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pytest-2.4.1: fixing three regressions compared to 2.3.5
pytest-2.4.1 is a quick follow up release to fix three regressions
compared to 2.3.5 before they hit more people:
- When using parser.addoption() unicode arguments to the
"type" keyword should also be converted to the respective types.
thanks Floris Bruynooghe, @dnozay. (fixes issue360 and issue362)
- fix dotted filename completion when using argcomplete
thanks Anthon van der Neuth. (fixes issue361)
- fix regression when a 1-tuple ("arg",) is used for specifying
parametrization (the values of the parametrization were passed
nested in a tuple). Thanks Donald Stufft.
- also merge doc typo fixes, thanks Andy Dirnberger
as usual, docs at and upgrades via::
pip install -U pytest
have fun,
holger krekel