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secure: 2NJ5Ct55cHJ9WEg3xbSqCuv0rdgzzb6pnzOIG5OkMbTndw3wOBrXntWFoQrXiMFi
# this is pytest's token in, encrypted
# using pytestbot account as detailed here:
- echo Installed Pythons
- dir c:\Python*
# install pypy using choco (redirect to a file and write to console in case
# choco install returns non-zero, because choco install python.pypy is too
# noisy)
- choco install python.pypy > pypy-inst.log 2>&1 || (type pypy-inst.log & exit /b 1)
- set PATH=C:\tools\pypy\pypy;%PATH% # so tox can find pypy
- echo PyPy installed
- pypy --version
- C:\Python35\python -m pip install tox
build: false # Not a C# project, build stuff at the test step instead.
- C:\Python35\python -m tox
# coveralls is not in tox's envlist, plus for PRs the secure variable
# is not defined so we have to check for it
- if defined COVERALLS_REPO_TOKEN C:\Python35\python -m tox -e coveralls