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pytest is a mature Python testing tool with more than a 1100 tests
against itself, passing on many different interpreters and platforms.
This release is supposed to be drop-in compatible to 2.8.5.
See below for the changes and see docs at:
As usual, you can upgrade from pypi via::
pip install -U pytest
Thanks to all who contributed to this release, among them:
AMiT Kumar
Bruno Oliveira
Erik M. Bray
Florian Bruhin
Georgy Dyuldin
Jeff Widman
Kartik Singhal
Loïc Estève
Manu Phatak
Peter Demin
Rick van Hattem
Ronny Pfannschmidt
Ulrich Petri
Happy testing,
The py.test Development Team
2.8.6 (compared to 2.8.5)
- fix #1259: allow for double nodeids in junitxml,
this was a regression failing plugins combinations
like pytest-pep8 + pytest-flakes
- Workaround for exception that occurs in pyreadline when using
``--pdb`` with standard I/O capture enabled.
Thanks Erik M. Bray for the PR.
- fix #900: Better error message in case the target of a ``monkeypatch`` call
raises an ``ImportError``.
- fix #1292: monkeypatch calls (setattr, setenv, etc.) are now O(1).
Thanks David R. MacIver for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.
- fix #1223: captured stdout and stderr are now properly displayed before
entering pdb when ``--pdb`` is used instead of being thrown away.
Thanks Cal Leeming for the PR.
- fix #1305: pytest warnings emitted during ``pytest_terminal_summary`` are now
properly displayed.
Thanks Ionel Maries Cristian for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.
- fix #628: fixed internal UnicodeDecodeError when doctests contain unicode.
Thanks Jason R. Coombs for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.
- fix #1334: Add captured stdout to jUnit XML report on setup error.
Thanks Georgy Dyuldin for the PR.