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from __future__ import with_statement
import py, pytest
# test for _argcomplete but not specific for any application
def equal_with_bash(prefix, ffc, fc, out=None):
res = ffc(prefix)
res_bash = set(fc(prefix))
retval = set(res) == res_bash
if out:
out.write('equal_with_bash %s %s\n' % (retval, res))
if not retval:
out.write(' python - bash: %s\n' % (set(res) - res_bash))
out.write(' bash - python: %s\n' % (res_bash - set(res)))
return retval
# copied from argcomplete.completers as import from there
# also pulls in argcomplete.__init__ which opens filedescriptor 9
# this gives an IOError at the end of testrun
def _wrapcall(*args, **kargs):
if py.std.sys.version_info > (2,7):
return py.std.subprocess.check_output(*args,**kargs).decode().splitlines()
if 'stdout' in kargs:
raise ValueError('stdout argument not allowed, it will be overridden.')
process = py.std.subprocess.Popen(
stdout=py.std.subprocess.PIPE, *args, **kargs)
output, unused_err = process.communicate()
retcode = process.poll()
if retcode:
cmd = kargs.get("args")
if cmd is None:
cmd = args[0]
raise py.std.subprocess.CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
return output.decode().splitlines()
except py.std.subprocess.CalledProcessError:
return []
class FilesCompleter(object):
'File completer class, optionally takes a list of allowed extensions'
def __init__(self,allowednames=(),directories=True):
# Fix if someone passes in a string instead of a list
if type(allowednames) is str:
allowednames = [allowednames]
self.allowednames = [x.lstrip('*').lstrip('.') for x in allowednames]
self.directories = directories
def __call__(self, prefix, **kwargs):
completion = []
if self.allowednames:
if self.directories:
files = _wrapcall(['bash','-c',
"compgen -A directory -- '{p}'".format(p=prefix)])
completion += [ f + '/' for f in files]
for x in self.allowednames:
completion += _wrapcall(['bash', '-c',
"compgen -A file -X '!*.{0}' -- '{p}'".format(x,p=prefix)])
completion += _wrapcall(['bash', '-c',
"compgen -A file -- '{p}'".format(p=prefix)])
anticomp = _wrapcall(['bash', '-c',
"compgen -A directory -- '{p}'".format(p=prefix)])
completion = list( set(completion) - set(anticomp))
if self.directories:
completion += [f + '/' for f in anticomp]
return completion
class TestArgComplete:
@pytest.mark.skipif("sys.platform in ('win32', 'darwin')")
def test_compare_with_compgen(self):
from _pytest._argcomplete import FastFilesCompleter
ffc = FastFilesCompleter()
fc = FilesCompleter()
for x in '/ /d /data qqq'.split():
assert equal_with_bash(x, ffc, fc, out=py.std.sys.stdout)
@pytest.mark.skipif("sys.platform in ('win32', 'darwin')")
def test_remove_dir_prefix(self):
"""this is not compatible with compgen but it is with bash itself:
ls /usr/<TAB>
from _pytest._argcomplete import FastFilesCompleter
ffc = FastFilesCompleter()
fc = FilesCompleter()
for x in '/usr/'.split():
assert not equal_with_bash(x, ffc, fc, out=py.std.sys.stdout)