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py.test 2.1.3: just some more fixes
pytest-2.1.3 is a minor backward compatible maintenance release of the
popular py.test testing tool. It is commonly used for unit, functional-
and integration testing. See extensive docs with examples here:
The release contains another fix to the perfected assertions introduced
with the 2.1 series as well as the new possibility to customize reporting
for assertion expressions on a per-directory level.
If you want to install or upgrade pytest, just type one of::
pip install -U pytest # or
easy_install -U pytest
Thanks to the bug reporters and to Ronny Pfannschmidt, Benjamin Peterson
and Floris Bruynooghe who implemented the fixes.
holger krekel
Changes between 2.1.2 and 2.1.3
- fix issue79: assertion rewriting failed on some comparisons in boolops,
- correctly handle zero length arguments (a la pytest '')
- fix issue67 / junitxml now contains correct test durations
- fix issue75 / skipping test failure on jython
- fix issue77 / Allow assertrepr_compare hook to apply to a subset of tests