytest.skip(str(call.excinfo.value)), call.when)
call.excinfo = call2.excinfo
def pytest_runtest_setup(item):
if is_potential_nosetest(item):
if isinstance(item.parent, pytest.Generator):
gen = item.parent
if not hasattr(gen, '_nosegensetup'):
call_optional(gen.obj, 'setup')
if isinstance(gen.parent, pytest.Instance):
call_optional(gen.parent.obj, 'setup')
gen._nosegensetup = True
if not call_optional(item.obj, 'setup'):
# call module level setup if there is no object level one
call_optional(item.parent.obj, 'setup')
#XXX this implies we only call teardown when setup worked
item.session._setupstate.addfinalizer((lambda: teardown_nose(item)), item)
def teardown_nose(item):
if is_potential_nosetest(item):
if not call_optional(item.obj, 'teardown'):
call_optional(item.parent.obj, 'teardown')
#if hasattr(item.parent, '_nosegensetup'):
# #call_optional(item._nosegensetup, 'teardown')
# del item.parent._nosegensetup
def pytest_make_collect_report(collector):
if isinstance(collector, pytest.Generator):
call_optional(collector.obj, 'setup')
def is_potential_nosetest(item):
# extra check needed since we do not do nose style setup/teardown
# on direct unittest style classes
return isinstance(item, pytest.Function) and \
not isinstance(item, unittest.TestCaseFunction)
def call_optional(obj, name):
method = getattr(obj, name, None)
isfixture = hasattr(method, "_pytestfixturefunction")
if method is not None and not isfixture and py.builtin.callable(method):
# If there's any problems allow the exception to raise rather than
# silently ignoring them
return True