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pytest-2.3.1: fix regression with factory functions
pytest-2.3.1 is a quick follow-up release:
- fix issue202 - regression with fixture functions/funcarg factories:
using "self" is now safe again and works as in 2.2.4. Thanks
to Eduard Schettino for the quick bug report.
- disable pexpect pytest self tests on Freebsd - thanks Koob for the
quick reporting
- fix/improve interactive docs with --markers
for general information. To install or upgrade pytest:
pip install -U pytest # or
easy_install -U pytest
holger krekel
Changes between 2.3.0 and 2.3.1
- fix issue202 - fix regression: using "self" from fixture functions now
works as expected (it's the same "self" instance that a test method
which uses the fixture sees)
- skip pexpect using tests ( mostly) on freebsd* systems
due to pexpect not supporting it properly (hanging)
- link to web pages from --markers output which provides help for
pytest.mark.* usage.